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About this City Journal

This Journal will take us on a journey through the republic of Parkland

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Hello. Sorry for not have been posting in a while. Busy with school and summer stuff. That does not mean i have ceased to play SimCity 4! Oh no sir. Today i'm gonna just give you guys some pictures of The Englewood Metropolitan airport. The Airport is located about 4 Miles Northeast of Downtown Englewood and borders The city of Margarther. Due to the lack of land near the airport, the airport is quite small.


There aren't many flights coming in at 11 PM at night.


The main Airport hotel, located just south of the airport and right next to the on ramp for interstate 78.


The Belfonte bridge, It connects Wesdyke and Merion County with the airport.

Many thanks for waiting and i hope to be more active on this CJ.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

What town has an ocean, a lake, a forest, and 90,000 people in it? Pennsauken township! Yes I have put all of these characteristics into my city and yet i still have enough room for a forest. Most people in this city live in small apartments or condos though. There are some rich people in this city as well, but they are rare and most live in the forest.


Rt.109 Also known by locals as Mansion row, Runs through the township. As you can see, many rich people live here.


Let's head southern a little into the main part of the township. You can see many apartments and condos. As well as some housing projects owned by the Island county housing authority. You can see a regional rail train moving through the maze of homes and apartment buildings.


Let's move north into a much nicer part of the township. You can see some nice homes and some mansions.

There is a current debate on weather to build a energy plant in a section of the forest. It would help power the growing Englewood metropolitan area. Some other people believe it would add to the increasing problem of pollution in the area. What do you think? Should they build the plant or not?

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Englewood is wonderful during the day and better at night. If you are not in the Southern part of the city. Englewood is home to many landmarks and attractions. Many night clubs and bars. Traffic is not as bad at night so you can easily get from the northern part of the city to downtown is 10 minutes. But our first Stop on our tour is The Toyota centere.


Here the Englewood Heros (Basketball) and the Island county Yeti's (Hockey) play. Looks like there is a game tonight. Tonight they are playing the St. Jons Monks.


A train takes people to the airport Hotel. We are currently passing the Englewood Outlet mall. 7 blocks of stores.


Lets head south a little. Here in Old City, Rt. 109 and Market St. meet at a Roundabout. Look at the marvelous colors of the fountain.

Let's turn West onto market st. Now we are in the city's famous Small business district.


A few business along Market st. The Old city hospital can be seen at the bottom.


Let's head south into Downtown. All the buildings at night makes me want to cry. There are many night clubs and bars here as well as some riverfront hotels. 6gxa.jpg

This concludes our tour of Englewood. At night Thank you for joining us on our tour and we hope to see you soon.


The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Good morrow Simtropolis, MayorJacks here to bring you an update on the construction of Saylorsburg, located in the Southwestern Territory of Parkland. Saylorsburg is the biggest city on the western side of Parkland. Saylorsburg is also the capital of the Southwestern Territory.


The first thing i did was add a new skyscraper for Center City. The hoeen building (white one in center) is the HQ of the Hoeen copreration, which builds artificial trees for areas where air is thin.


The Second thing i added was streetlights for the Expressway which i have currently not named yet.


I also added a new main street leading to.......



Downtown is still under construction as you can see. It will contain a few moderate to tall buildings. There are also a few houses here as well.


This is what Saylorsburg looks like so far. I will get another update soon so stay tuned!

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Let's take a break from the Englewood metro and go to the Southwestern part of the Country. Salorsburg, the capitol city of the Luguna territory. Saylorsburg, unlike the other cities in the country, was planned out. It was also founded only 30 years ago. It is the newest city in Parkland with a population of over 300,000


Before we begin, let me point out that Saylorsburg is a current project of mine and is not complete. updates on this city will come.


Interterritory 340 at the Center City Exit.


The Luguna Territory Capital building. At the bottom right we have the Regional Rail line running through downtown.


Center City *As of June 15th 2013* This is subject to change

This is only Update One of many for Saylorsburg. Stay tuned for more!

