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About this City Journal

A former British, Dutch and French colony in the south pacific.

Entries in this City Journal


I know this is a shocking site yes, I have an update...First time in quite a long time, atleast it seems so to me, I'm used to updates every week or two and I'm going on a month without an actual update but here she be, Mackay Park. For those familiar with Melbourne, it's designed to have similar assets as Albert Park and Melbourne Park and is in conention to host Simlympics XVI.


Just as is in Albert Park, a racecourse winds its way through Mackay Park, going around Mackay Lake.


But along the far side, along the straight between turns one and two, is West City Stadium, a 67,000 seat Engineering Marvel which would host the Opening Ceremonies of the XVI Simlympiad.


While the centerpiece of the event is the Northern Wheel, a Ferris Wheel aimed at the Northern Pole of Adonia, between Park Arena and West City Stadium.


But neighboring Park Arena is another marvel, the Mackay Park Tennis Center, anchored by Lachlan Holtze Arena, Court 1 of 9.


Along the North edge of the actual park is JC Haszler Stadium, which would host Athletic events for the Simlympics.


Mackay Park Cricket Oval and the Pearson Road area of town.


But the Mackay Park Train Station is the main way to get into and out of Mackay Park.


Hello, today I bring to you my capital, again, and just to show some work i've done on it including...

King's Royal Racecourse- a horse racing track in East City

Lexset Shooting Range- a firearms range near the Lexset Neighborhood

Lexset National Cemetery- the National Cemetery (ie. Arlington Natl.) near Lexset

National Art Gallery- the National Art Gallery in International Park

Angelorium Factory- Carne- Carne's Angelorium Factory between Lexset and East City.

Downtown Expressway/Downtown Tunnel- A road going from Central Park in Downtown to the Airport in North City.

Expanded the Skyline


The Downtown Expressway Starts here, at mile marker 0


and continues northward, coming back to the surface at mile marker 2.3. The Expressway was built in the late 1990's and immediatly encountered a major problem, they wanted to have a direct route from downtown to the far north of the city, however there were too many on-ground buildings to build an on ground road, so the best solution, was to go underground.


Nearby to the Expressway, National Art Gallery was built in 1936 at the start of the Aquilonian Impressionist Era, by Sir Lincoln Kincaid. It was expanded in the late 1960's to it's current state and the underground Parking was added.



Over in the southern part of Lexset is the King's Royal Racecourse, home of the Angels Stakes, the largest Horse Race in the country, far ahead of the Springs Stakes and the Gatliff Stakes.


In 1955, Carne built the Angelorium Factory, which currently builds upwards of 1 million cars annually.


Started in 1915, Lexset National Cemetery is the place where all PM's, many Senators, and many fallen soldiers are buried. We shall remember the fallen.




Villadia was founded in the late 1700's by an Expedition aimed for Angelorium that got off track and found it's way along the Angusto River. They settled where the Angusto and the Denique Rivers meet.


As industrialization took over in Meridiania in the early to mid 1800's, Rail lines started into Villadia and today M-Trak has it's Northern Terminus in Villadia.


And as Industrialization continued, cars began being produced in Villadia. Most of the first Meridianian car companies folded shortly after launch, however the Finlayson Brand started in 1938 as an economical car producer and continues today as a division of Carne.


Most Villadians were getting little more than one year of a High School Education.


But just as the City was getting dirtier and dirtier, the intellectuals were working away East of the Angusto at Murphy University, which was founded in 1852 by Lawrence J. Murphy.


But the university was put on the national spotlight when Callum Ferres played football for them in the 1950's, and when the University opened a new sports stadium on campus in 1982, they payed homage to Ferres by putting his name on it.


But Ferres is less famous for playing for the University as he is for playing for AFC Villadia from 1957 to 1973 as a quarterback, here at Riverfront Stadium, taking bigger headlines than Villadia Rovers, who share the stadium.


But Indoor sports like Basketball play as much of a role in Villadia as outdoor sports. Filling Villadia Arena to it's circa 20,000 person capacity nearly 350 days out of the year.


