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Obyershire (AIN)

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About this City Journal

Formerly Eeshire, Obyershire is now part of the AIN. Obyershire is North European CJ.

Entries in this City Journal


This is update will cover the eastern city of Uhnung. In native Chinese Mandarin it is called 城市.

Uhnung is the nearest major City to many major nations. Due to its close proximity to some of the nation's nearest trade partners and allies (most of the time ), it is the birthplace of a many major trade deals and even a alliances. It also means that Uhnung is influenced by these nations in its architecture etc.

In the storm season, Uhnung is one of the worst hit places as it is hit by the Chelibi rains (Cherry Rains). This torrential rain also hits the nearby nations. The Chelibi rains usually start in April and end in June. Uhnung also experiences alot of rain in the other months of year due to it being surrounded by the Sea on all but one side. This is why Uhnung is nicknamed the City of Rain ( 雨城市 ).

Now here are some pics from your recent Day trip Uhnung-


Exploring the Suburbs in the late Morning Sun


It starts to rain as you pass through the government owned pre-fab apartments.


It doesn't get any better whilst you view the traditional temple


The rain starts to come down as you pass through the outer areas of the city


It brightens up as you find the edge of the miles of rice paddies


As you admire your surrounding the sunset becomes eminent


You head back to your hotel but stop and admire a traditional Concert hall first

Thats all for today guys, please comment your thoughts



@1000000000 Thanks :)

@ Swat medic: I am experimenting with that so I'll show it in the near future :)

Well seeing as this is a new site . I'm going to be making small changes.The first change is the replies banner made by mystic destiny, Thank you Mystic . Today I have a few different pics from various places that you could visit on holiday.


Sne Jord- The land of Snow


Skiing for the pro's to the beginners


The ski lift. It takes you up then you ski down. Simple!


After a good days skiing you can relax at the lodge and drink hot chocolate .


Torglavia home of the Tors. One of the first viking sites and one of the only places that has a rich viking culture with everything from museums to outdoor activity like sailing a longboat.


The vikings invaded in 820 and left a interesting heritage .


This camping site is only reachable is you canoe down the small stream. Surrounded by forest and all the nature you'll ever want this is the ultimate camping location.

Well that is it for my first Cj update in the new cj section on the new st. So please comment where would you go on holiday? Torglavia or Sne Jord?


South Obyer Airport

Hello! Today I have a reasonably short update showing Obyershire's first airport. It is called South Obyer International Airport and has a cargo terminal, passenger terminal and 2 runways.

Cargo terminal



Passenger terminal






So any improvements?


Note: By Footbal I mean the sport that some people call 'soccer'

Today we are looking at Obyer and its first major sport: Football! Football was bought over by the people that fled from Eeshire. Before that Obyershires only sporting event was the Farmland Games. As there is few really talented players in the small region, football has yet to reach the point where money has taken over the fun of the game. So far there are only 3 grounds and 5 teams.

The teams are:

Obyer observers

Made up of mostly the people of Obyer. They were called observers as they had to watch the Eeshire players play before they got learnt how to play. Recently, they have been improving.

Eeshire Unitied

Mainly ex-Eeshire league players that have untied to show the people of Obyer how to play the beautiful game.

Woodcuter Wanderers

Players that work in the woodcutting industry (http://i.imgur.com/74h2R.jpg ). These are the best defenders, but lake the pace to be a attacking threat.

Lord's Conquers

Made up of workers from the Lords estate. Football has yet to impress the Lord enough for him to invest greatly in it, but if the Lord invests he could buy all the best players.

Postman Passers:

Made of Postmen that all ways arrive on time and deliver good passes but aren't the best overall.

The grounds:

Cronell Park

Played in by; Obyer Observers


Combination Stadium

Played in by: Eeshire Untied, Postmen Passers and Woodcutter Wanderers


The Lord's Ground

Played in by; Lord's Conquers


Finally, I would like to ask if there is anyone with a Cj that would like to play against Obyershire then please leave a comment and we can arrange a match. Please comment, rate and +1. Thanks for viewing bye!


Lowous Industry


Today we are going to the industrial valley called lowous.

