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About this City Journal

This is my first city journal and I hope will get any comment about my first regional development.=D

Entries in this City Journal


Bandar Tun Hussein Onn is a satellite residential area was established in early 90's. Situated about 20 minutes from central Kuala Lumpur has made Bandar Tun Hussein Onn a perfect location for many locals as their home. Until now, the population of the city is around 24,000 people. This area are included low to high capacity residential. This city also hosted a main campus of Tun Hussein Onn University.

Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, State of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Neighbor City : Seri Kembangan, Kajang

Current Population : 24,314

City Type : Residential

Connection : B30 and B32 State Route, Komuter Aliran Selatan 1 (KASline 1)


Thats all about this entry. Please rate and comment to improve my CJ.



Balakong, Serdang Jaya and Serdang Raya is town that focus on industry, residential and financial. Located between Seri Kembangan and Kajang. This three town is connected with state route and rail. Currently, a new HSR or its call Tren Aliran Pantas 1 (TAP 1) have been built to connect major city such as Puchong, Kajang, Seri Kembangan and Putrajaya to city center of Kuala Lumpur.

Balakong, Serdang Raya, Serdang Jaya, State of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Neighbor City : Seri Kembangan, Kajang

Current Population : Mixed population 88,900

City Type : Industrial, Residential and Financial

Connection : B30 and B32 State Route, South Link Expressway (E32), Komuter Aliran Selatan 1 (KASline 1), Tren Aliran Pantas 1 (TAP 1) under construction


Location in region and TAP 1 connection.


Serdang Raya financial center


Serdang Jaya




That's all about KV update. Please leave a comment. Thank You =D


Meru become bigger and curent population around 440,000 people. Meru also demand on commercial and financial service. To keep maintain commute time, Meru Monorail (Mernorail) have been introduced. Mernorail have been build connecting Meru Central Station to Precint 15a along Precint 19, Precint 5 and Precint 2. Mernorail is build to easy connecting between CBD and residential area to direct connect with other transit such as Komuter, Subway and LRT.


Latest Update MT Schematic Map

Here is latest picture of Meru.


Mernorail Precint 19 Station


Meru City Hall


Precint 6 Meru Sub-urban Area


Bus accident on Meru Ring Route 1.


The Rakyat Square, Mernorail terminus station interchange with LRT line 5 and Subway.


Precint 1 Station along U1 Route, the busiest road at Meru.


Latest area development, Precint 15, Precint 16 and Precint 17.

That's all about Meru update. Please leave a comment for improve my CJ..=D


Since Meru have been growth among North Port City, Shah Alam and other busiest city, the municipal have been decided to start do a survey about new Meru transit system it's called Meru Transit System.


Meru Transit System


Transit Type
Light Rail

Suburban Rail


Feeder Bus

Number of Lines

Light Rail : 1,2,3,4,5

Suburban Rail : 2

Subway : 1

Meru Transit Corporation


By survey doing during 1990-1992 shown commute time to city center become increase and capacity of the road become pack. To solve of this problem, Meru municipal with SP Setia have been open the tender of new rapid transit system construction. MMC-Gamuda have been selected based on their experience in build MRT project at Kaohsiung, Taiwan and SMART Tunnel at Kuala Lumpur.


Some picture will be update on the next CJ. =D



Hi, here is new update of Klang Valley. Meru is oil palm plantation since it was open on 1880. After industrial revolution of Selangor state, Meru become one of important city especially at Port Klang region. Today Meru have almost 400,000 population and one of the best planned city in Port Klang Region. To make sure this city growth well, SP Setia have been appoint to design a new city to make sure Meru become a business and residential center of Port Klang region.