However most concerts do not take place at the Arena, instead taking place at Hill Auditorium.


While other events like the Villadia Auto Show take place at the Convention Center


But Villadia is most often remembered for Hill Park, a 1,000 acre park, named for Jacob


This is the first Mosaic i've done so be nice but I think it turned out well. (zoom in)


and a map, which wasn't uploading right. Just to give you an idea where you are.



The Villadia Auto Show 2012 is a car show designed for Meridianian and Foreign models to showcase the best OEM and Aftermarket capabilities of the Automotive Industry. There is Floorspace inside the Convention Center for 16 Foreign manufacturers including four test drive locations. The event will take place over two floors at the Villadia Convention Center and outside the Center in the Parking Lot. Level One will be Kilburn, Carne and Jamieson, plus their subsidies and their Aftermarket Performance Groups, Level two will be international brands, arranged from Cheapest to most Expensive.

To be featured at the show please provide the following information:

Official Company Name:

Brands to be featured including Performance variants:

Car 1 Name, image Link, Base Price

Car 2 Name, image Link, Base Price

repeat for as many cars as desired


Today is a simpler update featuring Beauingham Croft and Eglesfax. This will be the last update for a while because I'm going to make 25 something special, which will take a bit more time.


We start in Beauingham-on-Huntly along the River Huntly, a small town of 3,500 people.

Beauringham is a simple stopover for most people traveling along South Coast Highway 821 and 821 Business (the one that goes towards the top in the picture)


821 Business is only a 1.3 mile route but crosses the River Huntly on this old bridge that was built in 1864 and has been renovated since.


Stonemaker's Pub on SC-821.


Then over the River Coulcam takes us into Eglesfax and to Exhibition Stadium, home of SC Eglesfax of the Championship.


And closer to Sir Eglesfax Square is the Eglesfax Inn, home of the 1982 John Doe Killings which created controversy over Gun Laws in Meridiania.


Sir Eglesfax Square, named for Sir Jonathan Eglesfax of Avon


The Center of Downtown


Some High End Shops, like an IKEA, a B&Q, and a Tesco.


North End of Downtown.


St. Jacob's Lutheran Church and St. Jacob's Cemetary.


Part of Harbor District.


Eglesfax High School


North Eglesfax and Beauingham-on-Huntly


South Eglesfax including the Harbor.

Expect something major for update 25... :)


Today I welcome you to the Town of Blanchford Harbor in the state of South Coast, Population 8,000.


From the North, we wind down South Coast Highway 526 and you can't drive though these backwoods towns off the coast without driving a truck, like this 2008 Carne CJ15


I stopped by my friend Jackson's house up this Gravel Road past the Lemon and Grape Fields before getting back on the Highway.


based on that first scene, although there's alot less trees in the first pic than it looks like


Afterwards, I heard about this lake off the main road which was rumored to have special healing powers, but it didn't seem to have any, and I decided I was fooled into wasting some gas.


Then I headed down into town and started to look around and see what I could see, first thing I noticed was the actual Harbor, but the trees along the harborfront are very dense.


Heading back the other way though I came across this neighborhood.


And just past that was Blanchford Harbor City Hospital.


And up through the residential side streets is Eucalyptus Park, home of PFC (Players Football Club) Blanchford Harbor of the Championship.


But that's along the East edge of town, and is next to that is the Blanchford Harbor Methodist Church, Aldi Supermarket, Hungary Jack's, Del Taco, Ware's Corner Shop, and 7-11.


Farm on the edge of town.

And in automotive/motorsports news...


Jamieson's Masquerade G3R testing at the Jamieson Test Track in Central Commonwealth, getting air over the last turn's bump.

Jamieson Motor Company has announced they will compete in the AIN World Grand Prix, Sebring and Le Mans in a racing version of their Jamieson Masquerade, called the Masquerade G3R, since this is the third generation Masquerade. This racer will have a 6.2L Jamieson engine producing nearly 700hp. Jamieson will field drivers Magnus McLean and John Queen in once G3R, and drivers Malcolm Bergström and Patrick Fassbinder in a second car. Additional drivers yet to be announced.


