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Major work was done at the international airport over the past few weeks, including giving the terminal building a massive face-lift, finishing work on the third runway, re-working taxi exits from the runways, and reducing the number of gates and carriers at the international concourse. As part of the upgrade process, the airport was re-named and its designation changed.

Welcome to Robert Gould Shaw International Airport (RGS).

Airport Facts:

Acreage: 4,500

Average Passengers Per Day: 225,000

Total Passengers in 2011: 82,125,000

Projected Passengers in 2012: 85,000,000

Domestic Gates: 178

International Gates: 22

Total Gates: 200

Daily Average Arrivals/Departures: 2,650








British Airways


El Al

Jet Blue



New Zealand

Qantas Link






US Airways

RGS is a major hub for KLM, Delta/Northwest, United/Continental, Lufthansa, and US Airways. These carriers fly aircraft of all sizes, from the CRJs and Embraers to 747 and A340s, servicing destinations all over the world.

The newly renovated terminal building has the largest security checkpoint currently in existence, with more than 50 lanes. This allows passengers to move out of the terminal to the concourses very rapidly, minimizing frustration and long waits. The terminal building also features a large mall area with a wide variety of shops and boutiques, as well as several areas for passengers with long lay-overs to rest and relax while waiting for their next flight.

(Note that the terminal is at the edge of the city map. By splitting the airport between two cities in the region, I not only spread the benefits of the gate income, but also mitigate the spatial problems associated with large airports).


The addition of the third runway and enlarged taxiway junctions make ground operations much smoother for all size planes. Planes queuing up for takeoff on the two north/south runways include those from Lufthansa, KLM, Delta, Spirit, American, Qantas Link, and United.


As part of the terminal remodel, the RyanAir and Alaska Airlines gates received a much more streamlined look and a better entry to the taxiway. A few late arrivals to the morning bank from Lufthansa, AirTran, and American Airlines.


A view of the eastern gates for US Airways on the lefthand side of the terminal building. The train station at the southern end of the terminal also received a face-lift. The four-platform station provides regular service to the region's mass-transit network and is a key means of keeping car traffic down on the roads surrounding the airport.


And lastly, a view of the A, B, and C domestic concourses. Concourse A serves British Airways and US Airways; Concourse B serves Lufthansa and KLM; and Concourse C serves United/Continental and Delta/Northwest.


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Thanks for looking and reading!! As always feel free to comment and rate!!

Until next time,


Good afternoon Simtropians,

As the influx of citizens to the Georgiana region continues unabated, transportation planners realized that one of the small stations in the burgeoning city of Cabriana needed a massive upgrade. Not only was the station too small to accommodate the rapidly increasing passenger traffic, but there was a need to address the surrounding roads so that trains did not interfere with the movement of cars, trucks, and buses in the district. The nearby industrial district and marshalling yards for the port did not help matters, either. In sum, the whole area was a traffic control nightmare.

Here is the eastern portion of the work zone (north is to the right), including the Carrollton station and the northern and eastern passenger lines:


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This is the western portion of the work zone , showing the two connections with the marshalling yard (just out of view at the top of the page), and the passenger rail lines coming in from the south and west. The at-grade crossings are particularly annoying for car drivers at any time of day.


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After some hard work, the station has been wonderfully upgraded to ILLTonkso's Baron Cross Station, with 8 platforms, and a much larger concourse. As you can see, the improved offering has had immediate benefits in both industry and residential construction!


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Cars and trains no longer get in each other's way, and everyone has a faster, safer commute in the area.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

The addition of four rail lines entering the station would have meant making these intersections practically impossible for road traffic to use, so the elevated road has been a blessing for all around. It also means that the extensive area to the west of the station is now usable to park trains at the end of the day, or simply to wait their turn loading passengers for the morning commute.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

The rather long trains that head east and north are no longer an obstacle in the eastern portion of the city, and have a much smoother ride out to their destinations.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

All around this was a pretty good improvement over what was there. It was all made possible by those wonderful folks who developed the NAM, as well as ILLTonkso for his station.

As always, feel free to leave your comments and criticism, and please don't forget to rate!!

Until next time . . .


Today's tour includes several large and medium stadia housing just a few of the professional, semi-professional, and collegiate sports teams from the Georgiana region.


First on the docket is Hallow Field, home to Berlin Ruckus, the perennial runners-up in the Ariana Premier League (APL). This state-of-the-art facility recently replaced the old Bomberg Arena, which had been in place for nearly 90 years. Unfortunately, the "Berg" just wasn't big enough to accomodate all of the fans who still hope to see their team finally win the championship trophy. Immediately to the east (this view looks south) is the Carew Pavilion, which houses all manner of entertainment venues and eateries for the downtown denizens of Athenea. It's also a nice place to stop off for a post-game brew or two. Just to the North, across Hallow Avenue, is the newly renovated Gon Galleria, housing a number of professional offices, many of which sponsor the Ruckus and enjoy corporate suites at the stadium.


View from the east.


Next, we have Robertson Stadium, home of the Third Division Wickeham Dragons. A well-financed team with aspirations of top-level football, this team has a mid-size stadium that holds almost 20,000 rabid followers. Hopefully, their fortunes will change in the next few years as they look for promotion to the Second Division.