Meru, State of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Neighbor City : Pandamaran, North Port City, Shah Alam

Current Population : 320,000

City Type : Mixed development city

Connection : MerTransit Line 1,2 &3, MKomuter, PandaMeru Expressway (E12), Shah Alam Highway (E15), U1 Meru Ring Route, Meru International Airport, B18-21 State Route


Meru Waterfront CBD


Meru have been divide to several Precinct from Precinct 1 until 18. For Precinct 10 is special for high tech industrial zone. Each of precinct have connect by their own ring road before it merge with Urban Route (U1-U6), State Route (B18-21) and highway. To increase the commute time to Meru CBD, inter modal mode such as bus, LRT and commuter are build between precinct and integrated each other. The main intermodal of Meru is Central Station.


Meru Central Station.

Meru Central Station is main terminal that integrated all transit system (Bus, LRT, Subway & Komuter). Resident from each precinct will ride to CBD by LRT, bus or komuter and will change to subway and go underground of CBD. This station also located near E12, the connect with North Port City.

Here are some picture of the city.











That's all from me. Please leave a comment to help me improve my CJ. Thanks =D


Telok Gadong

Telok Gadong is secong port city after North Port City. Located in Klang district, State of Selangor, it's start with small dockyard and fishing village. After launch of Telok Gadong Free Trade (TGFT) City that planed by state government of Selangor, Telok Gadong become a new city of financial service that offer integrated land route and merged with efficient water transport. Today, Telok Gadong is one of the famous financial city in Selangor and achieve a target as the best world port city in 2020.


Telok Gadong is first port city before North Port City.

Telok Gadong, State of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Neighbor City : Pandamaran, Klang

Current Population : 110,000

City Type : Mixed development city

Connection : Pandamaran-Telok Gadong Highway (PanTeGoH), Klang-Gadong Expressway (KGE), Federal Route 1,2,3, &4, Gadong Transit System (GTS), Telok Gadong Port (TGP)


Telok Gadong


PanTeGoH and GKE interchange. Federal Route 1,2 and 3 Interchange. The between of two interchange is Gadong Management University (GMU).


'Residential area of Telok Gadong. It's linked with GTS that included LRT, Subway and Feeder Bus System.


PenTaGoH through city center.


Residental area.


TGFT City CBD area.


CBD area.


Center of the city near PanTeGoH interchange.


GTS linked with CBD area.


Telok Gadong Port (TGP) backgrond with CBD. (little bit like Jurong Port in Singapore...=D)


Other city view.


GKE along GTP are (please ignore with "no road connection"..forgot to build the road back after demolished the old port..hoho (-.-')

That's all about Telok Gadong. Hope you will give a comment to improve my city. Thank You =D


North Port City

North Port City is the main port city of Selangor state and also Klang Valley. It's one of three container port in Klang Valley. After several year of port business, Klang Municipal Council have draft 10 years development plan of North Port that included residential area, main international airport, CBD area and integrated industrial park. Several highway have been planned to build and several road have been upgrade become high capacity road to link the city with others. Next project is to develop West Port as a metropolitan city in Klang district. To know more, let we look the picture after 10 years North Port City development.


North Port is the location of North Port City


North Port City, State of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Neighbor City : Telok Gadong, Pandamaran old city, Klang

Current Population : 320,000

City Type : Mixed development city

Connection : Federal Route 1&2, North Transit Line 1,2 & 3, Sultan Faisal Bridge, MRR1,2 & 3, North Port Coastal Road 1 & 2, North-Port Indah Expressway, East-South Expressway.


Sultan Faisal bridge and North Port MRR1 Bridge.


Mainland area.


North Port City.


CBD area.


Integrated logistic industrial area connect with North Port Coastal Road 1.


North Port Main Terminal.


New CBD area under development.


North Port City at Core City Area.


Residential area well connect with expressway.


Integrated transit system with commuter and LRT.


Interchange between North-Port Indah Expressway and East South Expressway.


Core city industrial area.

That's all about KV new update. Please comment to help me improve my CJ. Thank You =D



"Selamat Datang Ke Pandamaran " means Welcome To Pandamaran

Pandamaran old city is first residential area for Shah Alam and Port Klang city. It behind with new Pandamaran city.


This city focus to mixed city development and it have achieved about 200k population. The main economy sector is high tech industry and financial service. To tell more about the development of this city, let we see the photo.


