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A New Republic

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About this City Journal

Going seven years back to revisit the planning and creation of the world's newest republic today.

Entries in this City Journal


Okay, let me first explain what my PEEPHOLE entries are. These entries will be my teaser to an area I am working on within the region of Nano. I may or may not include full details of what you see in the screenshot.

My region is filled with plenty of data, just like real-world countries do. And I plan to be very detailed when it comes to description of certain places/photos. But since I can not build and write data at the same time, I may release some teaser shots first (usually just one photo). The full entry will then be available a few days after complete with a good storyline, accompanied by facts and figures.

I wouldn't want to keep you waiting with boring words and all. Here's an aerial shot of Sparede Island, located west of the main land.


PEEPHOLE: Sparede Island:



Let me now welcome you to the official city journal of my SimCity 4 project!

The United Republic of Nano: A United Nations Special Administrative Region for Global Economic and Development Aid (UN:SAR-GEDA)


INTRODUCTION: Brief History and General Purpose Overview

Before the world witnessed what many call the Great Recession in 2008, the United Nations already had plans to aid in such economic crisis in as early as 1997.

The public was made aware of UN’s plans to establish an independent government early in 2000, with the sole purpose of aiding in global recessions through its self-sustaining economy. Funding was expected from the organization's top contributors such as the US, Japan, and Germany, and in turn will receive priority aid. It was in January 2001 that UN had received general approval to establish the proposed government. It was initially called the Micro Republic of Sar.

But the 9/11 attacks in 2001 has forced UN to drop Sar. The organization’s resources were used to aid in US recovery.

It was only in 2006 that Sar was re-opened. Analysts foresaw a great decline in economic activity in a few months’ time. The plans for the macro nation were rushed and funding was approved almost instantly. The go signal was then given in May 2007, and land reclamation commenced in June. Sar was then renamed to Nano after topping off the first visible piece of land above the Indian Ocean where its official flag was first seen.

Prior to its project approval, UN has given a timetable of ten full years before achieving economic stability in the country, and another five before it can lend aid to economic crises.

The purpose of such special government is to help member states of the United Nations during economic recessions and increase the organization’s capacity utilization. Higher investment spending and increased business profits are among many of its core foundations for economic stability. The plan is to keep the city-state of Nano to maintain high international shares in commercial cargo volumes including air freight operations, as well as quick recirculation of monetary funds and resources with targeted GDP (per capita) at around Int$50,000 within its first five years.


PEEPHOLE: Island location:


Land reclamation is still ongoing


In my next entry, I shall provide you with the official data including numbers and figures, some names, and brief history of the founding of Nano and how it came to be.


Full Swing Ahead!

Hi guys! I am very sorry for the delays that plagued my CJ. I have an astonishing 6K views despite my CJ not having anything in it. My apologies!

Anyway, my project has now been in full swing these past few months, and I will be uploading its development in the coming weeks, so stay with me. :)



My only personal space. Ha! Greetings!

My name is Albert Two Ingreso (facebook.com/albertTWOmi) and I am the creator of The United Republic of Nano in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. This is my City Journal.

I'm 24, Filipino, and work as an aircraft mechanic for Singapore Airlines Engineering Company here in Singapore. I have been playing SimCity 4 since 2006, and started playing it the "big boy's" way in 2008 (if you know what I mean). This project was started last year as far in time as I can remember.

I have been busy not only with the city-building itself, but with all the elements of the entire republic including government machinery and economic data. This is a big project, a very big one, and so I intend to make it as realistic as possible. Most of the stuff are plopped individually, so it's going to be a gruelling task to complete one large region.

Additional info if you may: I am playing on Steam with RH expansion installed. Work rig is a Razer Blade Pro. Photos uploaded will be post processed in either Photoshop or Snapseed. I may also use Repix and other photo editing tools in my iPad.



The region is sized roughly as big as Singapore, with a few small islands surrounding the main land. Road networks and city layout are inspired by modern metropolises like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I am still in the process of experimenting with a realistic approach for its economic system for independent growth. I will work with the details as I build and update the country.

I will also gladly write a good storyline as I upload photos of the city-state to keep it interesting, though nothing too political as this region is well-led by its superb administration. Financial problems will also be less likely as this newest republic is set to be the best - that I will explain later including the history and founding of the country.

Too many details, so little time. Bear with me and I promise to make your stay in my CJ worth your while.

But first, let me take a selfie! :D



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