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Hey Guys,

I'm having huge troubles with my copy of Sim City... Every time I try to play, a black screen appears and the game crashes. :angry: I was just about to unveil my latest projects of which I was very proud of and took me days to complete! I tried uninstalling plugins but that didn't work :noway: What makes this situation worse is that I lost my code on the back of the box so I wont be able to reinstall the game!! :rage: Sorry guys! I hope to get it back up and running soon...

- thanks, canadiansim -


A Quick Entry

Yesterday you folks voted, and the place we start our journey is the small farming town of Freetown







Freetown is one of the original settlements of the region, founded in 1667 as a fort along the Ohr River to protect the shire town of New Ohr. Because of its fertile ground, farms sprouted up everywhere and the Freetown township produces over 90% of acricultural industry for the region. According to the last survey, Freetown has a population of 2 963 sims.

- thanks, canadiansim -




Jetty Jockey - Thanks!

Zulu2065 - Thanks for the ideas :yes:

MamaLuigi945 - Thank you :D

bluemoose - Thanks, glad you like it!

Let me know in the comments about where you want to take a look at first! Downtown Dover? New Ohr? Your choice!


- thanks, canadiansim -


A Short Introduction

Hey Everyone!


I'm sorry I've been away from Simtropolis for so long, but I started a small side project in Sim City that quickly turned into my major focus for the last month or so. I'm really pleased about how it turned out, and I hope you folks are too! ^_^ Let me know where you want to see first!




Leave lots of feedback! :D

- thanks, canadiansim -

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