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My life and stuff in a city journal

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Halen Of Dania

Response to the comments:

Her highness's humble servant responds to the comments:

GGamus: The power of the asian gurl compels you :P . Thanks for the kind words!

IL: Have a look below for some awesome screens. Glad you enjoyed it!

Brian: Thank you for your kind words! It means alot to me! Plus the gods are happy with all these happy responses! ;)


The theory:

The story:

So if you thought this cj was going to be a entire text book of Murken and Europa unitis ( The planet this nation exists on) through it's entirety , then you are deeply wrong! There have been theories over time that the history of the nation has been tampered with, or adjusted by huge time mech machines called "Norgorths" or "monoliths". Many scriptures have been written depicting crude but interesting images of the norgroths and there entirety. Many date back to the early Murken republic and can be found in many theory banks across the Unitis internet.

One specific story that catches the attention of the researchers is a 185 page book of sorts about a man named turner. It is not known his age or even his sex. It describes in some vague detail about Norgroths buts uses the term "machines" almost proving that the assumption that supposed "time machine" theories existed back in this time period. I will now select a few paragraphs from the reading to tell you guys about to give you a better idea of the plot of the book and THEN we could decide if it is indeed real or not!

The story:

The man landed in the field at the break of morning. It was hazy but visible in the bright sunlight shining upon the machine that lay beside him in a heap of mess. His body lay unconcious on the ground without a spec of movement whatsoever. I slowly approach the body and lay my hand on his scared abdomen. I feel a jolt rush from his body in quick leap of energy. The man leaps from the ground and glares at me, and scampers off like a animal.

The field: 5uW0Whr.jpg

A second sighting: A odd man entered my tavern sometime in the evening hours. He asked for a pale ale and I served him. He set a few odd coins that look counterfit on the counter. I thought to myself , maybe it was one of those weird travelers we get all the time in here. He left with a look of intent. He scurried off into the street like a rat or something of the like. I saw him again in the market the next day with some women... I was not suspicious.

The third and final sighting:


Translation from some rhinedish language, Known to be used by some trade guilds in the region: It was horrifying. The horror on the mans face. It had a thievish glare to it. Like it was a ghost. It frightened me as it approached me in the forest. I evaded the ghost's intent of violence. I stayed in the guild tavern the next day. I never saw it again. Perhaps I had met him before. Somewhere

in another world


Stemming from the previous update. No one ever figured out where the Von Murken's crew actually landed. Von murken would hold a grudge that some of his closest allies would ponder about themselves throughout the rest of Murkens life as the governor of the Santa Carolina colony. Some theories suggest the specific tribe they met near the beach had some kind of amnesia juice of some sort. Such theories are weak since there where no known tribes that existed in any large amount near there. Which suggest anyone who lived there at all was severely disconnected from the rest of tribal society on the mainland.

I would like to ask you guys, what are you theories about the matter. Please post in the comments if you have any idea's?!

Halen Of Dania

Responses to comments:

IL: Thanks. And no this is all purely fictional!

Schulmanator: Thank you man. I appreciate praise from such masters of the art such as yourself! :)


The journal of Hans Von Murkan

Exherts from the National library of United Murkan Our flag unites us! WByPcVb.png

Entry one : 109 A.D

The men are struck with scurvy and we are stuck on this horridly humid and decaying piece of the wonderful Earth. The island we are stranded upon is filled with horrible grizzly old men (much like our own at home in the rhineland). WE struck a motherload of rum and gold so we stayed for the night and set off in the morning.


Von Murken Casting off from Azlea Island's. Circa 109 A.D

Entry two: same year 109 A.D , DAY 2

We are heading Northwest at 20 knots with a nice nortwestern ocean breeze to help us. The men are giddy with excitement , dreaming of the riches they will find when we reach the tropical shores of Aragon. It has been 2 years since we have first set out from Porto Venicio of the state of South Rhineland Europa. We hit a storm late day and where forced to make land on a tired , battered coast we found after sailing for 2 hours up and down it. We made camp and slept for the rest of the night.

Entry three: 109 A.D , One week later

We have become attached socially to the local leaders and (tear in page) have married the local (another tear -_-) chief (bloodstain) Daughter.


After an unexpected turn of events. The rest of this journal was never found. Modern historians believe that it was lost on some beach in Santo Carolina


The suspected location of the wreck and the remains of the journal..


Where do you think the journal is giving the evidence that has been shown to you through the known journal entries and the pictures shown below and above. Comment your solution and you will learn the answer and the rest of the journal in the next episode.


Picture of Napol bay Santa Carolina. : Note the timber laying on the beach might be evidence as too how the crew made there camp on the beach!carolinabeach1.jpg

Shards of wood thought to be from Von murkens convoy ships dating around 109 A.D found Near the beach shown in the above picture.


Rhineland wood commonly used in ships during this time period.

(good luck and don't forget to put in your submissions in the comments section!)


Halen Of Dania


A CJ BY: Halen of Dania

After a 100 year of sailing around in a cold sweat, the explorers where tired and where homesick. Men we must carry on . WE MUST SURVIVE!!!!

The late Explorer Hans Von Murken:


A brief early history of Murkenburg and the nine colonies:

The first human activity in Murken has been thought to be by a bunch of hairy men 10,000 years ago. It has been discovered that they settled in large encampments along the River Murken around 43 A.D. There was three main tribes in Murken, Two tribes held religious power, while the other 3rd tribe held economic ties with outside tribes sparking war between the 2 main tribes in 58 A.D. Relations settled again in 60 A.D and trade routes continued on as usual. The prime tribe had gained control of several regions previously owned by the TINTSU ( pronounced tin-es-su) Before the war. Relations became increasingly hostile again in the coming years and broke out into a brief land struggle between the Primes and the Tintsu. Hans Von Markan Landed at Platt's bay in 100 A.D and set up a trading post for the VON FULTON Company ( founded in 45 A.D by Henrick Von Fulton). The explorer Marken named the fort surrounding the trade post MARKEN at first. But when the untimely death of his son in 111 A.D happened, He was mourned by the nation of Europa Henrick ( otherwise known as the Rhine empire) and the congress of old men was thinking of way's to recognize his importance in Rhine society.

Thus the fort was called Marken and the colony was born!

The Native treaty of 115 A.D

By this time in history, two opposing nation's (Rhine Empire and the Napol Empire) had seized control of key shipping city/port's of Pillipstowne and Markenburg. This port's distributed a variety of key war making supplies including coal furs for uniforms and flint (for Musket's). The Napol Empire was running low on these supplies and saw a chance to capture the lightly defended city of Smuthport ( 11 miles or 17 km's from Marken). More battles in sued and each empire took native allies for bloody guerlilla attacks in the night on enemy settlements along the Murken river. The war ended in the next year when fair land claims where settled with the Napol empire and the natives. This is regarded as the begging of a much bigger power seize from the Rhine empire. (More about this in the next chapter so stay tuned!)

Other notes:

- 11 A.D Plymouth company is founded in Ponlande

- 5 A.D Colonial charter of Marken is signed.

- 23 BC Hans Von Murken is born

- 8 B.C Rhine Empire is created after stinky old men complain about the king they have had for 80 years.

- 2 B.C Napol Empire conquered Romana Empire lead by King Napol I

In the Next chapter we will take a look at what the nation looks like today and what has changed!


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