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Harbour View

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About this City Journal

Ok, as lots of hard work has gone on behind the scenes to create a new city journal section I thought it was about time that I pulled my finger out and created one!!!!!

Entries in this City Journal


Zelgadis ~ things did start out very rural, but the development soon started to spread6.gif

selles ~ Thanks, I like how the rivers have turned out. I'm glad you like where this is going - I might as well if I knew9.gif

buildsolid ~ I have a feeling there might be some more things you're going to like coming up2.gif

Ok, A quick revisit and on with the tour

This is where we have been - although some of those tall buildings have changedharbourview10oct1201238.png

Again an old view, but with some changes - the highway has a nice new tarmac finish & the river has had a "diggis" makeover ~ what do you think? Also be careful not to give to many building contracts to the same company18.gif


A little further up the river Esselte we see the new commercial developments. You can also see the old railway showing up under the river bed


We now have a few images of the roads passing each other - this was a bit of a challenge to make things fit nicely26.gif




That's your lot for today


edit - sorry are this images to big? what's the limit please


River Catsan

Thanks for your comments

edmonton_stinks ~ I've booked a demolition team to sort out those condos2.gif

ninostar ~ Thanks for visiting, hopefully you will be back again soon9.gif

n-m-2k8-yeah ~ Hopefully you will get a clearer picture of the river path, lots of land was reclaimed for development6.gif

On with the next update, nightime and we will follow part of the river Catsan


Another view of the new road under the river and the old road that couldn't cope with the extra  traffic


This is the Motorway that leeds out of the tunnel and into Pineridge


Another view of the link to Pineridge, lots of construction issues getting this road in. We can also see the river Esselte falling to join the Catsan


Another View of the Catsan


A little further the Catsan coming out of the forest area


Last picture - The Esselte with the other main route to Pineridge

Thanks for visiting - let me know what you think


Harbour Westend

Right boys and girls, this is my first attempt at a CJ so be gentle2.gif

This is more of a showcase of my latest attempt to build a city rather than an actual story, and no Photoshop type stuff!!!!


This is the far westend of the harbour - where all the posh boats live


Moving East along the coast we come to the pier - although there are a few issues with this at the moment ( don't try and build opposite a river outlet!!)


We now come to the more commercial area of the harbour with a few more shops and restaurants


Just behind the first picture we have a small residential area with the local school, in the top you can just see the road leading to Pine Ridge


This is the river Catsan (I think you will be seeing more of this later) cutting through the commercial district. The new dual carriageway was recently tunneled under the river

That's it for my first update - what do you think? any improvements you would suggest, like to see


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