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long huns

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About this City Journal

historic and story CJ's

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crew ship 13:i cant stand it anymore im tired sir !!!

christoper colombus:ok we rest up here in five minutes


crew ship 12:sir i need to pee sir

christoper colombus:ok but dont get far from this group

crew ship 12:yes sir

(then the crew ship 12 just pee not far on his group,and at his sight)

crew ship 12:a farm !!!!


(and he go back and tell to christoper colombus)

christoper colombus:a farm??? then must be someone settle here,ok we must go to that farm


????:oh hey strangers !!!!

christoper colombus:we can start this talking until you tell your name

????:oh yes my name is john meyers

christoper colombus:my name is christoper colombus,is this your farm ???

john meyers:yes this is

christoper colombus:how much people who settle here ??

john meyers:not much around 12,13

christoper colombus:any town here ???

john meyers:no until we found a person just like you a adventurer

christoper colombus yes i try that,but i need a lands

john meyers:yes just follow that pathway to the west until you find a lumberjack house tell him if you need a lands to build town

christoper colombus:ok but i needed a transport


john meyers:this your transport,a wagons max 10 people i have two of this,looks like your crew 17 people i lend you two

christoper colombus:ok thank you

john meyers:no problem


(then christoper colombus and his crew had to build a town)


to be continued......


crew ship 09:ohhh $%&^! !! i cant sleep last night

crew ship 11:what a matter my friend ?,tell me

crew ship 09:i cant sleep last night because yesterday incident that was haunted me

crew ship 11:nahhh dont remember yesterday,beside it we must take some water from sea to extinguish that bonfire

crew ship 09:ok,it doesnt matter


after awhile it)

crew ship 11:haaaahhh !!!!! someone has taken our ship

crew ship 09:yes but who do this ??,no one man exist in this land,except we

crew ship 11:what year we came in this land??

crew ship 09:errrr 1850 maybe ???

crew ship 11:yes the england must be here too

crew ship 09:we must disscuss it to sir christoper colombus

crew ship 11:ok cmon


crew ship 09:our ship has taken sir

christoper colombus:by who ??

crew ship 09:i dont know sir it must be england or the people who settle around here sir

christoper colombus:yes we had not search this land clearly,only stay here all day

crew ship 09:what we must do sir to search our ship sir ??

christoper colombus:call all your friends order to gather at bonfire

crew ship 09:yes sir


(after crew ship 09 and 11 call all they friends)

christoper colombus:our ship has taken,we had to search this very clearly,we must know who settle around here

crew ship 04:by who sir ??

christoper colombus:i dont know but we had to search this very clearly,we must know who settle around here

all crew ship:hurrayy!!!!!

christoper colombus:pack your tents,food,and weapons


(after all crew ship pack they tents food and some weapons)

christoper colombus:okay we started our journey to this land


(and that they've ready to search this land)


to be continued........


the new day begins


ship crew 06:oh the bonfire doesn't lighted down last night,hey you two go take the water on the sea

ship crew 03:ok


and then doesn't take a time ship crew 03 and 04 go to the sea and take some water


ship crew 03:c'mon lets go

and them lighted down the fire


crew ship 03:oh this gonna be a good day to hunt lets go

crew ship 09:yes lets go

that two crew goes to the wood with wielded in the hand knife and rifle

(a minute laters)

crew ship 03:hey look what i found

crew ship 09:ok what is it??

crew ship 03:this is i found a berry

crew ship 09:ok then what ???

crew ship 03:we back to the camp and tell to everybody what we found and then we take it as much as we can lets go

crew ship 09:ok but we take the berry first and then bought to the camp because my stomach is empty


crew ship 03:hey lets go thats no time for this

crew ship 09:wait i'm counting for this,1..2..3.4....... ok thats enough we back to the camp


crew ship 09:ha thats it sir near the camp 02


crew ship 09:sir we found a berry not far from here,i bought it some at the backpack try it

christoper colombus:ok i try it

christoper colombus:hmm... taste is delicious we can procces this into the wine


(and at the same time the camp was raided by bears and deers)


christoper colombus:(at far commanding) ready to shoot,shoot now


all that crew ship in shooting is shout for dying except crew ship 11


crew ship 09:shoot!!!!


crew ship 03:shoot again!!!!


all crew ship except crew ship 11 09 08 and 03:christ !!!! what was that ????

(all crew ship and christoper colombus himself gather at the fire place)

christoper colombus:we gather here to bury our friends and place to bury i choose my self


(and that day implemented to bury)


to be continued......


thats'it.they have approach to the lands and named it long huns.the name take from one of crew.

but the land is occupy by the long late indians.


and the south occupy by little colonies of american pioneers.


but likely they have and technologies about steading and logging.


christoper colombus:we have to encampment here

crew :yes sir


and they packing their goods to the land and ready to settle


the day has end fast.we have to search this land there are people or not.but the searching is tommorow not now.

to be continued.


the searching of newlands is based from scarcity of spice. the leader of search is christoper colombus

and his crew.the search begins from port espanyol. and his way to the india is not completely succes by the wrong way by looking compas. now he going to unknown land of full misterious.


to be continued....


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