Story: Batteroke, Regnum


Well I woke up this morning in my motel room in East City, 100 dollar in my pocket, my girlfriend broke up with me the night before and I decided that I had nearly no options left. So I went to Batteroke. As the billboards greeted me along the Strip (Batteroke Boulevard at Furnace Road here) I caught sight of a casino on Bullridge Street, the Keast Hotel and Casino.


With just one hundred dollars I went upto the Roulette Table, First round, 50 dollars, gone... second round, another 37. Now I've got 13 dollars left to my name, With nothing to lose, I hit big, now, In 20 minutes, I have more than I started with, i'm upto 130 dollars, now I'll call it a night and go next door to the Oasis Inn, overlooking Oasis Park.


And while walking to the Motel, I came across a lovely young woman, she couldn't have been more than 25, tall, blonde, most beautiful i've ever seen. I still only had 130 dollars but I had a feeling I'd fix that the next day, so I went to the Motel Bar and bought her a drink, we talked, and she left, I went to my room, room 708, and went to bed.

I went back to the casino and by 3:00 PM, I'd netted 250,000 dollars... that from 100 in one day, pretty good day. And I decided to use that money to buy a stake in FC Batteroke of the Championship, 150,000 dollars worth.


(George Parkhill Stadium)


Additional Unstory related shots of Batteroke


St. Peter Church of Christ on King and 15th streets.


Convention Center 8th and Oasis


14th Street W is the street at top, didn't name the main street right to left, both crossing the Strip


MBC Building, 5th and the Strip


My first Google Style Map, It's not great but it's a starting point. for future endevors. And on Furnace Road, i'm going to turn it into a shopping center, just not sure how I wanna do it.


Lambchester is the Meridianian equivilant of the Hampton's,the near the big city rich folk hangout. Lambchester is anchored by a 10,000 person town, which houses around 5,000 hotel rooms and a few shops.


Samuel Howe Whiskey Distillery in the woods west of Lambchester, Sam Howe is one of the most popular Whiskeys in Meridiania.


Chateau Jean Fournier


Expanded shot


Lambchester Dome, home of SC Lambchester, currently playing in the MC Cola Championship, the second tier of Meridianian Football, where they are sitting 17th on 28 points, six out of relegation and 27 out of first place (Gatliff North), and 18 out of possible promotion.


DamonMiner Park, a local minor league park.


Lambchester World War II Memorial next to Lambchester's Farmer's Market


Some of Lambchester's seaside hotels


High Street, just east of downtown.


Each summer, the Lambchester Concours d'Elegance is held on the roads and fields around Lambchester Town, the event is a weeklong festival car show, and the last day has road rally parade around the island's twisty roads before arriving back at the base.

Till next time,



Welcome to the North Coast!

Dethridge is a very small out of the way town along the North Coast, about 15 miles off the nearest highway, in Regnum. It's 74 miles from Angelorium and 198 from Boracoredia.


Course, for those wishing to get away to a nice vacation on the beach, there's the DGC Luxary at the coast.


But the most famous thing in town, which multiplies the population of the town by about 8, once a year, is the Dethridge Raceway, home of the Dethridge Grand Prix, a LNCS race held each year at the end of July.


Closeup of Turns 8 and 9


But alongside the speedway, is Hamilton Stadium, which houses MC Cola Championship side Dethridge United.


parque de la ciudad


Some homes along the edge of town near the farms... btw, I did alot of downloads from some japanese sites, and thought these Japanese apartments and high wealth houses fit in very well, was wondering some other folks' opinions on that. :)


All of the town.


I tried some new projects on South City I hadn't done before, most notably being an actual suburb, but also the first realistic factory i'm including in any update (stupid growth wouldn't let me show the other one :P) along with a shopping center and a full size country club.