Regional view



Rubbish and waste is a real problem. Also big tankers are forced to park in clearings.




Nuclear Power Station



Round the corner is much nicer by the spring.





Night Industry


Thank you for viewing please comment, rate and +1



Whilst the troubles in Eeshire were going on,(In the entries before Christmas) some clever people fled to Obyer in Obyershire. Here is Obyer....

Residental Houses

Scanell area


Cronell area








The High street


Sea-side Holiday Cottages


The Lord's Estate

Farm land and workers houses


The Manor house


A Night shot


Please rate, comment and like! Thank you!


The end of a era!

In the last few weeks the war has been quiet and has had little effect on the majority of the region apart from...

The markets in Hazter basin,which are experiencing a food shortage, as before the war food was bought in from Parwick but now that is in TNPEM territory and is off bounds to all of the residents from the King's land.


The main reason it is off bounds is because this miss match of random vehicles spend all day everyday stopping anyone cross the border unless they have a document given to them by the TNPEM section in charge of inter-eeshire travel. The Combine Harvester is very good at stopping visitors that try and run past.


As the war is starting to starve people in the kings territory the army ( Last entry they said they would be neutral and seek the best interest of the citizens) have said they will invade and stop the starvation if the king does not accept he has lost and surrender to TNPEM.

With this hard decision ahead he went off to the mountains to think and mediate.


His decision was to surrender. Quickly, he was taken into the custody of TNPEM and TNPEM had a vote to see what they should do. The most popular decision was to expel him to the land of snow and grass. He would be sent food by packages dropped from planes and left to live in the strange temple that no one knows anything about..


So thats the era of monarchy over and with that this CJ. I may continue it as a new CJ called something like New Eeshire or just keep it in this CJ. So do you think justice was done and what are your thoughts on this cj overall? please comment your thoughts.

Thank you and Goodbye for now!44.gif


From Protests to War

Late last night, TNPEM offically declared war on the King. Hours later the country was split into two main sides. The left side wanting democracy and the right wanting Monarchy.


The country is split depending on who got where first. As no one really cares and just go along with who ever wants to be in charge. North and South haven't even heard about the war starting never mind choosing a side.

To change this each side scrabbled to convert them. Luckly TNPEM went south towards Haxc and Corniop and the King headed North to Neugir and the army base. Lets see where TNPEM have gone; to Haxc!


As you can see Haxc is a major provider of food and jobs. Only access able by rail the TNPEM party took there time geting there.


They did a speech at the church to the few residents that actually stay in Haxc all the time. Haxc is also quite multi cultural with a few Aisans living here in Aisan style houses. People also came from the outer skirts of Haxc to listen. Mainly from this complex.


This a unique layout in Eeshire. Houses or shops facing the outer road and parking in the centre. At the end of all this the residents were not the really bothed by it and came to the descion that they won't take part in the fighting but will support the winning side.

Now over to the King attempt to have the army and Neugir on his side.


On the way they passed this small hamlet and when asked if they would support the KIng they said they would do what the army did. Next they came to Neugir..


Neugir is the second biggest town in Eeshire and as TNPEM have Parwick,the biggest town, the King really wants Neugir to help even the numbers. Like the smaller hamlet Neugir said they would follow what the army did.


The army have decided that in the best intrest of Eeshire as a nation they shall remain neutral

Well it seems no one has gain but the kings control on the region has disappered

Replies from last entry are in last enties comment section. Thanks for viewing please comment and rate!


Unrest and Protest

Welcome to the beginning of the end for Eeshire as we know it...

Today the king is meeting an angry group of protesters that like to call themselves ‘The new parliament of Eeshire movement’ (or TNPEM). As you can tell from the name they want Eeshire to change from a Monarchy to a Democracy. Of course the King is having none of this but is a kind enough person to explain why to them he said:

‘Well you see the problem with a democracy is that it would over complicate this nation of humble farmers. The maximum amount of people that could vote is about 12000 and out of these roughly half live in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t vote as its too much both to trek all the to where ever they have to vote. Especially as it hardly affects them! I provide as much as you ever could; I give you schools, adequate medical care, good road and rail access and much more. Why should we need to change?’

