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About this City Journal

A Growing Metropolis situated on a spectacular Harbor.

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Update #2, The University of Halifax

Here's the University of Halifax- Located on the very outskirts of Halifax. Hope you enjoy it!

Students enjoy the University's main plaza. Students often come here and work on their laptops.


There is plenty of green space for students to spend some time in.


Students play a large variety of sports- like basketball, tennis, swimming, track- etc.


Here's a Birds eye view of the University- keep in mind the surrounding area is under development.


Finally here's a Satellite view of the school and its surrounding area's.




The City of Halifax

Welcome to the City of Halifax. Grown to become a megacity- it thrives as the economic powerhouse of a nation. Its main exports are petroleum, cell phone parts, software, airplane parts, and microchips. It was founded 400 years ago as a crossroads. Incoming caravans would unload their cargo onto the docks of Halifax, to be shipped all over the world. The city later grew slowly, and exploded when oil was discovered in the mountains. Later the riches of Halifax would fund spectacular projects- that would become tourist traps. Here's a map of Halifax.


Here's a Traffic Map of Halifax.


I.] Downtown:The downtown has become a focus point of the City- here's some pictures.

Here's a view of Freedom Park, which overlooks the Halifax stock exchange, and the Tokyo tower- a gift to Halifax.


The Tokyo Tower is a symbol of the endurance and success of Halifax- which is also why it was the Brightest building in Halifax for the past 43 years- only recently beat in luminosity by the Financial Center Tower.


Here's a view of the Financial Center Tower- the new Brightest building in Halifax, right next to the Bay.


Here's a view of the District from the Day.


The Spectacular Water is a reason why the city has lined the harbor with Promenades and Marinas.


The Halifax National Library is nestled in the Heart of the City.


II.] Parks & Recreation:The Citizens of Halifax enjoy many Parks and recreational services.

Here's Freedom Park- Named after the peaceful protests and sit-downs, which the democratic government encourages.


Here's Central Park- the Largest Park in the City.


Finally here's Edgewater Park- its the second largest park (largest including the marketplace & gardens across the street).


III.] Mid-rise neighborhoods:Not all of Halifax is Highrise.The surrounding areas are known for their greenery and midrise charm.

Here's a simple street view.


This area was built upon a sunken highway.


The neighborhoods are full of greenery and plants.


There are plenty of devout individuals in the city- here's one notable Church.


Hope you like the City of Halifax- I'll be posting updates soon. I'm also working on a New City- Mycenae, presenting a NYC charm- Art deco and Modern in harmony - with plenty of surrounding neighborhoods- pictures of Mycenae will come soon.

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