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A rising metropolis

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MetroRail Phase II

After just 3 weeks of rapid construction, Phase II of MetroRail is open. There are now 22 stations along 4 lines - Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red.

Attached is another, rather poorly made system map.


MetroRail Unveiled

blogentry-516145-0-27311400-1353463391_tPhase I of the MetroRail system has opened! While it only includes 6 stations now, the system will see many upgrades and extensions in the future. Also, along with this endeavor and part of the TRex project, a regional transportation hub has been created on the south side of Remington, accommodating heavy rail (MetroRail), bus, and future monorail systems.

The regional population has now reached 640,000; the next region update and census should be ready within the next few days. Also, the current MetroRail map is attached (obviously made with MS Paint). :D


The population of Remington has surpassed 500,000! As of October 19, 2006, the population of the region was 508,028. Much of this growth comes from massive growth in the far southern suburbs. The Remington Area Census Bureau will be releasing a census with data from each municipality soon.

There are several announcements along with this update:

1. The RDOT (Remington Department of Transportation) has announced a large expansion of the region's public transit, TRex or Transportation Expansion, which is centered around the creation of MetroRail, a regional heavy rail system. Also, an eastward extension of Highway 12 eastward to Highway 25 is in the process of feasibility studies at this time.

2. A new development, Paradise Island, is being constructed on an island in Hartsfield Bay. It should house around 1,000 residents at the most, but is planned to include very expensive and expansive homes.

3. The City of Remington will be undergoing a major redevelopment project to be conducted in conjunction with TRex. More details will be coming soon.

Sorry for the short update... the regional census should be released sometime within the next two or three days.


The second region update won't be ready for another few days, but there is one announcement. Developer Malcolm Landgraab has announced a new master-planned town, Alton Lakes. The town will be centered around three lakes and three "villages" and is expected to house up to 30,000 people when it is fully built.

Attached is the basic layout of the town.



Remington has quite expansive suburbs for a city its size, and today we will take a look at them.

The largest suburb in the region, Arlington Heights, has a population of 20,873, and is also home to Lockheed University. Here is a wide view of the sprawling town:


The Northampton Freeway also cuts through the western portion of Arlington Heights, which is located directly north of Queensland. Most residents commute into the city via this freeway.

The next largest is Reading, with a population of 15,000.


Reading is home to another suburban university, the University of Reading. Lockheed and Reading are major rivals.

In the right-hand side of the screen, you can see the Loop 360.

Here are some miscellaneous shots from around suburbia:


Smithfield Town Common


The University of Reading


Hamiltonville residents enjoy a warm day at the town park


Welcome to Remington! With a population of just less than 130,000, it is the main city in the region.


This is a pure boomtown; Remington was founded as a small suburb, but its population increased by 125,000 in a span of about 15 years. As you can see, the Highway 25 cuts directly through downtown and has an interchange with the East Tollway right at the city center.

Remington has seen better days. Gridlock is strangling the city, which has no public transportation whatsoever. Buildings are abandoning left and right, and city schools are on an extended strike due to limited funding. The city government has had to resort to massive tax hikes to keep a budget surplus. Two options are being considered

  • Tolling Highways 25 and 397 in the city (in addition to the East Tollway
  • Developing a massive industrial district in the empty southeastern part of the city

Both of these would have major consequences: the first option would cause even more gridlock, considering that these already the most congested highways in the region; and the second option would create large amounts of pollution. But the benefits could be the only thing to keep the city going. What do you think?

Photo gallery


An abandoned commercial district


Striking at a city high school


Some districts still thrive



Ah, my favorite, transportation. Today we will take a look at the transit network of the Remington area. As you can see in the map, a surprisingly dense freeway network exists in and around Remington.

  • The main north-south freeway, Highway 25, runs from the southern coastline of the region to Los Alamos, an industrial area east of Queensland.
  • Highway 10, the East Tollway, currently goes from downtown Remington to the edge of suburban developments. It is currently the only toll road in the area, and will likely see an extension in the near future.
  • Highway 17, the Northampton Freeway, runs from Highway 360 in Queensland to the front range of the Carpathian Mountains in Northampton. It primarily serves the large suburb of Arlington Heights.
  • Highway 12 runs from Suburban Boulevard in Glendale over a bridge across the Queens River and through the western suburbs. There are proposals to extend it eastward to connect with Highway 25.
  • Loop 360 is the region's outer beltway.
  • Highway 397 forms a quarter-bypass around downtown Remington, connecting industrial Midfield with Remington and Lancaster.

There is a grid of arterials through most of the region, with the exception of Queensland, Arlington Heights, and parts of Tempe. Some are designated as state highways. The most heavily congested is SH-83, which runs through the core of the urban areas. Proposals have been made to upgrade the corridor to a freeway, but most would rather see a public transport alternative instead, such as a monorail or elevated rail. More details on this are to come.



Welcome to the Remington metropolitan area. It is centered around two major cities, Remington with a population of 130,000, and Queensland with a population of 100,000. The total regional population is 425,000. As in many major metropolitan areas, suburban development is rapidly spreading outwards as urban areas fall into decay. We'll see what happens as regional planners try to fix this problem, and how much it will take...

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