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Urban Constanta

A small preview on my work in progress. The old city dstrict. Here are some buildings near the boardwalk.

I choose that agfa effect cause i thnk it suites better than b&w cause this snapshots remidn me of some 50s or 60s american photos :P




Urban Constanta

City Planning

Beacuse the agricultural areas of my region are done it's time to strat some city planning. This is the main city - it's 16 large city tiles so it will be a lot of work to be done.


Urban Constanta

just a small mmp scene. Sorry 4 the quality of the pictures. Ther are made with my phone. I have an issue with my sc 4. I can't take a photo any more. When i take a snapshot, the window that asks me if i want to save the picture pops up but there's no preview. Well if i save the picture, it doesn't appear in my albums folder :( can anyone help me please....




Urban Constanta

I stoped developing the agricultural areas and focused on the reconstruction of the seaport. After 10 hours i've finished this 5 large city tile seaport.

Next i'll build 3 marinas and i'll get back to agriculture.



*The region has 63 large city tiles and i'm planning on developing every single tile :)))

Urban Constanta

601610_588553744536386_1966661027_n.jpgSILVERCOAST it's a fictional region somewere in the southern part of USA.


Constangeles is the capital and also the largest city in the region.

Divided in 14 districts


It has a major seaport, an international airport (CTL - Constangeles International AIrport) and it's also connected to 5 highways (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) and 3 main railways (M1, M2, M3).

There are also some villages and cities close to Constangeles:

  • Nisipari village
  • Poiana village
  • Murfatlar city
  • Baraganu village
  • Ion Movila town

Below is the map of Constangeles metro area.

(I use the made by vocar, with some modifications made by me)

-with black it's Constangeles

-with pink it's Nisipari

-with yellow it's Poiana

-with dark blue it's Murfatlar

-with light blue it's Baraganu

-with red it's Ion Movila



Well i don't know when the next update it's gonna be. I just find this region and city on an old hard and so i started working on it, changing the cities and areas a little bit. After 4 days on wich i rebuild the infrastructure using the new NAM version, now i focus mainly on the agricultural areas. After that i'll remake the airport, the smalll villages and last i'll build the seaport. after that i'll focus on the main city cause that's the hardest work cause i have to rebuild 6 large city tiles and 2 medium city tiles. See you next time.


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