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Urban Constanta

I'm not a park builder, nore a green spaces lover or tree hugger. Yet there are moments when you need to build new parks.

Because the new suburban sprawl reached Interstate 1 and the old dump there were measures i needed to take. So i moved all the waste in a new modern facility in the industrial harbour. And on the place of the old dump i've build a nice new park.




Urban Constanta

Against all protests from the evironmentalists and some wierd historical sites conservation NGOs the buldozers started demolistions. Soon after the slums were torn down the excavators and started work and now the first phase of the Riverside Project is finished.

Some of the buildings with historicall or architectural valleu were restored. Other than that a lot of new buildings were erected.

We also build a new stylish fish & farmers market.





Urban Constanta

I was born in this town....when i was little i was playing in the house backyard by the river. Later on i was sititng with the boys of my age at the bars near the beach looking at the girls. I saw this city growing and i saw it falling apart.

When i decided to run for mayor the city was worse than Detroit. Crime everywere, high level of abandonment. The freeway was looking more like an dystopian ghetto avenue. Lack of schools, lack of hospitals the slums spreading everywere, industry was almost dead.....no ships in the harbour.....this city was dying.....

And here i am now......mayor of this city...who would imagine that....I won the elections with 75%. People really felt the need for a change.

Looking back i\m really proud of my first projects.

First of all i rebuild the freeway with soundwalls and nightlights. Also i build springfield overpass. I had to do some demolitions but hard times call for hard measures. And the results came up very quicly. New office and residential developemnt took over the slums and springfields is turning into a nice vibrant suburb.

The next project will be even greater. and of course a lot of homes must be demolished but in the end that old small rural looking river will become a big channel. Yes i will turn this city to face the river.

Even Cadiilac moved in and build a factory. So i\m very oprimist regarding the future.




Urban Constanta

Here it is Tomis's New Hope University. A giant campus with lots of green spaces, dorms and all that it's needed in an big university. Hell it's in a subrub so there's a hell lot of land to build :)))








Urban Constanta

Region Plan


So this is the region planning. With dotted green line is the 1x1 highway, with the full green line is the 2x2 highway. With the blac dotted line is the rail network and the black circles are the railstations.

The main city ~TOMIS~ occupies tiles: 6,7,10,11,12,15 and 16.

TILE 6 - oak valley district: suburban area with some agriculture on the outskirts, large commercial centers, office parks, individual housing and small apartments buildings and some small one floor shops. ( funny fact: i have a big issue with a skyscraper with 40 fl that keeps popping up from the middle of the villas:))). Also here is the International Airport.

TILE 7 - trout creek district: subruban area with ome agriculture on the outskirts, large commercial centers, office parks, individual housing and small apartments buildings and some small one floor shops. This is home to the University of Tomis and some high tech industry.

TILE 10 - tomis springs district: subruban area with ome agriculture on the outskirts, large commercial centers, office parks, individual housing and small apartments buildings and some small one floor shops. Here you can find the LUNA FUN PARK.

TILE 11 - downtown: here's the real deal, it's all about skyscrapers baby :D lot's of them

TILE 12 - the industrial district: ugly, dirty, poluted. you know'em, you'hate'em but you can't leave without'em :))))

TILE 15 - uppereastside: this is the old city with trams running along the streets, with many historical landmarks, some old skyscrapers but mostly mid size development, many parks and plazas and the old harbour is now a beautiful marina. Also here it's a small island (shutter island) with some surprises on it :P

TILE 17 - newport & crystal cove island: this is the new seaport and the second industrial district, despite that, the beautifull island of Crystal Cove it's a great summer resort

Urban Constanta

I wasn't satisfied by my initial plans of developing the region. So i decided , because it's a small region (4x4 large tiles) to build a 7 tiles main city and a small 1 tile town.

as mods i us: NAM, SAM, LRM, SPAM, SG Farms, Beach Extender mod, i also use an HD terrain and rock mod (forgot the name sorry), drunken water's mod.

Also all residential, commercial and angricultural maxis are blocked.

The region has 2 highways, 3 main railways and 3 secondary railways, one airport and one seaport.


Curently i'm working at a suburb that includes the airport.

Update soon. I would appreciate some advices regarding the highway and rail network design.

Urban Constanta

Peacock Lake Town

You sure like to travel don't you? Well so do I. My new trip is through the beautiful county of Grand Valley. So all i need is my Cadillac, the AmEx and some good old blues on the radio. And I'm ready to hit the road. First stop: Peacock Lake Town.

Name: Peacock Lake Town

Mayor: Bruce W.

Population: 14.833

Founded: 1901

Economy: agriculture, tourism, small high tech industry

The name of the city comes from the large number of peacocks that live on the shore of the lake. The city was founded in 1901 by Helena Romansky a well known opera singer that came here to treat her health problems in the lake's mud.

Nowadays Peakok Lake is a small but modern town with a beautiful old city east on Aralbad River and the new city on the west bank.

From Interstate 1 we enter left on the main road to Peacock Lake.


Even if the economy is based mainly on agriculture and tourism there is a small high tech industrial park surrounded by a green belt. Also in this park is the mud packing factory.


The old city it's simply stunnig with all the historical buildings. In the downtown we can see the railstation, the city park and near the park we can se the first hotel - Aralbad Hotel & Spa, erected in 1916 by Helena Romansky. Both the hotel and the water tower were build after the plans made by H. Voralberg.



Now we pass the beautiful Oscar Bridge and we go on the west bank.



The oldest building here is St. Helena Church with it's historic graveyard. The church was build 3 years after the death of Helena Romansky.

Near it we can see Oscar condos build in 1934, untill 2012 it was the highest building in the city.


At the outskirts there is a small guild of honey makers.


On the lake shore we can rest at Peacock Lake Resort and Spa. A new and modern hotel build in 2012, currently the highest building in town.


From the rented seaplane we can see the whole city:



After a well deserved rest we can now continue our trip in the Great Valley county.



Urban Constanta

This new small region made by rewright attract my attention so i decided to try and see what can i build here :P


As major mods i use: NAM, SPAM, LRM, white sands beaches, beach extender, extra god tools, appalachian terrain mod, SHK HD Rocks and drunkenwatermod set 3 - tropical water.

I think i'll make a major city out of 2-3 tiles and some small villages.


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