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Orleans County

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About this City Journal

Follow a self-proclaimed roadgeek as he turns his home county into a hockey fan's (and roadgeek's) paradise. Orleans County sits on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, between Buffalo and...

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Ryan B

NYSDOT is ready to start hanging BGSes (Big Green Signs) on the major roads. I have decided to leave it up to you, the readers of Orleans County, to choose which font I should use on the signs. You have two options: 1) "Highway Gothic"; or 2) "Clearview". "Highway Gothic" is on the left below; "Clearview" on the right. These images are taken from JN Winkler's sign illustrations in this thread: http://www.aaroads.com/forum/index.php?topic=575.450 All credit for images belong to him. I'll give y'all until Saturday, February 20 to weigh in. I'm really looking forward to hearing your opinions. Development Update Coming Later Tonight!

Ryan B


Project Lazarus

That's right, folks - I'm bringing this back from the dead.  Here's a couple teasers from the new Lake Ontario State Parkway:

SH 63 at Yates Center Road (Exit 1):


Lake Ontario State Parkway at SH 63 (Exit 8):


Lake Ontario State Parkway at Murdock Road (Exit 7):


Lake Ontario State Parkway at Marshall Road (Exit 9):


You may notice below that the Parkway's exits are numbered now.  I took a look at Google Maps and here's where I mapped out the exits, from west to east:

Exit 1:  Robert Moses State Parkway / NY 18

Exit 2:  Ransomville Road

Exit 3:  NY 425 / Wilson

Exit 4:  NY 78 (Transit Road) / Olcott Beach & Lockport

Exit 5:  NY 148 / Barker

Exit 6:  NY 269 / County Line Road

Exit 7:  Murdock Road, Lake Shore Road

Exit 8:  SH 63 / Medina & Pembroke

Exit 9:  Marshall Road, Lake Shore Road

...and on from there.

Of course, what would Orleans County be without signs?



More to come soon!

Ryan B




Haljackey:  Thank you for making the first comment over here!  I'm happy to be providing roadgeekery to all sorts of SC4 fandom.

TmiguelT:  You'll see . . . . in the next couple of updates or so.  Thanks for reading!

kingdiz_55:  I try to make the interchanges as real-life-like as I can.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around!





When we last left off, I was almost finished constructing the Lake Ontario State Parkway's first two interchanges.  We're going to take a look at what NYSDOT has accomplished as far as getting signage up goes.  We'll start looking eastbound on the Parkway as it approaches its interchange with SH 63.


All hazardous cargo moving eastbound must detour around the central Lyndonville population area.


Approach sign to the interchange.  SH 63 will take you to the airport, tentatively named "Perreault International".


Now at the Parkway / 63 interchange.  Sorry for the pause border - I still have yet to re-download that remover jiggamathinger.


Moving over to SH 63 . . .


Keeping hazardous cargo away from the Lyndonville metro!


Approach to the split.



Welcome to Splitsville, population us.  Once again, apologies for the pause border.

That's it for now.  More signage coming soon!

You can also check out Orleans County over on SC4D!

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time!

Ryan B



Welcome back to Orleans County!  Last time, we took an initial look at the Lake Ontario State Parkway, which connects several state parks along the southern shore of Lake Ontario between Buffalo and Rochester.  I can tell you that construction has commenced in the northwest corner of the county, near Golden Hill State Park.  Most of the mainlanes of both the Parkway and State Highway 63 have been completed.

Two interchanges are also substantially completed:  the interchange between the Parkway and the western entrance to Golden Hill State Park, and the interchange between the Parkway and SH 63.

Pictures look eastbound, starting at the west and continuing east.


The first exit in Orleans County.  Looking north (to the left) will be Golden Hill State Park.


The Parkway's interchange with SH 63.  The interchange is substantially completed, save for the Parkway's mainlanes.  They will pass underneath the other two ramps.

That'll do it for this installment of Orleans County.  Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Ryan B



The Lake Ontario State Parkway, in real life, is a approximately 36-mile divided highway along the southern shore of Lake Ontario.  It starts just north of State Route 18 in Carlton, and ends at its intersection with Lake Avenue in the City of Rochester.  The Parkway connects several state parks, including the Lakeside Beach State Park; the Oak Orchard Marine State Park; Hamlin Beach State Park; and Braddock Bay State Park.

The Parkway was originally intended to stretch all the way from Niagara Falls to Rochester; however, it was only built to Lakeside Beach State Park.

Here are some pictures of signage along the Parkway:  http://www.alpsroads.net/roads/ny/losp/

That's the real world.  Now, as you may have guessed, the Parkway figures an important role in my Orleans County.  It will stretch across the entire county, to Niagara Falls in the west, and Rochester / Nieuw Nederland in the east.

Parkway Control Cities (from west to east):


Rochester | Nieuw Nederland

From east to west:


Niagara Falls

Highway interchanges may (or may not) feature the following control cities:

Albion, Kendall, Holley, Batavia, Pembroke, Medina

Stay Tuned for Part 2 - In-Game With the Parkway!

Stay Tuned!

Ryan B


SoCal ain't got nothin' on this OC!


Introduction - April 18, 2009

Update #1A - The Lake Ontario State Parkway - April 18, 2009

Update #1B - The Lake Ontario State Parkway - April 25, 2009

Update #1C - Signing the Parkway - April 27, 2009


Orleans County is located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, bordered by Niagara, Monroe, and Genesee counties on the west, east, and south.  As of the 2000 census, Orleans County had a population of 44,171.  The county has five major population centers:  the villages of Albion, Holley, Kendall, Lyndonville, and Medina.

The banner doesn't lie - Orleans County is my home.  I reside in the Village of Lyndonville.  I am a Class of 2005 graduate of the Lyndonville Central School District.

I can't lie, it's a wonderful feeling to be creating and extrapolating on my home turf.  Before I get started, I'd like to thank Troy / blade2k5 for putting together this great canvas for me to work on.  I also look forward to doodling around on the canvasses of Buffalo and Rochester.

This Orleans County will differ from the real-world Orleans County in several ways:

1)  A major increase in population.

2)  More major highways / freeways / expressways.

3)  Orleans County is Sabre & Tiger Country.

WARNING - This Mayor's Diary will contain massive doses of roadgeekery, in the form of intricate transportation setups, signs, and signals. 

You have been warned - now sit back and enjoy the ride!

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