Might as well start somewhere, here is the intersection of Welbeck Road, Creek Road, and Creek Road South in the Pres Bottom Neighborhood, near Riverside.


After going up Creek Road to Schools Street, we hit Riverside Secondary, which serves the Riverside Neighborhood.


Continuing up Creek Road, we pass the Coca Cola Angelorium Bottling Plant.


But right next door is Pres Bottom Shopping Center.


The main hospital for South City is AHCA-South City Hospital, the South City branch of the Angelorium Healthcare Authority's hospitals (there are eleven in all).


And home of the fourth Angelorium M-League Team, South City FC, who are currently Fifth in M-League standings and most recently defeated FC Beach Bums from Barrington Beach, 3 nil at home.


Along the river, UF Thomas's Crab House is the most popular seafood resteraunt in Angelorium, after all

"You ain't had Crab's unless you've had UF's Crabs"

And this is actually based off (probably alot of real life places look like this) a place I went in Panama City which I can't remember the name of that's just off US-98 in Panama City Beach.


The shop of LNCS Team Mannix Racing, who are going to field former Kilburn driver Andreas Hoffmann in 2012 with sponsorship from Chinese Teng-Lei Investments Corporation.


Main Clubhouse at Henry Humphries Country Club, one of the most affluent Country Clubs in the nation.


The River @ HHCC, a club open only to the Country Club's Members.


This is where I am to this point, no it's not complete, far from it, but It's well on it's way.


M-League Football Update

Well, I might not actually do christmas stuff, but regardless, the M-League is on it's Christmas Break right now, and I thought i'd provide an update on the last few months of the M-League. Since I haven't done some cities, some spots are blank... since I also have no idea what stadium i'll have there :P

GAMES 12/21- 12/23

EVV Gezag 2-2 Juliet Sud Club de Football

EVV Raakstad 1-2 FC Cooper

Water City 3-0 West Coast Tigers


Silver Coast Shiners 0-1 Vulputate Vikings


Cuper's Harbor Cardinals 2-1 Angelorium United


Boracoredia City 1-1 Gatliff Lightning


Ardus City 1-0 Manege Juliette Ville


South City 3-0 FC Beach Bums

Villadia Town 2-1 Angels City

Springs Stalions 1-3 Villadia Vipers



If you can't read those standings, here is another plain copy

Team Pts W D L GD

Cuper's Harbor 48 15 3 1 28

Gatliff Lightning 43 13 4 2 33

Villadia Vipers 41 12 5 2 23

Vulputate Vikings 41 13 2 4 20

South City 33 9 6 4 11

FC Cooper 33 10 3 6 6

Angelorium Utd. 31 7 10 2 14

Water City 31 9 4 6 8

Boracoredia City 27 6 9 4 5

EVV Gezag 25 6 7 6 4

Silver Coast Shiners 21 6 3 10 -7

FC Beach Bums 21 5 6 8 -11

West Coast Tigers 20 5 5 9 -16

Villadia Town 19 5 4 10 -14

Angels City FC 18 4 6 9 -11

EVV Raakstad 16 3 7 9 -7

Juliet Sud Club de Football 15 3 6 10 -19

Springs Stallions 14 3 5 11 -23

Ardus City 11 2 5 12 -16

Manege Juliette Ville 11 3 2 14 -28

The M-League will begin play again on January 7th, 2012 after the holiday break

And something cool I found when I was doing this which I just felt like posting, since I don't have all stadia created yet, I was going to put a TBA Pic but ended up finding nothing good, but came across this when I googled it from my usnw days... that's the Aquilonia (Meridiania before I changed names) flag and Angelorium v1 :O:P


More updates will follow in some form these next few days... none with snow... since it's summer here... :|


Update 18: Boracoredia City

First off, I'm testing some Photoshoping Techniques I don't usually use like Blurring and don't change Brightness of anything.


Home of the Boracoredia Knights and the Boracoredia Hawks of the Meridianian Basketball League. Boracoredia Arena also hosts parts of the Annual Defers Film Festival, named for Sir Charles Defers of Kent, who settled Boracoredia as Defers Village in 1747.


