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About this City Journal

This jorurnal will take us on an escapade through the republic of Bartsborugh

Entries in this City Journal

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Welcome to Alexstonton. this is the oldest city in the area. Settled by Alexston Harrisburg is 1400. The city has grown from 2 people to around 4000 in the city proper. 95% of the people in the city proper are of High wealth, or Middle wealth. 75% high wealth.

The city is known for it's wonderful golf course and houses.


the West side of the city. West of I480


This is where the poor section of the city meets with the rich section of the city.


This is Northampton county airport. For international flights residents need to travel to the city of Kingsburg. 25 miles west.


Alexstonton Public High school.


I480 as it enter's Alextonston.

Thats all I have up my sleeve today. :)

next time we will head west to Lake Palmerton for some jet sking and some fun on the water!

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

It's True! The First competitor in the 2nd Olympics Is Bartsborugh! President Jack Had this to say.

" we are so happy to compete in the 2nd olympics and continue our mission for peace between countries. the olympics is a wonderful way to encourage our youth to achieve in life and encourage world peace." This is a Newspaper artical sold near Kingston.


The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Mahoming valley. Paradise for the wealthy. this is where we will start off. This is the city of Mahoming valley. Population 12,000.

Interstate 480 runs through the middle of the city center.


looks like we have new construction in the brookdrake section of the city!


looks like the sun has had enough of us for today.


and it leaves us in the dark!


Here you can see the city collage and the stoneville section of the city west of I480.

during the night we can see more wonders!


Here is city Hall and the biggest tree in the area. It was planted 1000 years ago by an unknown settler.

Constant storms have weakened the tree and it is in danger of falling. stay tuned for updates on this story.

anyways lastly we have some more night pictures and an airplane view of the entire city.


This is the Northampton County Research building and High tech industry in the south of the city. as you can see. some is still zoned.


To the west we have some rural farms and paths. This is trail 4 meeting up with trail 7 in the windale section of the city.


a blast to the past. this is the city during the 1900's


This is Downtown. AT NIGHT! XD

thats all for now.

next up we head to the capital of the county.

Before i leave.

i have a poll.

the city has a grant to build a casino.

should the city build the casino?

Yes or no?

comment your answer.

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