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Downtown Englewood is the heart of Island county. But that heart is at the bottom of the county. (Don't get any ideas). Downtown is on a peninsula. Downtown is easy to get to and was made easier thanks to the new EATA subway system put in place back in April.


Downtown Englewood (sorry for Bottom) as of May, 31, 2013.


Bank of West America Plaza, Currently the tallest building in Englewood.


The Englewood Apple Store between Rt. 109 Northbound and southbound in Downtown.


The Perkings state Dept. of Security.


Parking along River Run AVE.


Humbolt Park. A park build for relaxation and Baseball in 2000.


And lastly we have the Perkings Capitol building on River Run AVE.

Thank you for reading another entry of Parkland Republic. I will return soon to bring another CJ. See ya later.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pennsauken Borough is a town of 15,000 people about 10 miles North of Englewood's CBD. The Resident's of this town enjoy the low amount of crime, The short commute to the city, and the Shore being 5 miles East. Pennsauken is a quite Rich city, With Mansions everywhere. RT. 109 Goes through the Borough and is the main thoroughfare.


Rt. 109 (botton) and the Town Park.


The City Park and Downtown. In the Bottom Left hand corner, you see the Old Island County Prison. It is now a museum.


On Chester AVE, on the other side of town, we have A Save N Foods.


North of the Store, we have the Hi tech industrial zone. This area brings good paying jobs to the people of Island County.


And here is Downtown Again.

I hoped you enjoyed this CJ. Sorry i haven't been making one for a while. See you soon!

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Ever since Bayenard st was built, the section between 49th st and rt 89 expressway had a median. Due to complaints to the county board of it being hard to see oncoming traffic while turning, the road will be reconstructed with no median.


Bayenard at 49th st. Before construction


Two temporary roads are built so traffic can still use bayenard st while it is under construction.


The Road is torn up.


The finished product.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

We are back here in Englewood and we are in the southwestern part of the city. This is the most, How i say ghetto part of the city. Don't expect many high rollers in bentlys and or ferraris.

Most people who live in this section of the city live on some sort of Government assistance.

If you stay on the streets here long, you better use your 2nd amendment.


The Main thoroughfare through Southwest Englewood is Main st. Left to right. Expect many traffic jams and road rage incidents.


You can see the Small apartments and tenements. around 4,678 people live in this district. The police here, due to gang violence carry M4's and are trained more.


Yellow tenements and small row homes off main street.


In the southwestern corner of the city, we have mom and pop stores as well as restaurants and some more apartments.


Before we leave, let's take a look at downtown Englewood. if you look at the bottom of the picture, you can see a construction site. They are currently building a new skyscraper, they are trying to make it the tallest building in Englewood.

Now let's take a look at the map of Parkland and see where we are.


We are in Englewood.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Today was a foggy day as i was trying out some new visual effects. The weatherman was forecasting sunshine today but he epicly failed.

Today we saw no sunshine what so ever. seeing distance was reduced to 0.5. If you were flying over Downtown Englewood, you would see fog, fog, and no fog. Not even streetlights.


The old Merian county Prison, which is usally easy to see from the air, is hard to decipher from the rest of city.


Downtown Englewood is not very visible from the air.

Just a quick little test of Paint.net's visual effects. I will be updating Englewood in the next entry so do not fret if you thought this was my next entry. Since there was a tie in the poll to choose which city to do i drew a coin and Englewood won. The city of clevland will be featured after the next Englewood update. please add any feedback you have. Thank you for reading.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

The community has spoken, so here is North Englewood!

North Englewood is the 6th most populous city in Island county. The city has a population of around 45,000 people. It is the capital of Island county. Now you'd think that Englewood would be the capitol but it is not. Let me explain why. Englewood sits in two countys. so it can not be the capital of any. North Englewood was founded in 1989 from part of Englewood.

Let us now look at this city in action.


In North North Englewood we have strip malls and mom and pop stores. This walmart was the first in Island county. This walmart opened in 2000.