Boracoredia City Convention Center, which also hosts part of the Defers Film Festival in mid-July.


Boracoredia Stadium is home of MC Cola Championship team Boracoredia Hawks, who were once an M-League Powerhouse. It currently plays host to M-League team Boracoredia City, who have shared the stadium since 1986, when City allowed Hawks to use the stadium, rather than rundown Simpson Stadium near the outskirts of town, as was commonplace between Premier League and M-League sides in the early days of the M-League.


Overpass of A-99 and A-83 near downtown Boracoredia


Boracoredia Cricket Oval, which sometimes hosts Boracoredia City Cricket Club of the Meridianian Cricket League.


The community Australian Football Oval


Freedom Park


Boracoredia Lake Hotel, overlooking Lake Boracoredia


The New Halifax neighborhood


Southeast Town neighborhood


North Coast Tennis Center


Whole City Shot (I don't have those ugly edges this time ;) )

I expect to include Boracoredia Motor Speedway in my next update, I was going to this time but I think this one has enough sustenance for one day :)


Update 17: Vulputate City


I remember Evillions wanting to see some lower class neighborhoods, hows this work for lower class?


Saint Jonathans Hospital is located in the southern part of downtown, and has served Vulputate, in some capacity, since 1921. Originally, the hosptal was much smaller but has expanded 4 times to it's current size.


Erlichmann Brewery is one of the oldest Breweries in Meridiania, having been brewing beer since 1843 when German immigrant Marco Erlichmann began brewing beer in his small home. The Brewery soon bought surrounding land and created this building.


Vulputate Baseball Stadium, home of BC Vikings, of the Meridianian National League. Neighboring the Baseball Stadium is Blosseville Road Garden.


Vikings Stadium is home for many Vulputate Sports teams, like Vulputate Vikings FC and AFC Vikings. It was built in 1996, and holds 47,500 people.


Viking Corporation headquarters, home of the owners of FC Vulputate Vikings, AFC Vikings, BC Vikings, Viking Air, and many other brands in Vulputate and in Meridiania.


The entire city of Vulputate at the current moment.


UPDATE 16: East Central Angelorium

First i'll offer some insight into Meridianian Gun Laws,


Dotted all across Meridiania are Gun Shops, Guns are easily purchasable, anyone over 18 with a valid ID can go into a gun shop and purchase a gun, however before the person can legally own the gun, they must license the gun to the user. To be a licensed gun owner, someone has to be over 14. Usually the gun can be legally owned within one week however sometimes this may take less time. This gun specifically focuses on Handguns such as M9's, Desert Eagles and HK .45's but any non automatic weapon is legal in these states. A Mental Background is included in licensing, but this is often quick. Many gun ranges also exist in the country, including one about 3 miles East (I don't have that area ready but I might can have it for the next update).


Near Angels Lake are alot of Famous Hotels including the Angels Halo, owned by Marcus Miner, the heir to the Miner fortune, famed for the DamonMiner corporation. This is where the MSCRA and LNCS host their annual awards banquets.


Shell Road Stadium, home of FC Lexset of the MC Cola Championship, the second tier of Meridianian Soccer.


Picture of some stuff I think is worth showing off, I just hadn't yet, this was part of Angelorium v2 from the start, including the William Sharp Memorial, Henry Humphry Secondary School and the National Symphony Orchestra's Dual Theatres, surrounding the North Road Bridge, the Jeannot Blomsma Market and the National Aquatic Center.


Pickner's Isle


Hotels overlooking Angels Lake and the River Cole


University of Regnum who offers some of the best programs in the nation in:

*Arts Architecture

*Science and Engineering




*Foreign Studies



*Domestic Government and Law


République de Marquette has opened the seventh Embassy, in the main Embassy area, there is now no more space in Embassy Centre, I will open more space if needed though about 5 blocks Northwest of this area.


I probably shouldn't just have started doing this but i'm finally posting on Simtropolis :D.

