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City of Juario

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A typical motorway in Juario. You can get into the City Centre from up to 15 miles away in ten minutes with this motorway.


The City Hall.


Buses play as an important public transport role in Juario. There are over 35 bus lines in the city, compared to like ten metro lines. The buses carry over 80 million passengers every year.


A view of Juario City Centre from Hidden Beach. Hidden Beach are so "hidden" and the people have to park the car over 5 miles away and hike over Guthega Mountains to reach to the hidden tresure. :P (THE PICTURE IS TAKEN BEFORE ANZAC BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION).


Hagley Community Park. The beautiful waterfront parkland is located at the eastern side of Mt Hagley and is located above the southbound enterance of the North South Bypass Tunnel.


A suburb in the City of North Shore. This is a brand new suburb with a brand new high school and a brand new views of Juario City Centre skyline.


A family home near Home Hill. A lot of families want to live somewhere near Home Hill because Home Hill is a really beautiful mountain and if you get to the summit, and you will experience a breathtaking view of Juario City Centre. You can find some pictures in other update for some views from Home Hill.


The brand new bridge have been constructed across the South Cove to deliver a faster traffic options to relieve the biggest overhaul of traffic congestion to Corcovado Beach. Anzac Bridge have been built over South Cove, connecting from the City Centre directly to the City of Wembley and connecting it to the Corcovado Tunnel. It will remove up to 40% of the traffic at the existing M876, and as part of the new bridge construction - a new road overpass have been built at Juario City Centre to provide a faster access into the city core. Anzac Bridge will be the first tolled motorway in Greater Juario Area, however the Mayor of Juario and Brazilian Government have convinced that the revenue made by the tolls at Anzac Bridge will be massive. The tolls are $1.25 fixed, but 50% off if you have the new GoThere card (or eTag) and place it on the windscreen of your vehicle. The reason why the bridge was named 'Anzac Bridge' is to honor Australian New Zealand Army Corps in the past during the war, it is "sort-of" a memorial bridge. Enjoy the pictures. :) And oh, you might notice that South Heads National Park have been replaced with a new "satellite city centre" and it looks MUCH more realistic that way and more nicer. The name of the new satellite city centre is City of Wembley. Now there are two satelite city centres and a city centre - City of Juario (downtown), City of North Shore and City of Wembley.


The new road overpass at Juario City Centre and the westbound enterance into Anzac Bridge to City of Wembley and Corcovado Beach.


A view from Mt Wembley, this is the southern suburbs


Royal Botanical Gardens - at City of Wembley.


The brand new modern apartments sitting on the cliff top with a BRILLANT view of the city centre. This apartment is at City of Wembley.


George Street, City of Wembley. You can see a top part of Anzac Bridge and Juario city centre is located behind these street trees.


Anzac Bridge - facing to Juario City Centre.


The old Government House, on the Kirrabilli Rocks at City of Wembley. This old Government House is now the Mayor's residence.

The house was built in 1763.


Kirrabilli Rocks - City of Wembley.


The distant view of City of North Shore, from Bishopbriggs Tower, City of Wembley.


City of Wembley, City of North Shore [behind Anzac Bridge] and City of Juario (downtown) all in one picture - taken from Home Hill.


I love the way Anzac Bridge goes under the Jackson Harbour Bridge!!!! Seriously. Its soo realistic like that! :D


Westbound enterance into Anzac Bridge from downtown Juario.


A view of downtown Juario and City of Wembley from the hilltop house at the inner southern suburbs.

I hope you enjoy this massive update!!! Let's wonder what I will have for you for the next update? :P



Have you ever wished that your home town's city centre skyline is better as this?


Downtown Juario from Home Hill, and you can see the city centre skyline for the City of North Shore - its at the other end of harbour. Juario... world most beautiful city... for real!


I kept this photo in my family's photo book because it is most amazing photo ever and I miss my family home. :( This was my family home before


Juario's city history are very depressing. City of Juario and Brazilian Government have worked together to transform Juario from a small shanty port town at the Jackson Harbour, 300 miles south from Rio de Janeiro. The City of Juario was reported to be settled by Portugeuse (or Spanish) in the 17th Century, but the town was generally abandoned due to the lack of "flat land" for proper development. Juario struggled its growth for more than 400 years until when Brazilian Government finally recognised Juario as a "proper town" for government assistance and economy aid. it wasn't until 1999 when Brazilian Government realised that Juario's history is catastrophic, and urgently need a government assistance and that's when the largest government scheme/project have been launched ever under taken within the Brazilian Government. The project is Juario : Brazil's New World City. With this massive project, Juario have grew from a small town of 2,000 farmers in 1960 to over 400,000 residents - according to the 1999 Census. The population growth is so severe and City of Juario is unable to keep up with a such rapid growth, and leading to the risk of overpopulation by soon as 2005.


All of these houses on the hills with an excellent view of city centre skyline, and the amazing new road bridge over Jackson Harbour, and also the brand new North South Bypass Tunnel. Along with a long list of the new infrastructures, all wouldn't happen if Brazilian Government didn't help and save Juario in 1960. Juario's current tallest tower is Jackson Central Tower, which it roses for 297 metres up into the sky, and it is most recognisable tower in the city, even from up to 55 miles away. (The tower is blocked in this picture, it is behind of the second and third [which it was the tallest] tallest tower in the city)


Inner city suburbs with Juario City Centre down to the bottom of the picture. Have you noticed how EASY it is for cars to drive around with easiest motorway links from the bridge to another motorway? A lot of drivers love the road system in Juario, because it is fast and effective.


The picture is taken from North Rock, up from the North Cove. North Rock is famous for beautiful views of the city and surrounding suburbs and it is really popular hot spot for New Year Eves fireworks and everything. You can see the beautiful mountain landscapes around the city.


The view of Juario, from east. You can see the big egg-shaped moutain on the middle of this picture - thats' Mt Hagley and a lot of people would fight each other to get perfect family home near Mt Hagley to grap the inner city living opportunities.

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