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About this City Journal

Utopia? - Well, A nice place to be.

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@ Zmapper: Thanks alot!

@ JGellock: Yes, I thought so too! Thanks!

@ SimcityFuturist: Thank you very very much! I hope you will enjoy this Journal!


Carnfornthern Region

One of the most rural and scattered regions in Queentain, this region has only two sources of revenue; Farming and Logging.

(Above Image: The M02 cuts right along the edge of the region. To the right is A909, now a ageing winding mountain road in need of repairs.)



Above: Calf House is located at the junction between the A909 (going across) and the A112. The A101 was one of the first "A" class roads to be built. It winds through a valley and up a hill and onto the next region. It's in need of repair, plus plans to reroute some sections (particularly the winding mountain sections) are being thought up in the capitol.


Above: Here is the start of the climb up to the top of Pleasant Hill on the A101, As you can see, there plenty of unguarded edges and not street lights...so you'd better have a car in a good state to drive along this road. Anyway, as you can see, this road is rarely used, but reports of increased traffic along the A101 over the years is coming in.


Above: The dangerous winding road that goes to a new logging area. This road is very dangerous.



Above (both): The scenes of growth...or perhaps devastation. Logging in this part of Queentain is a brand new source of income, however recent protest by the environmentalist group, Bluepeace, has led to the government dissucssing on tightening laws and restricting the zones for logging.


Thanks for reading/viewing! I hope you enjoyed a small insight into the rural region of Carnfornthern. Next, up we shall follow the route of the A909 or the M02 down south into a town that prides itself in its renewable energy power sources! Don't forget to comment & rate, thanks epically to those that do!




Coming Soon - Queentain


Coming Soon. Or how's about...Coming Soon!


Hello Simtropolis,

I'm Tintinfan. Queentain is going to be my first ever attempt at making a City Journal, so I would really love for you all to tell me what I am doing right/wrong and please feel free to critisize me (but not to nasty please!). Please comment!

Queentain is basically a heap of small towns/villages with just 2 big cities. Most of the country is connected by a massive railway network and roads. It's full of farms, hence why the above picture was selected.

Well, I hope some people enjoy it and are looking forward to it. Expect the first non-trailer entry soon! Also, if you can suggest any good plugins for me, please tell. And if you want to know what plugins I used, I can try and get back to you.



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