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Charting the construction of a country

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Stirlingrad was talked about in an almost mythical state, a glorious city of over 8 million with the highest standard of living known imaginable to man, but something terrible happened, without warning the 8 million inhabitants and the city of Stirlingrad were wiped out in an instant (In real life my computer crashed and died taking my city of Stirlingrad and two years of city building with it)

The small handful of survivors who escaped the apocalyptic doomsday of their homeland fleed across landmass and ocean and dark voids of nothingness until arriving in sight of the "New World" (Sim city 4 being re-installed on my new lap top and starting again from scratch)

On an area roughly covering 32km by 32km and on numerous islands and geographical features, river's, forests, dead volcano's and steppes, the survivors of the Stirlingrad Apocalypse land at 11 locations around the landmass which they call "Cameronia" in reverence to a deceased historic leader of the old city who ruled Stirlingrad basically as a dictator for 45 years.

Cameronia-1389006466_zps53833aa2.png?t=1389009954The "Skalin Saviour" vessel carrying 2,560 refugee's is the first to set sight on the new world. The Skalin Saviour was a large ship captained by John Skalin, a hard iron man of around 50 years of age, He is also in charge of another refugee ship carrying 1,800 souls. The two ship's quickly sail down the coastline of the landmass eventually sailing around what would later become "Skalin Island" named after its "Heroic Founder" (By this stage the Captain was already creating a power base and following and enforcing loyalty, obedience and discipline.


East Skalin Island is designated by the Captain to be a rural, agricultural zone that will supply settlements with food in the central part of Skalin Island


East Skalin island where the Captain intends to set up his main settlement, The Jeoni River is to the north, named after captain Anna Jeoni of the other ship under Skalin's command

Meanwhile a refugee ship carrying 5,600 passengers under the command of captain Enrico Capria land in a collection of islands which they name the "Stirlzburg Islands" and quickly state their intention to establish "Port Stirlzburg"


(These islands are the proposed site of Port Stirlzburg)

Captain Breshov, a dithery old man in his early 70's quickly settled his refugee passengers on the shores of the quickly named Breshov island with himself as "Transitional guide" over the inhabitants of the island


(Breshov's passengers establish a settlement on the northern coast of Cameronia), some others continue on an arduous trek into the highland interior of the Cameronian landmass)


The "Tail Coast" is settled by multiple refugee ships who state their intention to establishment a new society and a new democracy


(Meanwhile Captain Vinjenzo lead's his refugee's to this island which he claims as his own and names after himself much like his much larger neighbor to the north, Skalin Island)


(This complex network of waterways and river canal's are not believed to have been formed naturally and are possably the work of some mass project by some long lost civilization, either way it proves to be a fertile and stunning peice of land, the bulk of the refugee flotilla currently anchor in the many water ways as life rafts transport the refugee's onto the beaches to establish new settlements)


The large eastern landmass is quickly claimed by the "Ideological and revolutionary agitators" that managed to escape the Stirlingrad apocalypse. They have been quick to establish settlement communes and patrol militia's to scout out the land


(After a few days trek, refugee's begin to settle on the steppe's of the central highlands, the great "Mountain Wall" can be seen to the east)


Captain Vacharo lead's the last wave of refugee settler's and claims the central island landmass which he also names after himself like his other neighbors. Although unlike him he is no where near as dictatorial and is still described as "Somewhat democratic minded", it was clear however that Cameronia would be developing in different directions.

As settlements began to establish themselves the immediate priority was the establishment of food production and end the reliance on the dwindling supplies of emergency rations that were brought on the long and arduous journey to escape the Stirlingrad Apocalypse.....


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