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a jewel in the southeast asia

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Howdy Simtropolians,

Karang Anyer International Airport also known as KAIA (IATA: KAY ICAO: WOKA) is an international airport in Karang Anyer, East Logawa. The airport serves Sukapadi city, capital of East Logawa. This airport has one runway with length of 3200 m named Runway 90/27. To access the airport, there's 24 hours taxi services, shuttle bus, and a railway service.

The airport finished in 1948 as Karang Anyer Airfield that used by Indonesian Air Force. In 1980, the airport reopened to public by the construction of Passenger terminal. Later the expansion of Terminal Wing I and II finished in 2002 to accommodate more jet bridges. The runway extended to accommodate wide body aircraft such as A340, B777 and B747. Now, the airport can serve 3 million passenger per annum and a landing/take-off every 15 minutes.





An Intergrated parking space can hold up to 900 cars. To enter the airport there's an underground tunnel that connect the parking area directly to Passenger Terminal. This is not an ordinary parking tower, inside the tower you can find a car wash, mechanics, shops, restaurants, etc. If you use a overnight parking service, your car will be clean and nice when you arrive again.


To access the airport by private car, you can use Sukapadi-Rawa Anyer Toll Road segment. Or, you can use the main artery but that needs more time!


Airport rail service also available in Rawa Anyer International, train departure from Sukapadi city every 30 minutes started from 3 AM till 11 PM. Train used is a fast diesel-powered electric train from PT. INKA Indonesia. it takes 45 minutes traveling with train and it cost only Ɍ5,500.00 (about $3.00) you will get a snack (bread and soft drink) during the trip.


Terminal Wing is used by narrow body aircraft usually operated by low-cost airliner. The Airport is hub for largest Indonesian low-cost private-owned airline, Lion Air, also its full-service airline branch, Batik Air.


The central terminal is used by wide body aircraft from many flight carrier including the nation's flag carrier, Brotanian Airways. Beside using jet bridges, passenger (usually low-cost airline) can use airport bus and stairs to go to their aircraft.


wow! Korean Air KE827 from Seoul to Jakarta is taking off from Rawa Anyer International Airport!


Overall airport picture.

See you in the next CJ!


I forgot my past account's password, worst of all, the email's password also. so i create this new account. i think last time i visited simtropolis was 6-11 months ago.

:( this time the Republic of Great Brotany is come back! with all new map and theme. Several months ago, the republic was a member of a imaginative union, and now, the republic become an independent country and interact with real life countries and unions!


National flag of the Great Brotany

The National Identity

The Republic of Great Brotany comes with new national identity, except the flag and the national anthem - but there's will be a new national anthem tunes. The previous coat of arms was a two-headed bird with firefork and sun symbol. Actually the bird was the emblem of Montenegro and the sun was the emblem of the Philippines, that totally infringe the copy right. So the Great Brotany comes with a brand new coat of arms.


The two hand drawing in Coat of arms has a meaning about an equality between races. The Star represent the god - the creator of the universe, five point of the star show the 5 majority religion the the country, there are muslims, catholics, christians, buddhists, and hindus. Two leaf of the plants -Riceplants and Cotton- represent the prosperity of country's natural wealth. The riceplants is the primary food, and the cotton useful for making clothes. At the top, the national slogan means "United Independent Onward" and at the bottom, the country's name.

The Map

The Great Brotany also comes with a brand new layout of islands and province. It comes with 4 main islands, 14 provinces (including 2 autonomous and 1 capital region). And now, some of the country's territory connected with the Asian Mainland because of the different driving hand between the Great Brotany and Vietnam, the traffic connection between two countries is forbidden (exception for some inter-country busses to Ho Chi Minh, Single-occupancy vehicles, Motorcycles, Railway, Emergency and Executive vehicles, and Truck/Container with special driving license). Beside that, the West Friendship Bridge (Jembatan Persahabatan I Barat) between Malaysia and Great Brotany, and East Friendship Bridge (Jembatan Persahabatan II Timur) between Malaysia, Indonesia and Great Brotany allow any kind of traffic flows.



The Factfiles

Type: Presidential Republic

Population: 32.782.102

GDP: USD 835 Billion

GDP Per Capita: USD 25,506

HDI Index: 0.841

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +621

Internet ccTLD: .gb

Country code: GBN/BR

Currency: Great Brotanian Rup (GBR/Ɍ)

Central Bank: Bank of Brotania

Stock Exchange: BANSOX (Brotania National Stock Exchange)

Head of State: Prof. Dr. H. Harso Adjie Brotosukmono, M.Eng., M.Sc.

Vice Head of State: Dr. H. Arvin Raditya Niardi, M.C.P.

Leader of the Assembly: Prof. Dr. Muhammed Alviantov, M.H.Int.

The Website

to gather more information access the Great Brotanian Wiki at www.greatbrotany-tk

The City Journal

The new City Journal will be a combination between SimCity 4, CitiesXL 2012, Cities in Motion 2, and GTA San Andreas!

Because my lack of free time and it need a quite long time to create a single CJ, i cannot determine the new CJ released. Sorry :(

This is just an introduction, City Journal Coming Soon!

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