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About this City Journal

A CJ about island city's and towns

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sadly I can't seam to come up with up date at the moment so I'm putting island of Blue water on hiatus, It will be back when I can think of stroys to update with


I know I haven't updated my CJ in a while but it because I lost my copy of Simcity and had to buy a new, then afew days after I got the new game our computer got a virus and needed to be fix sadly I lost my region but Ive got any early back-up of blue water (it was done around the upload of Lilico) so it's not that far back I should have a prober Update but late Saturday (Eastern Austrian time)



​ Welcome back

Today we are going to the national park/camping grounds

we still have a few minuets before we land so a little history.

This national park we are going to is called Alpha because it is the largest park and was the first one to be 'mostly' opened to campers and/or bush walkers and is..oh here came the landing strip now


Now that where off the plane lets walk over

the first camp ground


Wow that a lot of tents it looks like ever lot is taken up, any how

lets move over to the water beteewn the two camp grounds


Beautiful is it not lets just sit and watch if for a few minuets

(6 1/2 minuets later)

OK. lets move onto the second camp ground


This one is also filled up, oh well moving one to the other waterfall


even more beautiful than the other, now we end the

day by moving over to the look out and cafe


See you all next week




(yay I gots a banner now)

Welcome to Lilico The town in a forest

The town has a pop of around 2000

it has a mouthy income of about 2540

and a mouthy expenses of 1800

With only about 2 arrest and 1 fire each mouth it is on of most peaceful towns in the region

Now lets get on with the tour

First up is the CBD. It's large size it due to the number of works coming the the neighbouring Island of Volcon due to it's low commercial damned


Now we have two Different suburbs




Next we have the North and South beach with houseing,

a school and a few motels in the middle


Lastly we have the hotel and casino just opened last mouth to boost visitors to the Island


And here it a teaser for next week


oh my what could the be water,grass,dirt? who knows you just have to wait and find out


Qinta Island

Welcome back

Today we are visiting Qinta Island

Qinta Island severs as a Ferry stop between Lilico, Blue water, and Manka

It has a pop of just under 500 and it the smallest Island in the region

Here are Pictures of the different parts of the Island

The ferry terminal


Main Street


the beach


And the housing area's







Lastly an overview of the City, town, village Island


Next week will be Lilico


hello and welcome back to the final part of the of tour of Blue water. This time round we are doing the airport

Built as a small lading strip for spraying pesticide for farmers grow in to International airport around the time Blue water became the capital which was around 1985. it flys around 10,000 people day and it the only airport in the Blue water regoin to have gates for the larger heavy planes (A380's 747 A300 ect.)

First up is the the parking, plaza and main terminal


next we move to the heavy gates, currently Australia and the US are the only two country's flying in


we now move a to the CRJ gates and privet terminals


now we move on to the business and four prop gates


And lastly we Finish off with an overview of the airport



Welcome back to the


Before we start the tour again I would like to tell you about the yearly in come. The city has an yearly income of around 35,772 simlones making it one of the richest income city in the region, Now on with the tour

First up today we are staring in the suburb of greenview just south of the CBD


Now we Move south the the Main ferry terminal


Moving east to the beach


Moving East again we come to the 'Blue water tech works"


And with that end the tour for today Next and lastly will be the airport here is a sneak peak


Hope to see you soon


Welcome to the capital of the Blue water region


lets start of with a little history about the fair city founded 1850 it severed as a small farm town but slowly grow in a city with A high tech industrial area, a port, an international airport which fly 15,000 every day, an underground tunnel network, 1000's of houses and 18,500+ people. even though it is not the larges city in the region, it is know the capital because it the only city connect to the mainland. now on with the tour

here we have to shopping district called "the cobble mall" it has about 2,00 workers


now we move on to the only towering district in the city "high rise heights". About 5,000 Sim's call the place home


moving west we come to a suburb by the mane of Qakdale (quake dale)


moving west again we come to the small but growing CDB (there is no building going on yet due to low demand)


Thus end the tour for today

hope you in joyed it


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