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a simcity 2013 C.J

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Welcome to Micina the town that supplies most the bay area with power and oil and has a poplation of just over 10,000. lets take a tour of the town.


we'll start of at the main highway where over grow of grass has cussed the highway to be closed to one lane on both sides.

also the is the main road the goes all the way round Micina, as you can see the are houseing complexl on the left and office's on the right, and that large poll like thing in the backround is the oill well but we'll get to that later


Next we move down to the city hall were the near by sheriff station keeps protesters away (most of the time)

the hall has the deportment of uiltly init because over the next few mounts Micina will be suppling 75% of the bay Area with water and will be taking 80% of it waste and sewage


we now move down to the oil well the are harvesting the crude that ise under the town witch is sold on the market, and made into plastic and petrol. in the background you can see the ferry dock that just opened last mouth


here we have to coal power plant and the plant that make to plastic and petrol, The coal power plant is only suppling power to Micina the nearby town of Yosewell. the city also make round 4,000 crates if plastic, there is no know out be for petrol yet because it set to open that part of the plant next week.


what you are looking at now is one of the three rounds at led up the mountain to the plants and the upper part of the town, sadly due to the very poor work done on it it will be closed of in the next few days and rebuilt over time


this is know as 'Upper Micina' this is where most of the poeple that work in the near by plants work.you can also see the power plant an the Oill HQ in the backround.


now lastly we move back down to the HQ for the petroleum plant this is where all the sales, marking, stock, and all that other stuff is managed.


and to end we show you a shot of the city at night, hope injoyed to tour

DLC in my game

London DLC (not used yet)

HAV set (not used yet)

'packs' in my game

Mercedes Sprinter Shuttle Bus (not use in this city)

VDL "Citea" Bus (not use in this city)

Bombardier Cityrunner Tram (not use in this city)

B.O.C (not use in this city)

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