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New Faulkner

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About this City Journal

After a bad end to my first CJ a new one has to be born dosen't it?

Entries in this City Journal



If any followers are worrying about the recent absence of updates it's because of my holiday vacation in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia for 7 weeks. The next update will be between the 26th and the 28th of Jan 2012 (I hope!) and a project internally named Project US (Urban Sprawl) is starting. With the advent of the ring road Jubilee will rezone all existing farmland to residential and commercial. The areas outside the ring road will have exits constructed (a seperate mega update29.gif) and farmland zoned. The next 3-5 updates will be on rezoning and re-laying the Village to Farmland Expressway and renaming it to fit with the northern Highway 14. Complete with exits and soundwalls. After those updates a super mega update focusing on the Ring Road exits and surrounding farmland will be posted and a new city will be discovered in the update following that. Phew! That was a lot. I hope to stick to this as a guide to the next 5-7 updates now to have the update number preceding the title. Thanks Will12 (Billy)


Now I can reveal that the big project was...:ohyes:

The Jubilee Ring Road!


Yes the JDOT and the JRLC have come together to announce the Jubilee Ring Road. It's main pupose is to move lots of traffic when Jubilee expands and provide a border to uban sparwl so farmland can still continue. Rather than paving a full on Highway it is classified as an avenue (in game) but in reality it's just a little lower capacity expressway with grade separated junctions with Highway 12 and Highway 14 (The Village to Farmland Expressway). Here is the proposed T intersection with Highway 12:


That stream by the way crashes down into the bay here:


This is the paved T:


As we travel North we sink slowly into the ground and go into a tunnel under the university housing:


And take a soft right turn going eventually eastbound:


As we approach Highway 14 a compact(ish) cloverleaf is planned:


And finally got paved:


For some reason I lost my pics on the final extension >.<

but this will change very soon and you can say goodbye to this message.

Thank You for following this update marathon!


University Road Widening

In part 2 we focus on Uni(versirty) Rd. Heavy traffic can occur on weekends and this pushes the 2 lane road to its limit. Plans to widen it have been dicussed including a possible 6 lane road. Eventually they came to an agreement to make a narrow 4 lane road in the place of Uni Rd.

A low capacity detour has been layed and visitors are advised to stay away from the university for a month or two while construction takes place. The detour connects to the farmland perimeter road.

Here is the detour:


The road has closed at both ends to avoid confusion while materials are delivered:



The old Uni Rd has been ripped up and replaced by a dirt access/guidence road:


And finally the road has been paved and opened to the public. The detour will eventually get torn up:


Keep reading on in Part 3 of 3 as the big _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is unveiled :yes:


Part 1 of 3 short-ish updates including one VERY big plan to - SHHH! I've said too much already as the newly called Jubilee Department of Transport (JDOT) is keeping the project very quiet. :read: It's all in a big contract with the Jubilee Road Laying Company (JRLC) and the JDOT! Anyway onto the main focus of part 1.

Today was a monumental day for the Mayor! The first ever university in Jubilee has been built. This is the Campus and the frringe of student housing:


This is an overview showing the housing and the canal that gives off the effect of there being an island and a southbound stream:


Go over to Part 2 down the bottom.



Highway 12

Today the FDOT has gone ahead with plans to extend Highway 12 to Jubilee. It will be 6 lanes up untill the terminus where it will narrow to 4 lanes.

Here is the already paved terminus:


And here is the badly put together mosiac:


Please comment and advising me of a better way to make a mosiac with free programs.


With the teaser of the last update you now know that the FDOT has passed plans to widen the 3 lane expressway called the Village-to-Farmland Expressway or "The Expressway" as the locals call it. As all the freight trucks and holiday traffic can only use the expressway to go to the fisheries and beach (as the local roads are blocked to all freight and holiday traffic) the 3 lanes do not handle the traffic well. The one lane going southbound can become clogged with trucks and beach goers alike. The plans are to start with 2 lanes each way and eventually up to 3 lanes each way if traffic increases enough.

