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About this City Journal

Strategic Gameplay for Realism and no Custom Content/ Mods

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Carageenan Cove is an industrial boom town of mostly dirty industry.

Purposely formed for city spread and connectivity.

A neighbor to White Rock which is currently the largest city in the region. Visitors from outer Cascadia stay in C.C. for its view of the Carageenan River. Interstate 320 and 40 create an artery in the northeastern part of the city connecting 4 cities resulting in an increase of industrial demand. Still a work in progress.

Population: 50,000


Below we have a shot of current Inner Cascadia, Sister cities of Carageenan Cove (C.C.) are White Rock (Pop. 120,000) and Fairmount (60,000). Further development in White Rock and Fairmount are in progress.


Current Region Population 218,000.


The city of Forsyth is a small sized agricultural town with a population of about 2,000 it is completely powered by Wind Technology and natural gas.

Economy is based mostly on agriculture, especially rich in Cascadia's export of apples.

The farmer's market is a favorite among locals, the only State Park and farmer's market in the region of Cascadia.

This is the first inhabited land mass in the Cascadian region.

No mods or custom content.


Central Southeast district with High-Wealth residents and Medium-Wealth businesses specializing in Organic produce for the Cascadian region. And a hot-air balloon. :)


Sister cities include:







All of which are agricultural based economies.

Further west we will find Castor, Fairmount and White Rock which form the denser more business and industrial based economies. Further South we will find Stonelake, Outer Stonelake ,Missisauga and Palenta which are mostly bed communities and suburbs and are underdeveloped. Continue viewing my CJ of Cascadia for further additions.


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