Finally for today, we have the side-by-side stadiums of Kashima's baseball and soccer teams. The city of Kashima has always been a stout supporter of its parks and recreation department, and consistently sets aside a fair amount of funding to ensure that its professional teams also enjoy showcase facilities. With plenty of parking, games at the two stadia are frequently scheduled back-to-back so that fans can enjoy an afternoon's worth of fun without having to move their cars.


Green Line Station

A real quick update on the region's slowly growing transportation network. This is the main station for the Green Line (my Regional Transportation Development Authority manager has no imagination, we had him tested just to be sure) with a train boarding. This is my first attempt at using the diagonal station in a region, since it is a recent download. Its proximity to a medium-sized residential district, several office buildings and a few small parks make it an attractive alternate transportation option for those who prefer not to use their cars.


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And here we see the morning rush with three short trains making their first runs for the day. The station's good location and connections will spur develop in this area for years to come.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Further updates to come shortly, but time has been a little short for me recently. Now that the weekend is here, I hope to have at least one more update focusing on the Downtown Development Zone.


It's been a couple weeks since my last update, mostly because I started this project, didn't like what I made, destroyed it, and started it over again. Of course, now that I've done all this work, I hadn't downloaded TMIP, so these pictures are not even the finished product.

This is an Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson International style airport (long concourses with underground transportation from the terminal). Lufthansa is the airports largest carrier with domestic and international service to more than 80 destinations around the world. Here is a view of the Lufthansa and Air New Zealand international gates (Concourse D). Visible aircraft are DLH A340-600, A340-300, and 747, with an empty gate for a just-departed 747-800. The ANZ aircraft are a Boeing 787, 747, and 777. Some nice eye candy with the arriving Delta 747.


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And a nice view of the domestic concourse for DLH (Concourse B), with British Airways one concourse over (A). Taxiways are one-way only, maximizing gate area without encroaching too much on the surrounding city. DLH aircraft include CRJ-900s, A320s, DHC-8s, and E195. BA aircraft include A321, 757, E190, and DHC-8.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

KLM is second only to DLH in domestic and international service, taking up the remainder of Concourse B and several international gates. Visible aircraft include 737-800, 737-900, A310, and , E190.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Delta/Northwest and United/Continental take up Concourse B, using mostly smaller jets (CRJ, 737-900, A319, DHC-8, E170, MD80, MD90)


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Last for passenger service, the Delta and United international gates. Some nice eye candy with an El Al 747 arriving, United 747 (old grey livery) pushing back, and Delta 747 pushing back next to the central shopping and dining galleria. Alitalia MD-11 at the top of the screen.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

This is a view of the fairly small air cargo facility (10 pads total) with aircraft from FedEx, Etihad, and Emirates.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Of course, now that I've done all this work, now I have to go back and improve my taxiway markings, and show you the rest of the airport area (Concourses A, C, E, F, and the Terminal).


Just a brief update on the River District. No, I have not had a chance to do a lot of work in either the lot editor or BAT (call it a personal failing). This is a situation I hope to change in the future, but for the time-being I'll just have to be satisfied with being creative in the layout of my city, rather than with the ability to create masses of lots to add that truly unique experience.

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=riverdistrict2.png&s=806' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>riverdistrict2.png</noscript>

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=riverdistrict4.png&s=841' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>riverdistrict4.png</noscript>

Quite possibly my favorite part of the SimCity universe is the ability to work with great air, rail, and sea transport options. Loving the ability to use mods altering the appearance of the trains in the city.

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=riverdistrict3.png&s=690' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>riverdistrict3.png</noscript>


Tuhle Naval Base

What growing nation doesn't feel the need to defend itself? This is Georgiana's primary naval base, located at Tuhle. Still a work in progress, the base houses numerous coastal patrol craft (corvettes), as well as frigates, destroyers, and cruisers (which look a lot like battleships). Facilities for submarines, large battleships, and an aircraft carrier are in the planning stages and dredging operations to deepen the channel are underway. (Side note: I have not yet started using Pegasus' PPonds for my water, despite suggestions that I should go ahead and do so. Yes, it would add a very realistic feel to the cities, but that's a project for a later date.)

The original, quite small, pier for corvettes; precursor to Georgiana's burgeoning overseas ambitions.

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=tuhlenavalbase1.png&s=502' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>tuhlenavalbase1.png</noscript>

The first major expansion project of the naval base, providing berths for small destroyers and light battleships. This is a long pier jutting out from the mainland into the roads.

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=tuhlenavalbase2.png&s=441' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>tuhlenavalbase2.png</noscript>

The Coast Guard also has a facility at the bottom end of the basin, with a large cutter, helicopter (dispatched for a rescue mission), and several smaller craft. Note also the two corvettes in side berths.

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=tuhlenavalbase3.png&s=51' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>tuhlenavalbase3.png</noscript>

Finally, a nice shot of the small frigates located opposite the coast guard facility at the base of the long pier. Note the Mediterranean moorings (stern) of the four corvettes, as well as the stern of the light battleship to the right.

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=tuhlenavalbase4.png&s=193' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>tuhlenavalbase4.png</noscript>

Just to show that this city has a life outside the military, this is the nicely-developed downtown area just north of the corvette pier.

<script src='http://imageshack.us/shareable/?i=tuhlenavalbase5.png&s=811' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript>tuhlenavalbase5.png</noscript>

My heartfelt thanks to all of those wonderful people out there who have put together such wonderful BATs and lots that allowed me develop this section of my city.


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