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Fairview 2.0 (SC4)

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About this City Journal

Do you remember the small and cozy region of Fairview? Let's go and build something nice on it.

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Hello everyone. You might be wondering what is this Fairview 2.0, is it another guy showing off his Maxis Fairview region? Is he trying to get attention because he built a metropolis on this small region? Why is it 2.0 in first place?

All those questions will be answered below, so don't get worked up because you see a wall of text and PLEASE read the mother-loving thing, before making assumptions.

What is Fairview 2.0?

Fairview 2.0 is a small project of mine that I kicked off in SimCity 4 out of boredom with the Lot Editor and a general lack of inspiration to continue on my other CJ, SimLand. This is a much more focused and localized city journal than it, too, given that Fairview is a small region.

What do you wish to make of this?

First, I want to make something that looks pleasing and decently-realistic, which means that I will pay good attention to detail and play around with custom lots and MMPs, but also I want it to be fun for me to create, so I will make as much growable content as possible and make sure all my cities are in the black.

I also plan to make the entries run in some kind real-time fashion, and, according to the real life date, that's going to affect some of the things you will see on it, like, for example the seasons, that will change with the corresponding one for the northern hemisphere at the time of the update.

Finally, I want to give my CJ, a very American style. SimCity 4 was created with this particular building style in mind, and so, roads are prominent in Fairview 2.0. Yes, I am going to also have other transportation forms, like rails and ferries, but the focus is on road networks.

Are you scrapping SimLand, your other CJ?

I am not scrapping SimLand, this is a get-away CJ, something for fresh for me, and it will NOT be updated frequently, given that it updates in real-time, every now and then you will see this CJ popping around here. SimLand is still going to be my main focus for a long time, because it can always give me variety to work with, whereas the concept in Fairview 2.0 is not much flexible.

Why the 2.0 thingy?

Because I copied the Fairview region from my Regions folder and edited the config name to Fairview 2, so it didn't conflict with the original, and since my original Fairview is still pristine, then I can start from scratch and build as I please.

OK, now that I read the whole thing, is there something for me?

Well, you can enjoy a little teaser image, if you please. The first full entry will come when I solve my dependencies problems. (I hate that the LEX is down right now, otherwise I would get them solved right now)

Here you go. ;)


See you later!

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