Pandamaran, State of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Neighbor City : Shah Alam, Pandamaran new city, Port Klang

Current Population : 200,000

City Type : Mixed development city

Connection : Pandamaran-Telok Gadong Highway (Pan-TegoH), Federal Route 1,2,3 & 4, Pand MTS, Pand-Monorail System


Pandamaran Science Park


Pandamaran CBD area link with Pan-TeGoh and Federal Route 2.


Federal Route 3 Pand-Monorail Station exit interchange.


Seri Pandamar- Mayor Official Residency on Datok Bandar Roundabout.


Residential area of Pandamaran Old City.



Pendamaran is residential area of Telok Gadong industrial city. After several year of development, it start to be mixed development city (residential, commercial and high-tech industrial) and well connect with federal route and Pandamaran-Telok Gadong Highway that connect directly from Pandamaran old city to Telok Gadong North Port. Let we see some picture of Pandamaran development.


Pandamaran, State of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Neighbor City : Telok Gadong, Pandamaran old city, Klang

Current Population : 50,000

City Type : Mixed development city

Connection : Pandamaran-Telok Gadong Highway (Pan-TegoH), Federal Route 1 & 2, MTS


High-tech industrial area.


CBD start to developed after completed new bridge direct connect to other new city.


Bird view of Pandamaran. Start to build KV Mass Transit System (KVMTS) that will integrated with feeder bus, LRT and subway.


After several month I didn't update this journal, today I will update the development of KV. Currently about 3 million people have been lived in this region and several city have been build along Klang River. Klang River is the heart of KV. Along the river many small and big city have been build such as Klang, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya. Among that, the small city that focus on industrial such as Kerinchi and Abdullah Hukum have been build to support the economy demand around resident and financial city such as Petaling Jaya Selatan, Puchong and North Port City.



Development of Klang Valley and achieve about 3 million people!!


Petaling Jaya, financial and resident city but have little bit industrial area.


Kuchai Lama, mixed development city.

That's all update of KV journal. Next is Shah Alam and Puchong development update. =D


Klang Valley

Klang Valley or now its call Greater Klang Valley (GKV) is the one of the most populated place in Malaysia. In the most recent census, the population in the Klang Valley had expanded to 4.7 million, and in 2006, the population in this area is estimated to be 6.0 million. Most recent calculation in 2010 shows further increase and Klang Valley is now home to roughly 8.1 million.


The placed included in GKV is Federal Territories of KL, Gombak district, Petaling district, Hulu Langat distrisct, and Klang district. It is defined as an area covered by 10 municipalities surrounding Kuala Lumpur, each governed by local authorities - Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Perbadanan Putrajaya, Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), Klang Municipal Council (MPK), Kajang Municipal Council(MPKj), Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ), Selayang Municipal Council, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) and Sepang Municipal Council (MPSp).


Seri Kembangan, formerly known as Serdang New Village, is a town located in

Selangor, Malaysia. The town is now a considerable city in size - can be seen on the North-South Expressway Southern Route.Seri Kembangan was established as the Serdang New Village in 1952 when the British moved Malaysian Chinese villagers living around Sungai Besi to a centralised location due to the Communis tthreat during the Malayan Emergency following the Briggs Plan.

In its early days, the village had 50 houses and all were built from scratch because the British only provided empty plots of land. The area was close to rubber estates and the jungle posed dangers of a different kind.

Most of the 15,000 inhabitants earned meagre incomes as mining workers and rubber tappers.

At one point, the Seri Kembangan New Village was known for cottage industries like shoe-making but this has been overtaken by more profitable ventures.

There are now 2,500 houses with only a smattering of the original wooden houses left and the population is estimated to be 150,000, largely made up of entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals, government servants who works in Putrajaya & other multinational corporations employees located in Cyberjaya.


Seri Kembangan CBD are connection with commuter and LRT.


Residential area well connect with avenue integrated with SKRR (Seri Kembangan Ring Road) through city center.


SK High-tech industrial area.

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