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About this City Journal

This is my first entry ever on this website, however, I have played Simcity 4 for quite some time now. Georgia, a fictional land unrelated to the U.S. state or country, is a land founded by groups of Christians in search for a prosperous land.

Entries in this City Journal

Andrew T

The Capitol Grows

Georgia: Update #1

City name: Capitol City

Population: 5,000 50,000 (Population Goal = 1,000,000)

I have been working on Capitol City to make it a better city, a place where Georgia residents can look at and admire. The city has gone through some huge development and is becoming a strong, thriving city for both financial and retail economies

Here are a few pictures


Capitol City's manufacturing/dirty based industry has been transformed into a high tech industry, as you can seen construction taking place.


Moving nearby in the industrial area, the citizens of Capitol City has decided to decommission the Hawthorne Coal Mine & Coal Power Plant

The vote (18,950/7,899) has decided to find cheaper, cleaner alternative sources of power.


Capitol City has then decided that due to high gust winds off of Capitol Lake, Wind Turbines will make good sources of clean wind energy


The Financial District has really taken off in the past ten years, with Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo moving to the capitol.

Residents are getting skeptical of the greedy bank operations, and hope that the government regulates them


Therefore, the creation of the Georgia Federal Bank Reserve was created/built


Near the Financial District is National Park, where the Georgia National Monument has been constructed

Citizens of Georgia voted for this style of architecture, as it brings the nation of Georgia a symbol of freedom


At Georgia State University, the Georgia Nighthawks Stadium has just opened and the surrounding dorm students are excited for the upcoming football season!


Remember the bare interchange of I-45 and I-73? It is now surrounded by commercial and retail districts


Lastly, near Georgia State University, Wal-Mart Supercenter has opened a retail store nearby


Hosiery Update: Hanson Hosiery Mills has recorded record profits of $250,000,000, placing a huge budget surplus for the city!

However, citizens now realize that the potential of a state-owned business could lead to corruption,

Therefore, there have been talks of a petition to find a buyer or to split the profits among Capitol City residents.

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Andrew T


City name: Capitol City

Population: 5,000 (Population Goal = 1,000,000)

Every nation needs a city where it can headquarter government departments, services, and become a tourist center for the region.

In Capitol City, Georgia's national capitol, the construction of transportation has been completed, and we can see that residents are already starting to move in.

Low population is due to the fact that the city is just starting out and that land values are relatively high. We see a couple of farms to the northeastern, but these will be the only locations of agriculture (and could eventually be sold to make room for new subdivisions!) Average income of the city, so far and yet, is $75,000, highest in the nation, and is growing more and more due to educational advancements.

This will be my last "new" city for awhile, as I will begin to develop this city, as well as Green Grove and Tahoe Lake to grow.


At Georgia Capitol Presbyterian Church, we see that the congregation has formed to practice their faith.

Capitol City's first church and oldest building


The first neighborhood, with old cobblestone streets and railroad that splits the neighborhood in half.

St. Roberts Health System - Capitol City branch can be seen imaged, as well.


One of many beautiful architectural homes


Moving beyond the neighborhoods, here is I-45 (East/West) interchanging with I-73 (North/South)

I-45 ends/begins in Downtown Capitol City and leads into Tahoe Lake, as well.


Proceeding to Downtown Capitol City (Civil Services District),

We see the Georgia Supreme Court and Capitol City Hall


Adjacent from the City Hall, Residents can find the Bureau of Administration

To the right, we see the beginning of the Financial District, starting with SunTrust Bank Headquarters


Crossing the Tahoe River (no connecting junction to Tahoe Lake), is the the industrial area

At Rearden Steel, workers push for high outputs because of the demands of growth in the Georgia nation

High demand has caused a growth in steel industry, as well as growth in price


Here at Hawthorne Coal Mine, we see coal being harvested for the Hawthorne Coal Power Plant nearby.

City officials are putting up a public vote for the residents to decide if Coal is the future power of the city or if alternative sources should be.


Hanson Hosiery Mills is a big job supplier (850 IM Jobs) and creates underwear apparel for the Georgia nation.

Hanson Hosiery Mills is a socialist company, owned by the city government, and its' profits are put into the city budget.

Capitol City residents voted (1,250/988) in a close decision for the government to buy this company, in return for an improved services

Redevelopment and updates will soon begin, as cities grow up and spread out

Comments or Rates are appreciated for constructive criticism.

Andrew T


City Name: Green Grove

Population: 15,000

Despite the relieve of Tahoe Lake as my first introduction city, Green Grove was the first city established in the regional state of Georgia.

Green Grove is what many of you would call a hick town because of the many farms that surround the city and Grove Lake.


Green Grove is a small farm town located directly north of Tahoe Lake. Despite Green Grove's southern neighbor, the city's economy is relied heavily on agriculture, with little industrial and commercial zones in the town. Also, Green Grove has no adequate route of transportation (no highway) to make it easily accessible. It does, however, have a bigger population than Tahoe Lake, primarily because Green Grove more open space and farm land.

Here are a couple introduction pictures:


What you're looking at is the first G.N.P.S. (Georgia National Postal Service) office located in the region.

Postal mail has slowed down due to the advancement of the internet, however, but in the Georgia Constitution, postal service must remain open.


This is the only industrial zone in the city.

A city vote was passed (3,423/1,656) to build the new Shell Hydrogen Power Plant, as imaged.


At Potter's Field Farms, the Potter family gets ready to plant for the season.

The family, however, has been under great pressure to sell their land to the city to make way for a new subdivision (update to come soon)


Dirt roads have become the new standard of style roadway for Green Grove


Green Grove School District has opened a new farming program to teach children about food safety, growth, etc.


Aerial view of the historical district, with small farms and developing neighborhood homes surrounding it.

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Thank you!

Andrew T


City name: Tahoe Lake

Population: 12,000

First time ever updating!

History: Georgia was a region full of plains, no mountains, hills, etc. that was founded by groups of Christians. Their cultures are what are the center hub of the cities that are in this religion and of what is to come in this region.

Tahoe Lake is the second city in my region, after Green Grove (images will come later for this city)

Credit: Some of the items in my city were created by developers on this website. I don't take any credit for their creations, but admire their presence they bring to my city. If you created something that I used in this city, you are the rightful credit holder. Thank you for sharing your files with the SimNation!

Here are a few first pictures!


St. Peters Catholic Church is the foundation of this city.

One of the oldest buildings in this city


This is the Civic Center where citizens can find their public services that they need


Since the creation of Tahoe Lake, the hotel business has skyrocketed and made the city a center for tourism


In fact, the tallest building in Tahoe Lake is Embassy Suites!


Wanna splash in the pool? Tahoe Lake has constructed a public swimming pool for recreational use


Here at Industry Diamond, you will see all high tech industries moving in!

Due to a city ordinance, industries aren't allowed to move out past the diamond border, unless you bride the city officials...


Near Industry Diamond is the Tahoe Lake Sugar Mill, one of the town's most valuable assets bringing 1,000 jobs!


Near the hotel district is the Tahoe Lake Regional Mall, with the biggest store being Sears.

Tourists and residents flock here to get the newest trends.


The Water Control Center is the head of the water control of the town, making it an important building to the city


Just trees and homes near the lake


Here is a satellite image of the city

Being my first time presenting on here

Please Comment and Rate!

Thank you!

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