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About this City Journal

Screenshots of whatever I build that I find intresting enough to show you guys.

Entries in this City Journal


Flatopolis Part 1

Well, it's update time! Today we will be featuring Flatopolis, started because I wanted to build on a perfectly flat surface after the endless "Unsuitable grade" warnings the RHW threw at me. The city is a pretty basic one, very standard as far as cities go, but I tried to at least somewhat factor asthetics into it's design. Anyway, on to Flatopolis!

Flatopolis has two sections. The first section is the main city, while the second is a large agricultural area. I will be covering the main city first.


As you can see, there is a highway running through the center of two sections, the large bullet train T-intersection, and the muncupial airport. The city is not very big yet (I'm not good at building very large cities, this is one of my largest). It has a lot of money, though!


How I love you, extra cheats DLL... anyway, I cheated in money for sandboxing purposes. The city is functional, but not a big income generator (around -10000$ a month), and I like plopping stuff everywhere (Yay, park here, park there, giant thingamobobs every which where!)

Anyway, we will be looking at the eastern side first.


A slightly closer view. Lots of high and medium wealth lowrises and homes, and even a few mid-rises. You can also see the industrial area to the north, with plenty of manufacturing and high tech.


A closer view of some of the industry. You can also see part of the bullet train line that services the whole city.


The fire department strip, which services most of the city, is located off to the right of the main industrial area. Also visible is one of the two cemeteries.


The Mattb325 coal plant which services the city. Also pictured is the city's radio station. The city's air is smog-free, thanks to Simgoober.


One of the several air purifiers in the city. These things do there job exceptionally well, almost to the point of being OP.


The air purifiers, coupled with this SFBT garbage transfer station, keep the city clean.


Moving southward, we can see some of the first office towers being built. To the left is one of the Mattb police stations featured in the last entry. Above the office tower in construction, in a block of it's own, is another suburban Mattb building, this time a fire station.


Below that commercial area is the original church, one of the first buildings to be built. To the right of that is the first school.


And once more below that is the hospital. (I have a whole menu full of Simgoober hospitals. Why didn't I use one of them? Because I'm an idiot.) Next to the hospital is one of two Houses of Worship.


Here you can see the bullet train T-intersection, which looks pretty good in my opinion. It goes across the highway to the right and goes along to the edge of the map to the left, with several stations along the way. The top branch heads up to the industrial area.

And that is all to see on the west side. Now to cross over to the east side.


This is nothing new. Exact same design as last time, except much, much easier to build with the flat ground. To the right of the overpass is the deluxe police station. You can also see the diagnal street mod at work. I think it makes the city look much better.


An overview of the east side. You can see the bullet train line bordering the main area, the university below everything, and the casino, which really stands out.


The airport, with a large commerical district below.


The casino. I was spending a lot on new zones and stuff so the finance advisor gave it to me and I decided "The more stuff the better!" It doesn't really fit right now, but I hope it will when the commercial zone grows.


Near the casino is the city hall. Nothing special here.


This is the tower you can see in the city hall picture. It grew. Isn't this supposed to be a landmark? :???:

Anyway, below the commercial area and the city hall are a few boring Maxis schools, a large residental district, and then the university.


A closer view of the university. Off to the left is the little league stadium and off to the right is the private school, all boring Maxis things.


After I finished the main photo taking I recived two more rewards, both Maxis. This country club, below the university, and this art museum, right below the city hall.


(Odd... that pic is awfully tiny... oh well.)

And that is the main city finished! Next update: The agricultural area!


Maple Glen

Well, I'm sure some none of you remember my old CJ, which kinda stopped after two or three entries. Well, I've made a new one. (Oh no!) This one, however, will be more like a photo collection of... stuff, in no order or context. (It will also have a pretty long time between uploads, as school is starting soon). This first entry will be a bit more cohesive than following ones, as I have all the photos lined up. Anywho, welcome to Maple Glen!


It's a quaint little farming town laying beside a large freeway, courtesy of the RHW. In this wide view you can see the general layout of the town.


In this closer in view you can see the residental area and a few small farms. You can also see the PEG medical airstrip and the frieght station. (Maxis, sadly, as I didn't look for frieght stations well enough).


Here you can see the housing in greater depth, as well as see the water tower, radio school (PEG again) and off to the center right, the diesel power plant. (PEG, yet again).


Dinky little thing, ain't it?


And the water tower. (The town dos'nt need water, but it looks good.)


The School of the Air, surrounded by crops of wheat and beans.


The medi-port. Below is the horrid Maxis train station.


A beautiful Mattb325 creation (at least I think it was him), the local police station (not the offical name). Seen with a frieght train below.


Yet another horrid Maxis creation, the local fire department.


The residental area in greater detail. Visible are the two car dealers, and an old SimGoober standby, Goober's Nuts.


Sadly, local hooligans have decided to amuse themselves by toliet papering several local trees.


Here we have the bulk of the farms, all made with the SPAM Mod. (Of course!) Where does that road lead? Here!


The main highway on/off ramp! Extremly fustrating to build, but it came out looking okayish, so it's all worth it!


The rail line crosses the highway here. The tunnel comes out right next to the map edge, where it forms a neighbor connection.


Just after I finished taking the initial photos, I realized I should plop a church. So I did (Sorry, I can't remember the name), and it looks fantastic, in my opinion.


A wider view of the church.

Sorry for the huge entry. Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you like the pictures!

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