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A Typical "run of the mill" urban center

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The "Burnett Park" section of Santamonica is home to the first Jr. / Sr. High School. At the time the High School was built, the school was the only structure in the otherwise forested area. As you can see, the area is now completely built in.

"Neddleton" is the first commercial extension from "The Village", home to Santamonica's first grocery store as well as it's first office building. Neddleton also hosts the first highrise apartment building in the City. At the time, the roughly 20 story structure was the tallest in Santamonica.

The "Eastside" neighborhood is considered the Gateway into the city from East Santamonica, the eastern rural suburb. The "Near Eastside" neighborhood is host to the city's first real commercial corridor and is bordered by Highway 15 a.k.a. "the inner loop" at it's north, James Street to the west and Highway 11 circling around it's east and south.

"VanKeuren Square" is Santamonica's first real dense development and it's only planned residential neighborhood. Built in the early 1900's, the area today is rich with history, but high in crime. Many attribute the high crime to the very dense living conditions.

Opposite VanKeuren Square is "Maple Heights". Upper Middle Class, almost no crime, quite neighborhoods mostly made of mansions, a private High School, Country Club and Health spa. The area also hosts Santamonica's two most modern highrises. Maple Heights is also called the "Urban Forest" as keeping as many trees as possible is a high priority of the residents, to keep a more suburban, forested look to the area.

"Johnson City" is at the lower east of the City limits and is a relatively quiet, uneventful neighborhood. Just the way the residents of that area like it. Homes in this area, in costs, are equivelent to the Maple Heights area simply due to their City View.

The "South Shore" area is host to Santamonica's Urban Farm, a hostpital, factories, franchise restaraunts and the Major Leage Baseball Practice Statium. Truely a mixed-use, planned business/industrial district.

The "Hotel District" is made up of several highrise hotels which cater mostly to business travelers, large scale conferences and upscale travelers. Though, in recent years, more affordable options have become available, helping to increase tourism for the area.

Finally, "Downtown Santamonica" is where it happens. Home to the League of Football Leagues, the stadium is used by nearly all of Simnations NFL teams for off season games. Downtown is abundant with office buildings, high rise residential buildings, several museums, two historic theaters, a historic church and several "back street" businesses which cater to the clubby crowd.

(close ups and suburb images to come)


Santamonica is city with a population of approx. 101,000 (census 2000) in the Central Province of Simnation in the Endless Mountains Region.

It's you're average urban center with all of the problems of other cities. Smog, traffic, crime, noise, abondonment, and sprawl.

History and Information on the North and West Sections of Santamonica

Originally incorporated as the Village of Santamonica in 1843, The area now known as "The Village" is the original center of the town and most of the buildings in the area are listed on the simnational historic register. A factory town at its start, many of the factories have died out and have been replaced with housing. The village core is made up of wall to wall store fronts with 2 - 5 floors of apartments as is found in the historic areas of most cities.

"Roxboro" is one of two previously incorporated villages that were disolved and annexed to the city by the no longer existent township of Santamonica. The Roxboro area is home to Santamonicas first, and now historic, Memorial Hospital, seen at the right corner of the Roxboro outline.

"Prospect Hill" is the second of the two previously incorporated villages. Prospect Hill was half its size about 100 years ago with recent accellerated growth toward the Pioneer Business and Technology Park (southwest), partly due to the installation of the Endless Mountain Regional Airport, and has also crossed the border into New Dwightsville, a rural suburban village to the north.

The Pioneer Business and Technology Park is relatively new, just in the last 50 years and hosts some of the regions top paying jobs.

Santamonica University has been the root of Santamonica's rapid growth over many recent years and is one of the City's largest employers. Home to the Santamonica Bobcats Football team, well educated professional staff and countless degree programs for its students, the University is known throughout Simnation as one of Simnations top schools to earn a degree and has also earned the "not so proud title" (to the University Administration) as Simnations top party school.

Burnett Zoo is a relatively recent addition to the city, only opening 15 years ago, but is a popular visiting spot for locals as well as visitors. The penguin exhibit is my favorite.

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