Let us travel about a mile south down rt 110. Here we are passing Druknik park. This statium is home to the minor league team *the North Englewood Tribes* Named after The Russian Druknik tribe that was located here before the United states took control.


We are now at the intersection of rt 110 and Spade st. this is the Island county Goverment complex. This building stands at 33 stories high. Let us now turn Left at Spade and drive east.


As we are heading east, we are not at the County casino and resort. It is funny that Island county has it's own casino and resort when it has numerous other casinos and resorts.


We are now at North Englewood airport. The airport is used for private aircrafts and jets. For international flights and commercial airlines you will have to go to Englewood International airport in Englewood.

We will hang another left onto protection road.


as we are heading on Protection road we are approaching the Englewood Air force base. This base houses fighter jets, rockets, SAM turrets, and a secret aircraft they have seised.

Now we will stay at the Island county resort. Till next time.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

When we were last in seaside heights, we were looking at the not so nice part of the city. Now let's wipe that negativity off our shoulder and begin!


The New Parks borough neighborhood is the only neighborhood were their are NO APARTMENTS. Unlike the rest of the city. As you can tell, lots of people would like to live here. But only 100 experience this luxury.


Parksborough High school. Located on the South side of the city.


In the Southeast corner of the city is casino royal. Casino royal is the casino district of the city. It has expensive shops, Hotels, the beach and of course, a casino.


Another shot of Casino Royal. Most people don't know of the ghetto side of seaside heights due to the fact that they don't drive north of this point.

Before we end let me tell you the results of the Voting.

1% voted yes to closing the nuclear plant and end 0ver 1,000 jobs and 2% voted no. This means the Plant will remain open.

Now i have another poll.

We are about 5 miles north of Englewood


The Pennsylvania Turnpike

A few minutes ago, Englewood started earth hour. This is Englewood's 1st year participating in this worldwide event and thousands of people had their eyes on Downtown Englewood at 8:30 PM. Due to some technical issues with the power station and all the clocks being out of sync, the lights were turned off at 8:32 PM.

Englewood's mayor released this statement shortly after the lights were turned off "Englewood is proud to participate in this worldwide event and we want to show a good example to other cities in Parkland, and we we hope the rest of the major cities in Parkland can participate in the future"

Here is a Photo taken by airplane shortly after the lights were turned off.


Thank you for reading

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Seaside heights

Population- 60,867

State- Perkings

County- Island

Municipality type- City

Seaside heights is not what you expect of a beach town. Yes it has the beach but it doesnt have the luxury you would expect in one.

You will see in a moment. Another thing is how it can fit 60,000 people in a 3/45 by 3 mile city. Another weird thing is there are less than 200 houses in Seaside heights not counting row homes. But seaside heights still is beautiful. If you stay away from these areas.


Area 1- Douglas. Douglas has the highest crime rate in the city. 10,000 people live in this district alone. Not being the victim of a crime here is as impossible as getting Tommy lee Jones to laugh. To make things worse, Douglas has no police station. The city council is planing on putting two sub stations in the district.


Area 2- Apartment city. If you can find an apartment here with more than 3 rooms, your lucky. 20,000 people live here and most earn only minimum wage. (5.55). None have any shoreview and all run for less than 90,000.


and finally, Nuclear city. It is not really called this, but most locals call this section of the city nuclear city. If you live in this section of the city, you are most likely to develop cancer. Residents fight with the city council about this plant and most want this plant closed or relocated due to the health risk. So far, the city seems oblivious to the fact that people are dying from this plant. The regional manager is casting a vote to see how many people want this plant closed.

In Part 2 of Our tour of seaside heights, we will be looking at the positives of seaside heights and look at the poll results.

Before we go, let's look where we are.


The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Coplay's southern border is Macarthur Rd. This road has many mom and pop stores aswell as some big box stores. there are not many places in Englewood where you can go to a KFC or go shopping at Walmart. Macarthur Rd. is one of Englewood's busiest Streets.

