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About this City Journal

The fastest and most dangerous race in the galaxy!

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I proudly introduce you to F-ZERO! The galaxy's fastest and most dangerous sport! Here, you will witness thirty fight their way to the prize, the Master Cup of the Grand Prix!




F-Zero features thirty pilots race in small plasma-powered hover-cars on large closed circuit tracks that hover above ground. Each car is kept on the track using quantum levitation. Because of this, the tracks can go sideways  Each hover-car can reach speeds of over 930 mph. The tracks range from the short (3 to 5 miles) to the extremely long (100 miles.) Each race last several hours as there may be hundreds to thousands of laps to complete. Each driver receives point correlating to the place he or she placed in. For example, 1st place receives 30 points while last place receives only 1 point. By the end of the Grand Prix, the driver with the highest point total is the Champion.



Driving in the F-Zero circuit is extremely dangerous. On average, 2 people die every year due to accidents or falls. At such high speeds, any collision results in a 100% chance of death. Only the most experienced, those with the quickest reflexes, and those with the strongest focus can survive.


..::Notable Drivers::..

Even though there are thirty drivers on the circuit, these are the top five from last season:


Captain Falcon     -       pilot of the Blue Arrow

James McCloud   -       pilot of the Little Wyvern

Samurai Goroh    -       pilot of the Fire Stingray

Black Shadow      -       pilot of the Black Bull

Dr. Stewart           -       pilot of the Golden Fox


Located off the beautiful Kahona Coast is the Kahona Forest Raceway. As it overlooks the Tributen Sea, it is most famous for its1.5 mile long strip of raceway situated sideways with the pilots facing the water. This is known as the Nautical "Anton" Strip in memory of pilot Anton de'Loark who had crashed in the water.



Race: Kahuna Forest

Planet: Aonia

Length: 5 Miles

Laps: 1000

Average Lap Time: 22 seconds



Here is the starting line. Tensions between drivers have already begun to mount. Antonio Guster and Samurai Goroh were seen in an embroiled fight before the race. Black Shadow, last years Champion, will do what he can to keep Captain Falcon from taking the top spot. Last year Black Shadow managed to narrowly beat Captain Falcon on the circuit but the Captain is confident this year. His only words for his rival were, "Show me ya moves!" Finally, the young and popular Jack Levin was challenged by the veteran Silver Neelson who feels threatened by the novice's rise to fame.



They're off! As they pass the first turn and inversion, Bio Rex and Billy lead the pack with Captain Falcon and Super Arrow not far behind! The initial speed of this first turn is around 200 mph!



Several dozen laps in, we see that James McCloud and Black Shadow have taken commanding leads out on the Nautical Strip but Captain Falcon and Pico trailing not far behind them. The speeds on this strip can reach 900 mph! Things have gotten so intense that the local animals have come to see the race.



Captain Falcon has taken the lead! Beastman and Leon are on his tail! Dr. Stewart had dropped to last due to an emergency refueling but there are still several hundred laps to go. This is anyone's race!



As night time sets in, only a about 100 laps remain. Black Shadow has taken a strong lead while Antonio Guster and Samurai Goroh fight for second. In fourth, Jack Levin holds strong.



It's the final lap! James McCloud holds a strong lead while Captain Falcon, Black Shadow, and Bio Rex all fight it out for second place! Not far behind are Draq and Jack Levin! These last few seconds are crucial!



Victory! Sabotage! The race is over! As James McCloud managed to keep his speed and win the race, Black Shadow rammed Captain Falcon to take second. This had dropped Captain Falcon out of the top ten! He will not be pleased but Black Shadow is happy with stealing second. Here are the top ten finalists of Race 1:

     1st:      James McClou d -     2nd:     Bla ck Shadow -     3rd:     Bio Rex -    4th:    Jack Levin -      5th:    Samurai Goroh -    6th:    Draq -

   7th:    Antonio Guste r -   8th:   Bea stman -   9th:   Dr . Stewart -  10 th: Jody Sum  m  ers


This concludes today's events ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed the intensity and the drama in our season opener of Kahona Forest!


(This is my first CJ, thanks for viewing!)


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