This disheartened the hangers on to the movement as they thought the King would just agree and let them supposedly modernise the country. The leader on the other hand was even stronger and aggressively said

‘Well that’s a nice speech for a Dictator with a title, but I’m not giving my reasons to a useless leader that’s only here because his family cheated the country out of a fair democracy.’

This had never been the view of the citizens of Eeshire and therefore made the King shocked and confused. The King went on to question their reasoning for such a (possibly) false statement. Before the King could answer the leader of the protesters said,

‘What are we waiting for lets spread the message!’

The King murmured,

‘Well there’s no law against that but just in case...’

Here is the courthouse it was taking place in


It seems the protesters decided to block the road with a bus as shown on the news


The queue ended up like this


Soon the a army truck and the police came and chased them off.


The King was annoyed at the police as he warned them just after his talk with TNPEM that something was going to happen. He was relieved the army helped out but his loyality from the army was about to change....

Thanks for viewing please comment and rate!


Total works

hi just a little thing you may like. Its pretty much everything I have shown on Simtropolis.

CJ Intro http://imgur.com/a/hdKQo#oG

Berate a image http://imgur.com/axCHm 2 http://imgur.com/vKr19

CJ Magical Tour Album http://imgur.com/a/pKPhH#OsYFQ

CJ Sasong Tribe http://imgur.com/a/AMslf#1b59W

Show us your parks http://imgur.com/HS5i5

CJ Football Teams http://imgur.com/a/AOpkX#HWzaE http://imgur.com/xz8Ie

Random http://imgur.com/dm30j http://imgur.com/XU1j6

CJ Basson tribe http://imgur.com/a/2kAvP#J4jy0 http://imgur.com/a/XElF8#cZKIC http://imgur.com/o4s8l

CJ Hazter basin http://imgur.com/a/DKfVk#AttN6

CJ Grarths http://imgur.com/a/AcShM#FLv22

CJ Mines http://imgur.com/a/FCDp3#bUFfA

Park http://imgur.com/VrAda

CJ Delving Time http://imgur.com/a/I2iYv#xmNj2

CJ Alien http://imgur.com/a/irL5c#neQpd

Junction http://imgur.com/nHFDx

CJ Coheres http://imgur.com/a/ZXkzB#fH9ZH

TvA Councils http://imgur.com/a/9zMqX#gOYKc http://imgur.com/fiRE1

CJ Felines http://imgur.com/F1ICU http://imgur.com/a/y57HJ#MuVpn http://imgur.com/834zP

CJ Embassy http://imgur.com/a/zKztA#tTW3m

Random http://imgur.com/vDZ1C http://imgur.com/CKRQe

CJ Rockey Common http://imgur.com/a/CpFkd

CJ Best Village http://imgur.com/a/160g0

CJ Best village2 http://imgur.com/a/EYT6X http://imgur.com/a/Hr7TW

Train Map http://imgur.com/Sba68 http://i.imgur.com/t2lRv.png

CJ Feline return http://imgur.com/a/2tnRN

Bus map http://i.imgur.com/fpfWyh.png http://imgur.com/a/SaGEf

CJ history http://imgur.com/a/5vsTP


Political Info etc


@escilnavia Thank you!

@emperordaniel Thanks! And i explained in my comment and the eeshire felines my be related to the cat in your second comment.

@Schulmanator Thanks for letting me do this!

@Will12 Thanks mate

Hello today we are going to reveiw what I've said so far about the inner working of Eeshire so here are the facts:

Name: Eeshire

National anthem: 99 luftballons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZwhzf8NC4o

National Motto: However far away we will still be one

Government: Monarchy (a.k.a there isn’t a government just a king\queen)

Current Ruler: King Thamas Holt

Official Language: English

Other Language: Eeshire version of English

Urbanisation: 1%

Unoccupied: 67%

Rural: 32%

Currency: Eeshire Pounlar

Drives on: Left

Firstly, I can say that the 99 luftballons as song as a anthem was thought of by a previous King namely King Dervon Holt. King Dervon started the tradition of release 99 ballons on a day when sport is played; this is still done today.

