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About this City Journal

This is my first journal.

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hi, im JT and ive been playing sim city for around 5 years. this may not be a normal kind of region, but i still wanted to make a journal anyways.

First i would like to Explain the entire region and what is going on at this time.

The Region is split into mutiple factions at this time.

(sorry if the coloring obstructs the pics, i did this quickly using paint. the airbrush marks are to show which country the color is circling)


Name of country (color of circled country on map, which picture)

The Northern States (Orange, All)

The Southern States (Blue, All)

Dr. Vu's States (Green, North West)

Mayor Meeker's States (Black, South West)

The Rebellionous States (Red, South East, North West)

Nuetral states, which are not affiliated with anyone at all. (Yellow, North east)









Whats going on on for?

War. thats whats going on. its been going for quite a while. what used to be a nice peaceful region ruled by the nice president, Roosevelt, has now collapsed into 3 indipendent states, but 2 are largely at war (north and south). it started when the north and its largeley industrial/residential mixed cities started to make more of what was comming out of the factories for themselves. the south, who has residential/commercial in cities and industrial in other cities, began to express their own ways on the northerners. when that happened, both sides split. Franklin Roosevelt went to the south side, while the vice president, Gerald Parker, went to the north. (although it does not show that in the names of mayors, i do not have time to change them :/ ) The Densly Populated south has the technology and the numbers, but the North has the defense and the spirit, and some tricks up their sleeve...

Dr. Vu has recently set up shop in the north west portion of the map and is sided with the North. Dr Vu is a very smart scientist but seeks evil. however, he is turning good, and instead of disrupting the entire region by poisioning water supply, unleashing dirty bombs, and giving candy to babies just to take it back, decided to settle and make a growing country. he shares his technology for the good of his people and of the norths, and is the norths primary researching and technology center.

The Rebellionous States are states that have split from a faction and formed their own government. In the north west, there are 2 small cities that are a rebellionous state, that have split from Dr Vu's country without reason. nothing is known about what will happen to them. However, in the south east, there are 3 cities that have formed their own alliance. in the beginning, the north half of roosevelt lake was a rich place, everything was fancy, nice, and was a very expensive place to live, with some humble farms on the south side of the island. the people who lived on the farms wanted to join the north side. They began to start leaving for the north. farms began to go dry and the next closest large fresh produce farm area was(at the time) far away. the people began to stave and they started rioting. as war was on the horizion, and they did not want any part of it. they declared themselves free from roosevelts control. they were peaceful for a time, then they began to commit terrioosim in the southen roosevelt land. soon after the north-south war was started and the south had a hold on its defences, an official decleration of war onto the rebellionous state of Roosevelt lake was delivered, and an offence began.

Mayor Meeker's States in the south west was an attempt for the south to contiune expanding but that did not work out too well and caused them to split and become known as Meekerland. there is no war between them and anyone right now. meekerland has a truce with the south but no deals with anyone else.

Not much is known what will happen to the Nuetral states, but it is said that the north is pulling them toward their side.

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