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About this City Journal

My first public showing of my creations.

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Project Beihai

Before it's recent and rapid expansion, Banhuan Dao was a small sleepy fishing village, located to the northwest of the New Revolutionary Republic of Beiyang. It's name is the Chinese phrase for "Half-Ring Island", due to the shape of island itself. At the center of the island sits a large dormant volcano, which is believed to have created the island during its eruption over 800 years ago.

Banhuan Dao first came into the spotlight when travel agencies realized that the large expansive beaches were perfect for tourism. Roughly the same time, the Beiyang People's Navy realized the location of Banhuan Dao was strategically very valuable. There were many debates, but ultimately the compromise is that the island will be divided for both civilian and military uses, with the navy allotted the northern half of the island while the southern half was set aside for tourism, residential districts, and other civilian uses.

Today, it serves as both a tourist destination and as a strategic base for the navy. It's current population of roughly 70,000 is expected to grow very quickly in the coming years, both due to military recruitment and economic development brought by tourism.


Project Beihai

View of Downtown

Banhuan Dao's downtown area is relatively small, as it is a relatively new development for the city. However, a combination of location and low commercial tax rates make the island a favorite place for businesses to invest. Currently, the commercial tax rate is set at an average rate of 5%, although it is a bit higher for larger businesses.

Daytime Shot


Night Lights


Project Beihai

Naval Base

One of Beiyang's greatest assets is her navy, and Banhuan Dao sits on a crucial strategic location. There are currently 10 destroyers, 3 cruisers, and a Beihai-Class battleship stationed at the Banhuan Dao Naval Base


Project Beihai

Banhuan Dao's regional airport serves most of Beiyang's airlines and a few international airlines. However, due to the recent expansion of tourism, this airport has increasingly functioned more as an international airport.

Banhuan Dao's seaport was also a relatively new addition to the city, and served a vital role in creating growth in the island's industrial sector.


Project Beihai

Banhuan Dao is known for its lush beaches and warm ocean breeze, and of course for its tourism. Land value on this island is very high, and residents on the island have a reputation of being among the wealthiest of Beiyang's citizens. Recently the government has taken actions to equalize the prices of real estate across the nation, but whether or not those policies will be effective is yet to be seen.

Banhuan Dao's famous hotel complex.


A residential suburb outside of the downtown area.


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