Secondly, the eeshire version of english has a few changes in spelling (like passsenger) and one or two new words.

Thirdly, Poundlar is one of these words and has been since King Ricouis Holt started the usage of money in Eeshire.

Now here is the Holt family logo


(sorry its not the best) It shows the swamp weeds that are common and the pine trees that are also common. The rail leading up to the crown shows that all roads lead to the king.


This is the whole nations flag. Its meaning is a mystery.

Thats all heres a teaser


Thanks for viewing please comment!


Felines Return


@Samerton Non-Square farming for the win!!:thumb:

@Terring Thanks! The terrian is mostly thanks to the Meadowshire mod. Also I downloaded that slope mod you suggested in the CJ school.

Today, the felines that didn't head off to the BFA giving us a tour of thier hamlet. Lets start...


The first thing we come to is the Bungalow's of the Fredick family and the Mew family


Slowly, we walk into the centre and admire the posh wall to walls.


We see one young kitten thats still amazed that there is this creature called 'human'


Finallly, we stop at the Anglia Hall.

A few hours later...

After a long trek to the BFA office, the felines have returned to there hamlet in parwick woods. Most of the felines were shocked to find out that there were other felines.


After greetings were made between the king of Eeshire and the BFA consultant, they sat down and discused what each party would do. The place where this was held was the Anglia Hall.


The talks ended with all sides agreeing to these rules


When everything was sorted everyone strolled through the woods to this place..


This complex contains the Kings second castle, the head church of Eeshire and the newly built embassy.


Firstly they had a short service in the church and then some of the younger felines bathed in the newly built pool

NOHBj.jpgFinally, Finally, the King gave the embassy to the BFA and they had dinner by the pond.


Best Village part 2



@NMUspidey; good thinking

@Escilnavia Thanks

Today is the next round of the best village award! Last entry you voted that your 2 favourite villages were Flatious and Corniop. So now we will look deepeer into the village because you judge a book by its cover! Let begin with Flatious...


Flatious is one of the larger villages and has lots to offer.


Just over 200 people. The long building in the middle is the village hall and school. Dtc7o.jpg

Non square farming for the winmE6oh.jpg<LI These old mills are the effect of a mini indusrtial boom in this town.


Another indurtial exculsive to this town is the rail distridution centre.


This the villages only cow farm and eeshires only farm to make its own diary products in a factory on site

Nows lets follow the villages nature trail.








Well thats the ins and outs of Flatious. More about Corniop soon.


Best Village Award!

Hello! Lets start with replies:

@Kakado_to_save Thanks :thumb:

@Jololee They were made by the VIP team here on the stex

@Will12 Thanks! :thumb: Some of the credit must go to the custom contents creators though

Today is the beginng of the Best VIllage Awards! You may wonder why now, well it is decided now because soon the village's flowers will ruined by old man Winter himself. So today is the part of the awards were you decide the best 2 villages out of the 4 choosen by me.You can vote for 1 village and at the end the two with the most votes will be in the next entry. Here are the final 4:


A nice little village surrounded by rail and trees



A small farming village by the side of a mountain



A tiny village that makes lovely sugar.



A large village on the side of the river Hazter


Thats the villages guys plz vote which one you think is best!

And as always please comment rate and +1.


Rockey Common


Today we will be wondering around rockey common. A place still used as common land but in a bit of disrepair.


Its quite a hard place to get to due to rocks being left on the road...


Here is something called a community farm. It was orginally made to be used by everyone so they could all get the farming experience, but recently has been forgotten and left to grow in the between the trees.


Letting cattle roam on the land is one thing that hasn't changed.


The cows get everywhere!


Finally, the land is used by campers from time to time.

Well thats it! What did you think? Please comment thoughts on the update.


Felines Found

Hi guys! Firstly heres the replies....

@Hahei Thanks for the feedback. Just to let u know i am working on improving the forest and tribes.

no more comments :(

Before we begin i would like to say thanks to Schulmanator :thumb: :thumb: as he made this update possible. So onwards with the update!

Today the people of Eeshire were having thier end of September picnic when...

