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From left to right passing by Mediterrain

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Hi, today I'll show you how it was Mediterrain just before the massive migration of 2012.

With a population of 1.761 people, Byske was the biggest city in the actual zone of Mediterrain before the construction of Eurovegas.


Main St.


St. Anthony Catholic Church.

Because of history, high education and great services, the government of the EU assigned capitalism of the region to Byske. The construction of the government headquarters, had a great impact in local economy.


Left, Part of Byske's School. Right, Mediterrain Government Building.


Panorama of Byske.

Electronic devices, the local economy.


Ouellette Electronics headquarters, Downtown Byske in winter.


A coffee shop and one bar downtown Byske.

We'll have to wait yet to know the impact of the newest investments in the city and how will they manage the challenge of growth, let's see.

Hope you like! :)


As in every big city, people living in Tössan needs some place nice and quiet to spend their holidays!

Just 20 min from the city, here it comes Eurovegas! Started as a small town without many services for their own citizens but with a big offer of 5 stars hotels for the richer from the city.

All newspapers in Spain are talking this days about the "Eurovegas" project which is supposed to be constructed in Barcelona or Madrid. A horrible thing in real life, but... still funny to make my own version!

Here there are two advertising pictures, from 2014 the year of the opening, to attract spanish speakers from arrond the globe to visit Eurovegas!



The tallest buildings in the region are now located in Eurovegas.

From left to right; Hotel Europa, Casino Ceasar, Hotel Key and The Baco Casino.


EUROVEGAS, moving forward.

2016, just two years after the project started running, new hotels and residential development have been already constructed. Things were good and the money flew all over the city... How to spend it? The goverment decided to invest in public services, as education and health. The result is a nice village with high welfare state where everyday more tired people from the city comes, not just to visit, but to stay!

Eurovegas population grew from 5.148 to 8.560 in this two years!


The newest hotels constucted in town, the Ovni Hotel and the Hotel Caracola



The new library, biggest in Tössan Metropolitan Area and The Euro College have been the biggest invesments of this last two years.

Here, as seen during sunset.



Hope you like! :)


Tössan, 06/25/2016

After december 2012 the whole European climate changed. Unexpectedly, southern Europe became a desert where was impossible to live, leaving northern territories with warmer temperatures.

While Spain, Italy and Greece would slowly become dead museums, with lonely buildings waiting for their time to end, a massive migration through north started. The whole central Europe was overcrowding, cities becoming bigger and bigger...

Scandinavian territories experienced a huge increase of population too during the first years of migration, but there are still lots of low populated regions in north Sweden, Norway (newest member of EU) and Finland. Is here where the EU planned several new regions to be constructed.

One of this regions is Mediterrain, located in acutal Nörrland (Sweden), is still a project with small cities, but growing fast! Based on ecosustainable economy, tolerance and high welfare state those regions are inhabitated by people from the entire globe!

Hope you like! :D


Map of the european climate after 2012.


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