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About this City Journal

The official journal of Trachistan

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Trachipedia Official Governament Site


Bakriz with 567.323 k of habbitants is the 2nd city of the Trachistan and 1st city for the economy infact is in 15 place in north Europe for Gdp percapita with 31.535 $ (27.000$ national media).

The city is on the north sea, the city has got a very imporant commercial port an touristic port.

Bakriz generalment is call from the Trachistans the city of the opportunity, infact the number of unemployed is equal to 2,54% (8,54% national media).


pop.:567.323(2012) 1.234.653 metro

GDPpercapita :31.535$

Mayor:Jade Olvarge

The commercial center


The Ustrach Tower (Left) and Pegaso Tower (Right)


The National Stadium


The Opera House


Bakriz The city of Opportunity


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Presenter:Welcome to this edition of the PTN news.

Is started this morning the Grand Final of The World Regatta.

The partecipants are 25 from every part of the world in first place there is Fernando Halas.Now let's follow the race with Julia Nischomentko from Bakriz.

Julia Nischomentko: Welcome in Bakriz is start 10 minutes ago the Grand Final of the world's Regatta and in 1st place there is Jak Alamayev from Azerbaijan,but we see the race from the nearest.



after 15 minutes


Julia Nichomentko: The race is over and the winner is Jak Alamayev that together with Italian Pallini overtake the Brazilian Halas and the partecipant are became 24 because Oligor Stravisky from Estonia has retired said this, step line in the study.

Presenter: Well our news program is finished I wish you a good continuation of the evening.



Look the video

Welcome to Palisburg.Palisburg is the capital and the biggest city of Trachistan.

The city was founded in 1230 by Terran Gergovisky on the Brevska River.

The city is located to 345,56 km north from Saint Petersbourg and it is very cold.


popolation: 2.3 million of habbitants

region: Big Palisburg

mayor: Gerald Povrosky (PFT)2010

temperature: max 12° min -34°

quality of the life : 36 in the world

GDP percapita : 30.789$ (national GDP percapita 27.000$)


Trachipedia official governament site

The republic of trachistan is a country in the nordic region. It is bordered to the south by Finland and Russia. The territory is 202,5 km2 and is occupated mostly by plains. The capital of Trachistan is Palisburg (2.3 million of habitants).

The Republic of Trachistan was founded on May 17,1906. However, its indipendent status was interrupted of World War II when in 1940, the country was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union, but in the January 18,1945 regained the indipendence.

Now the republic of Trachistan is member of United Nation,OCSE,Nato and CBSS. For 2013 Trachistan is listed 21th on Human Development Idex. The currency of Trachistan is the Bilats.

The GDP per capita is 25.400$.

Now some photo on this wonderful country:

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