The dirt road has already been layed already as traffic is diverted to the right:


The terminus of the freeway has been paved:


2 days later the whole highway has been ripped up up to the diamond interchange.So we have a major problem with the exit/entry lanes:


One day later the traffic engineers have paved their way to a solution:


And because of the lack of space the outer shoulders have been used as narrow entry/exit lanes:


Thats all.



Today we travel to the farmoing community called Jubilee. With almost 1,900 poeple calling this place home it has a village.

This is the village with the small expressway to get to the Farmland:


Thiese are some snippets of the large farmland:



And this is an overview of both:


That is all for this update and here is a teaser:




After playing all my saved cities so far in the region they all come up as a blank city tile and when I click on it it says start new city so I'm downloading the region again and we will go on a journey of New Capitol City from the start


An International Airport

4 years ago in the only city in Faulkner- Capitol City an airport was built for more people to come and live in Capital City and other towns to be built (like Kindle) and this worked only a little too well as the original airport is now overcrowding and a year ago someone suggested a big international airport. As Faulkner isn't that big it was to have gates for many international aircraft companies and one runway. 6 months ago they found a site that was the planned area for the airport the only porblem was it was very bumpy and hilly:


So a huge leveling project was started and was to be like a big crop circle in the middle of the bumpy terrain it only finished 4 weeks ago:


And so a small airstrip and a R12 highway T-interchange with the M40 going to the airstrip and terminating there:


After 4 weeks of building and paving the finished airport was unveiled:


And a closer view:


A map with the airline lines to the world will be edited in soon. And lastly vote on the poll please.


Capitol City

As I said earlier we've come across the megalopolis that is Capitol City. At the moment demand for commercail and residential is fluxuating and so abandonment is an issue.

This is an overview of the city of 200,000 people from rich or poor:


Faulkner was prone to many casualties in the many Regional Wars. Here is a war memorial:


To keep the city running smoothly a City Hall was erected:


Energy is no problem in Capitol City with new technology enabled a Hydrogen Power Plant and water comes from a big underground resovior pumped by one large pump:


Dieseases have no chance in Capitol City with health and education funding levels as high as possible (still on a 30,000 dollar income!) which is renforced by the diesease research centre:


Apart from the inter-region Bus/Subway system (FBSS) or car airplane is the only way in or out of Capitol City with 30,000 passengers passing by each day:


This one of 5 city marina's (this one being the biggest) services many of the water traffic on the seas:


We finish on another overview this time on the bay connected to the ocean by a heavily used narrow water strip:


That is all for now.



If you read my comment in the last update you will know that Kindle city tile is corrupt and so unplayable. As promised here is a trip down old rural highway 12 (R12)[sorry for writing M12 on entry and update].


We start at the weasten border of Interiem:


The terrain here and as we go further in gets hilly:


The meadian widens a bit:


We go through a valley:


The freeway interchange with the M14:


And past the interchange onto a 45 degree turn:


And another 45 degree turn and the eastern border.


And that is the R12 folks. Next time join in for Capitol City. But before that a "Mini Update" including stats and info about Faulkner is in order.



An insight into Kindle

We shall start in a empty large tile named Kindle. It will be a small one-port town. We shall so far only stay here for 2 updates. Then we shall move on to Capitol City.

Here is the mainland:


The only road in and out:


The sleepy village with the ferry dock briging a few residents:


This is the Area's Mayor Holiday House:


After a 6 months:


The towns only port:


The busiest intersection in the village:


The town after 5 years:


Deep in the mountains a solar power plant is pumping out all the power:


And last but not least an intra city rail link to the industrial area is built. This is one of many stations:


We shall next time be looking at Highway 12 (M12) winding its way from Capitol City to the now not so sleepy village of Kindle where it terminates.



My name is Billy.

I live in Australia and I am 12 3/4.

My game is in RHD.

I have a old and slowish laptop.

I probably won't download much custom content.

I will use the Euro Mods the Brigatine Water Mod and no terrain Mod or Tree Controller.

I do use the NAM RHW NWM SAM CAN-AM as well.

As yet not much buildings and BAT's/Lots either.

Welcome to

The City of Faulkner


The Transport Department is called FDOT


By the way I know the City of Faulkner Pic has got those toolbars. I am in the progress of making a proper one!


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