Not only does it allow you to access Stores you usually can't anywhere else in Englewood, it provides access to the Lehigh expressway from the western suburbs.


A KFC and a food store on Macarthur RD in Preston.


The Macarthur Rd, overpass with Rt 309 *Lehigh Expressway*

Preston- Preston is where all the Rich come to find Condos and luxury apartments and penthouses.

Needless to say, it is one of Englewood's richest neighborhoods. And one of the most dangerous.

How you say? well let's put it this way, Rich people have money, Criminals want money. So the effect is that a recent rash in Home evasions and thefts have occurred in Preston recently.

But let's not look at the negative side of things and gahh at the luxury that teases us.

Preston has many high rises. The higher the floor, the bigger the price. But when you make the property riverfront? Let's hope you run a major corporation or something cause this is gonna dry out your wallet.


Between the Lehigh expressway and the Lehigh river are the cleverly named Lehigh River view condos.

These condos range in price from 150,000 to 1,000,000 Dollars. Indoor pool, Bar, Gym, it everything a millionaire would LOVE!

If you don't like the river for some reason you can purchase a luxury apartment on Broad St.


It's near the library and still has a pretty good view of the River and Downtown. Prices range from 50,000 to 500,000.

If you are afraid of heights then you can look into just about a million other condos and luxury apartments that have less than 10 floors. Just get an alarm system installed.

If you need to go into Downtown for work or a business trip, just take a Left where you would go strait onto the expressway and you are now on Sam J Cadman Avenue. This road takes you to the SJC Bridge.

This bridge will take you across the Lehigh river into Downtown.


Looks like a cheap knockoff of the Brooklyn Bridge you say? well you are correct.

Before we go let's stop and watch a futbol or soccer game at St.Joe's soccer stadium. The St. joes soccer team is a college soccer team. They are the best on the West american East coast and they don't accept a loss.


Before the Game there was a prayer for Pope Francis who was elected pope today.

St. Joes won against Piperville University in Lugdwig 24-16.

Let's stay the night at the Marriot and we will continue our tour of Englewood whenever i feel like it.

Till then....

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

We start our tour of Englewood, the capital of the state of Perkings, Parkland Republic.

Here are some facts

City of Englewood

Capital of Perkings

Counties- Marien, Island

population- 404,676

Metro pop- 600,000

Englewoods lies in two counties. The Western section of the city, which is west of the Lehigh River is merion county. The lower section of the Middle island and the Eastern island, is Island county. Today we will be focusing on the Northwestern section of the City, also known as Coplay, is one of the safest sections of the city. The main way to get to other sections of the city from here is the Lehigh expressway which goes Northwest to southeast and vice versa.


The Northwestern Termination of the Lehigh expressway.


The south coplay exit, only available to southbound traffic.

As we head back north past the Lehigh expressway termination, we are now on The Lehigh parkway Northbound. passing the Tyler William Loch bridge.


As we head NorthWest, we are now passing the EATA *Englewood area transit authority* Coplay Regional rail station


As we continue northbound, we come toward some houses built by the founders of Englewood.

Englewood was founded in 1876, 20 years after the discovery of West America.

West america was founded by Russian sailors, who founded Parkland's northern neighbor, Markarova. Word got to the USA and the USA founded Parkland as a state in 1873. in 1899 Parkland wanted independence. With no conflict with the US, Parkland was granted independence in 1900 under a treaty with the USA. This treaty stated, "The Land to the west of California, known as Parkland will be granted independence if they agree to become a Democracy and/or a republic with a government like that of the United States."

This treaty is kept inside one of the houses.


As we continue Northwest, we come up to Bryn Mawr ave, Heading west on this road will take you to Bryn Mawr. At the corner here is the Coplay public Library.


And as we reach the end of the city proper and Drive into North Englewood, we pass Happy's pizza, Known as the best pizza restaurant in the City. inglewoodfeb12113620845.png

We will turn around in North Englewood and stay at a hotel. We will continue our tour with Midwestern Englewood.

