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LaGuaga, CT

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The most amazing city journal EVER!

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nathanthemayor - That has been done for this update and all future ones.

canadiansim - I thought about it but this seemed to look better, and there are so made w2w to choose from!

PontiacFiero84 - Thanks! Realism is what I was going for.

GreekMan - Thanks!

TowerDude - Thanks!

pimmapman - If I'm remembering correctly they are all from a file called the 'Urban Housing Mod'

ee99 - Thanks!

NMUspidey - Thnaks! I appreciate it!

dabadon5 - I know, something's going on there.


And now, The LaGuaga Daily Press!


Travel The Grand States

Martino Valley. Located in the state of Armanda and the Armandan desert this city is far from dried up. Being located in a desert, and the southern Grand States, temperatures reach anywhere from 20 C to 45 C in the daytime during the year. Martino Valley’s biggest draw is its casinos. Just like Las Vegas the city is based around flashy shows, bright lights, and gambling until the paycheque is gone. With a population of about 1,250,000 people spread out over a sprawling grid style city Martino Valley has the second highest amount of tourists in the country. Warm and sunny all year around be sure to visit Martino Valley, Armanda.



LaGauga Revealed!

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ee99 - Thanks, the wait is over

10000000000000 - Thanks!

111222333444 - Thanks, I put a lot of work into them.

Jamesrules90 - The wait is over

Eric77lv - Thanks!

NMUspidey - Glad you like the maps

jack3oh3 - If you're talking about that greenish fork in the middle the bottum line is the Lucas Mountain Range while the one going into the United Interian Provinces is the Interian Mountain Range.

Halenbyname - To put it into scale this country is bigger than the USA meaning the states are actually quite large. I took the idea for many states from the USA but also had some great names I wanted to showcase.


This is the small farming town of LaGuaga, population 1,358.


This is the CT-57 freeway that passes through LaGuaga. It connects the northern city of the state (LaGosta) with the southern city (Fort Cross) by going through the center of the state.


LaGuaga used to be just a couple of gas stations and a Starbucks but the 1960's was when the city greatly expanded reaching a population of over 1,000.


This is the old grain mill that is connected to the GS-National rail lines. It is LaGuaga's most recognizable landmark.


The Tops grocery store is the largest store in the city.


This is the statue of Frank LaGuaga, the founder of the city who founded it back in the 1940's.


The local school serves all grades from Kindergarden to Grade 12.


A retirement home on the southern edge of the town serves the elderly.


A large mansion on the northern tip of the town.


And to end it all off, a picture of the odd cow in the field.


Next update will be the first printing of The LaGuaga Daily Press, headlining is an event that will change the small town forever.


Here it is, my first city journal. In this CJ you will watch as the small midwest style town of LaGuaga grows into a bustling, world class city. It doesn't just grow into a city for no reason though. The president of the Grand States has ordered a high speed rail network to be built accross the country to get The Grand States, and Granadians, out of an economic crisis. This high speed rail network includes a station in LaGuaga causing LaGuaga to grow at an astonishing speed. I will explain the developments and reasons behind them in the newspaper, yes a newspaper. I plan to update every Wednesday night and Friday/Saturday, but of course no plan is set in stone because, life happens. So here it is, the CJ, "LaGuaga, CT."


These two maps are of The Grand States. The Grand States is made up of 48 states and is surrounded by other countries of 3 sides of it's diverse landscape. The Grand States, with a population of about 375,000,000 people, has a western vibe to it and is very close to the culture of the USA. Cennitale is a state in The Grand States, made up of mostly flat land except for the Lucas Mountain Range splitting it in half. Cennitale has a population of about 10,000,000 people. LaGuaga is a small town in the state and is marked with a large red dot on the city map. The other cities you see are major cities, the capitol city is Lincoln.

The states of The Grand States:


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

The major cities of The Grand States:


Get ready for the next update when I introduce you to the city of LaGuaga before it grows.


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