Bringing you upto date, the NOB (Dutch Nationalists) declared independence from the government on November 23rd, on December 1st, after having their cities of Gezag and Raakstad overtaken, the NOB (now acting under the title Volksrepublik Stille Nederlandse) assassinated Prime Minister Harry Reymond at the age of 56 in the Meridianian Capital of Angelorium. The French speaking city of South Juliet also briefly seceeded under the title République de Libre-Pacifique, but has been brought back under Meridianian Control. Now this morning, Most remaining NOB Members, including NOB President from 2005-, Eray Koorn, were arrested and transported to undisclosed facilities. Number One Criminal on the VNCI's top ten most wanted, Koorn was transported independently of the others.



A VNCI Special Forces Team has infiltrated the Stille Nederlandsian Mountain Compound of Eray Koorn, known as "Opdracht Hoofdkwartier," which serves as the headquarters of the former NOB and is the actual operations center of the Volksrepublik's Government, as opposed to the "official headquarters" of the Koninggebouw in Raakstad. Due to the special nature of the situation, the location he is being transported to is not being released, only that he will be taken to a special location, independent of all other arrested NOB Terrorists. In all the VNCI and the Army who came in for cleanup, arrested upwards of 350 NOB members, not including the 163 NOB Casualties in the firefight. In total, of the 500+ NOB Members at the compound, around 20 remain at large. Only one casualty was reported from the Army, no VNCI members were killed. Koorn's four ammunition bunkers are also being cleared out, consisting of tens of million dollars in weapons and ammunition. No nuclear weapons have been found in the search of the compound. The Volksrepublik is expected to become permanently dissolved in the coming days since the capture of many upper government officials in this morning's offensive. Libre-Pacifique has officially surrendered after a short battle in the streets of South Juliet. Libre-Pacifique was a youth based movement which aimed to separate the french speaking section of Meridiania from the English and Dutch sections to govern themselves under french ideologies along with a transparent government.


The compound


Beyond that, I also recently did an update on the Isle of Follycravie, a Meridianian dependency in the British Isles.

Every year since 1926, the last two weeks of March have seen the Isle of Follycravie shut down nearly completely for the Kirk Motorized Races, mostly motorcycle races, taking place along a 28 kilometer/17.4 mile track atleast once a day during the two weeks. Of course the roads have long been open, but i'll provide full coverage when the races start back up on March 16th. The Isle is located 80 miles due north of Derry, Northern Ireland and 160 miles West of Edinburgh, Scotland between the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There is no official number of turns but most observers reason around 170 turns are on the track.


The track enters Kirk at the Wilson Hill and Maximillian Curves. Before hitting the rockface, the track takes a long 90 degree turn at around 60 mph before a flat out kink and a sharp 50 mph turn. The track straightens out and drops down, including during the braking zone, leading to a difficult braking for a 40 mph corner. Two more 90 degree turns follow before hitting town.


After hitting various other turns, the track doubles back upon itself and comes into downtown. The Gas Turn is one of the most famed on the track (anyone know of any walls I can get onto the inside there?) where the track goes 90 degrees past a gas station on a blind turn before crossing the River Kirk and passing the entrance to pitlane, which directly overlooks River Kirk. Following various turns and through two roundabouts, crossing the President's Bridge (State Leaders are called Presidents in Meridiania and Meridianian dependencies), passing the pitlane's reenterance point and 100m later, the start finish line. Soon after that, the cars pass "turn one", a quick right left.


Following one 90 degree turn and a 45 right turn, the track ascends and descends along the coast in the "deadman's curves", claiming numerous lives in the long history of the races, the most recent in 2002.


A shot of the actual town. After entering in the southeast (top right) the track follows the same route until hitting the last traffic light, Statehouse Road, and coming back into town, then following the previously outline route.


Statehouse (yes I know, It's not in the previous picture... oh well)


Shot of the entire city, that's the Irish Sea to the right and the Atlantic to the bottom.

If you want to know more and bring yourself up to date, please visit the below link


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