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an American styled city

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A Hard left turn...

Today I decided I will not continue building this city, just because I don't enjoy playing it as much as I would like.

But no fear!

I will continue posting in here, only then in the name of another town. I'm going for the natural growth. I will still build it in an american style, so I atleast don't have to build a new plugin folder...

The first update might take some days, but it will happen soon


Just a tease...

I am working on a larger update but I first have to update my plugin folder, so to keep it going a shot of a (yet) unnamed rural town in the region.


(yes i know the grid is on)

If you guys have an idea for a name, feel welcome to suggest something :)


This first update we will look at the 200000 kWh powersource for New Covington and it's surroundings.


When the plant was build in 1962, it was one of the most modern and effective nuclear power plants.


After 4 decades, the government decided it became to old and that it didn't provide enough power for the region. So they renovated the old plant and built an extra plant for the power shortage.


Random shot of a couple of buildings in the complex:


Good security is always welcome! (And I hope the guards here actually work, instead of eating donut's)


And to finish this update, an overview of the Moore Nuclear Facility:


Next update will most likely be on sunday or monday.

I hope you all enjoyed this update. Feel free to leave a comment below


Hello simtropolitans!

This is the first post of my cj: New Covington, first I will introduce myself and then I will talk about my plans.

My name is Tim and I come from the far away country of The Netherlands. I am in school as a car mechanic and work at the local supermarket (for the Dutchies, Jumbo). My hobbies are skateboarding, looking up car-parts on the internet and of course; playing SC4!!! I've been doing this for about 4/5 years and started severall cj's, but never finished them. This time I am trying to make at least the amount of updates those were together and to keep having fun with it.

This is the region map I'll be building on:


This map is made by Blade2k:

I am hoping to build a realistic looking American styled town and suroundings. This is ofcourse still a WIP and there will most likely be a lot of changes in the plans.

This is a rough sketch of my plans (And yes, the orange lines mean highway):


And here's a first tease:


I hope y'all will enjoy!


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