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Mithlondon (SC2013)

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About this City Journal

Follow the ups and downs of this bustling city.

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Mayor's plan for major infrastructure project leaked


An anonymous source working in Mithlondon's City Hall leaked plans for an yet unannounced infrastructure project. According to our source the city government plans to convert the city center radically by building a train station and an Expocenter. It's already clear that a lot of residential buildings will fall victim to it, thus further tightening Mithlondon's housing shortage.

The news of the new train station spread like wildfire through the city and protesters gathered in front of City Hall. We couldn't reach the mayor for a statement and were told by his office that he left earlier to watch the upcoming rocket launch live at the space center. Heribert Flackl (§, educated shopper), living close to the city hall, has another theory why the Mayor left: "He is a coward. As soon as the first stone was thrown, he escaped by helicopter."

Successful rocket launch overshadowed by violent protest


Mithlondon's Space Agency surprised the regional community Wednesday by launching a long-range rocket that put an alleged educational satellite in orbit.

A spokesperson of the Space Center said the rocket had successfully blasted off and claimed the satellite it was carrying had entered its intended orbit. The launch followed a botched attempt in April.


Prior to the launch of the rocket protesters gathered in front of Mithlondon's City Hall, they fear that the rocket might damage the pillars of the sky. Lucy Wackl ($$$, slightly educated worker) an organizer of the protest said: "It's totally irresponsible. What happens when the sky falls on us?" The peaceful protest turned violent as people protesting against the new train station entered City Hall Square and started to throw rocks and bottles. The police used tear gas, twelve people were injured, twenty arrested.


Ladiesandgentlemen, welcome to our city tour. Thank you for choosing CheapTourism. If you have questions you can ask our tour escort at any time. Mithlondon, was founded in the 18th century by the grand duke of Mithoria who himself planned it. The whole central area, including the palace, was reduced to rubble by an earth quake and was never rebuilt. But by looking from above you still can see that today's streets follow the historic plan of the grand duke and you might be able to guess where once the castle stood.


If you think that the name "Mithlondon" sounds familiar to you, you are not mistaken. In the early 20th century a famous author who wrote some novels about people with hairy feet lived here and used this city name in his novels. Here is a picture of Mithlondon from the early 20th century.


It was a wealthy, but small town. But as you can see, this has changed.


It's now a bustling city and has become one of the main tourist destinations and attracts shoppers from the whole country.




But it's wealth comes mainly from Oil. Simtroleum Inc., one of the largest companies in this sector, has its corporate headquarters here (in the foreground).


This is the view from the oil refinery up to the bold and the beautiful.



It's said that the view from the Mithlond Tower is marvelous, especially during sunrise. Sadly, we don't have enough time to visit it and have to watch it from afar. But circling around the city in a helicopter isn't that bad, is it?




There are still some smaller businesses in the fringe of the city... and in the background you can surmise the blurred outlines of the neighboring city.


Real estate prices skyrocket and many people were forced to leave the city center because of rising rents, they live now between the oil fields and the refinery.


But there are still some who resist ruthless property sharks...


...and the mayor isn't very pleased either, mainly because his mansion is shadowed now by residential highrises.


Our tour comes now to an end. While we head back you can take a last look at Mithlondon.


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