Till then, Bye...

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Bryn Mawr (big Hill)

Welcome to Big hill, or known locally as Bryn Mawr. The city has the highest welsh population in the Republic.

so the City name is welsh. The city currently has a population of 12,934 people.

The city is home to Welsh college. It is small but it is not a 4 year college.

It is located on Broad St between Apple and Cherry st.


This is the welsh college.

The city is home to some high rises in it's Downtown district.


This is Downtown Bryn Mawr. The highschool, the Bryn Mawr casion, and the Wellington County Capital Building *Tall Greyish building* are present in this picture.


Here we have the Society Hill Bank. It is located in the not so great Society hill neighborhood of the city.

It has a parking deck and some parking lots down the street. It houses 929 Jobs.


On the other side of the hill, we have East Bryn Mawr. It is home to mostly Single or double story homes. Most of the city's population comes from this side of the hill. It also the least amount of crime.


This may be because of the city's crack team of officers who stop at nothing to keep the peace.

This is the East side police station. It is also the newest. It includes state of the art police equipment, Such as: Electronic Handcuffs, In Police car EMP, For chases, and Electronic Jail doors. The last East side station was burned down in a arson during the 1999 Riots.

You will learn more about the riots in a later entry.

Before we leave Bryn Mawr, we will take a peek at the new Parkland Coat of arms.


Thank you for reading this entry and stay tuned for more entries in the future.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Hello all you wonderfull people. Jack here to tell you sorry for not making some entrys in like 3 months. I'm proud to say that That this city journal will return on Jan 2nd.

Due to school and life, Ive been quite busy. With the Death of my grandmother and the birth of my cousin's son ive been quite busy.

See you in 2013.


The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Welcome to Banksboro. We are situated 30 miles southeast of St. Jons and 5 miles North of the Polonher Region. The city currently has a population just shy of 12,000 people. The city has 4 main hills that make up The Brownhill Neighborhood and a small valley inside the city proper. The Downtown Area is situated in the valley. Thus making it difficult to see the skyline. But none of the building in Banksboro have more than 12 floors.

In 1798 an American settler Banished from Boston USA. Was sent 4,000 miles southwest to The contaniant Known as West America. His name was James Bank. He settled Banksboro as a ranch to grow his own food. One day he traveled To St. Jons (pop was 5,000 at the time), to go to the markets. He met a woman and they got married. 2 years later he discovered gold on his land. He went to the markets in St. Jons to advertise land to people who wanted gold. in the next 5 months 8,000 people lived in Banksboro, Making it the Biggest city in West america. And soon became the Capital city of the Communist society of Yotovesta. Yotovesta's citizens revolted and civil war soon erupted. Old Banksboro was destroyed by the communist army but with the aid of the united states in 1901 The citizens won the civil war and established the Republic of Parkland. The city was soon rebuilt and now has a population of 12,000.

Now it is the 98th biggest city in Parkland. WHAT A GIFT LOL!.

Now here's what your here for


As the name suggests, Banksboro is home to Northfield bank


The West America HQ of Wachovia Bank

banksborojan18041349393.pngThe City Library (Left) and the Banker's casino (right)


The Old Capital court. It was saved during the civil war.

The current one is in the Biggest city in West America. Capital city.


North hills Elementary school.


We have some Brownstone's in the Northern Part of the city.


Capital AVE. This was once the busiest route in all of Parkland.


A walmart,Car dealer, and Outback steakhouse in the Northern part of the city. Just before you reach the Industrial Zone.


The city Industrial Zone.


Last but not least we have the City Rail station. When the city was the capital (until 1939) this was the fastest way to get into the city.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more from the Republic of Parkland. :)

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

St jons is the 3rd biggest city in the Republic. Today we will be looking at some early development in midtown.


The Primere Hotel in midtown. The best hotel in the city.


Some High wealth row homes in East midtown


The future site for 5 market street It plans to be the biggest building in Parkland.

Stay tuned for more of ST Jons. More to come before sunday :D


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