They discovered a feline village here it is

Resized to 79% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargeF1ICU.jpg

Nervousily, they stepped into the village and was quickly meet by the felines. Soon all humans and felines around were talking about who they are and how suprising it is that they hadn't seen each over the years. The next day they arranged to meet up and show each other around various places. Here they're fishing. They use very different techniques...

Resized to 97% (was 826 x 296) - Click image to enlargeMuVpn.jpg

Next they played a bit of sport then had lunch at the resteruant

Resized to 79% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlargezHAlz.jpg

There was one disagreemant over what to have on the pizza but it was solved.


The King of Eeshire heard that felines had been found and came from his castle to talk with them.

Resized to 79% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlarge834zP.jpg

They discussed many things and came to an agreement that Eeshire will extend full citizenship to the feline population. The feline assembly, shown below, will send a delegation to the Bureau of Feline Affairs at their new location in The Wirdleplex to formalize this new relationship.


Thanks for viewing please coment and rate!!:ohyes:


The Coheres


Today we are looking at the Coheres.The fifth tribe shown from the Basson Forest.


The Coheres are different from the rest of the tribes for many reasons



Firstly they get most of there food from cows not fishing or crops.


Secondly they live in Teepees not treehouses.


You may have noticed most tribes have lookouts like this ,but the Coheres have more lookouts then anyone.


This building has a underground chamber where the Tribal Council meet. (Yes the tribes are Democratic sometimes :whatevs: )

Thats all you need to know about the Coheres. Next time we'll be looking at thewhat the tribal council are doing about the Aliens.

Thanks for viewing. Please comment and rate.


Aliens in the Forest

Welcome! Today we will be looking at the aliens seen in the Grarths Tribe entry. A lot has changed since last time...


Heres what it looks like now.


The aliens are very clever and have made huts by a pond to fish from.


They are also very protective and have set up a lookout.


The aliens look like this.Recently the Bedravres tribe have spot the aliens.

Lets explore the Bedraves tribe.


This tribe used to be massive but now the population is in decline.


They are great builders as these were bulit entirely by hand. No Cranes or anything.


Now they spend there days fishing.

Thats all folks! Plz rate and comment


Delving Time!

Well it seems we have reached the tenth entry and this entry is about delving time. Actually, let me tell you a little secret it should really be called How Eeshire finds out what the time is every so often because the alarm clock has lost its batterys. I can assure its more intresting then that! Lets begin:


We start are journey here by Deog hill.


Specifically, here at the timed tomato growers.


Next we pass through the hamlet of Nix ,which has a nice sugar grower.


Now i know this is just a shed ,but its important as it is Tim the Timekeepers house.


Now we must be getting close as the road has changed to gravel!


Well here's the place to tell the time.

Lastly, i have heard that these clocks are to do with the spaceship in the basson forest (The Grarths Entry)

Thanks for viewing please rate and comment what you think!!


Baliam Mines

Hi guys! Well todays entry takes us west from the Basson Forest and to the Baliam Mines. A place only reachable by train ,but that doesn't matter so heres the update:









Sorry no writing about pictures today.

Thanks for viewing


Grarths Tribe

We say Hello! We say ¡Hola and We say Bonjour! (guess the song thats from :thumb:) Today we are walking back in to the Basson Forest and seeing the Grarths Tribe mostly so what are we waiting for lets go.


Well that the overview of the most northern tribe in the forest.


First we come to the gloomy graveyard and shaman's house.


Here is the edge of the forest house. Much more cheerful then the graveyard.


Here is the east viewpoint.


Well here is a spaceship that landed in the unoccupied land in the middle of the jungle!


Lastly, heres a teaser.

Thanks for viewing! Plz comment and rate! Don't forget to guess the song the first line is from!



Hi guys. Recently i have been wondering about a few thing. So here are some question i would like you to answer in the comment sections please.:read:

1. Which entry did you like best?

2. How could i improve this CJ?

3. What parts of my CJ do you like?

4. Which parts don't you like?

5. Do you think this CJ is in the top 30 of this site?

Thanks for answering now here are some picture from previous entries.




Thanks! plz comment your answers


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