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About this City Journal

Flint Illinois can't just stay the same can't it? Whether it be a violent Tornado that makes a Opportunity for Change, or me just being Bored and knowing that I can make a lot of...

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If you know me, you know that it takes me a long time to come up with a downtown That I can truly be proud of, well It may just be my opinion, but I think ive did a good improvement.

( Before )




Now from that view it doesn't look as good, but lets see some other views, then night shots!







Next update we will see a updated Flint Marina. I will also be doing a large amount of custom content downloading to get some Medium density residential and commercial bats. Since Maxis buildings are how do you say... ugly. If you have any suggestions for such buildings please say :) And please comment, suggest, and give feedback.


A True Introduction


Flint, Illinois. Now you know what it is, now it's time you know it personally. So let's go Wiki style, and back to more Ancient Times in the cities History, and a basic introduction.

Modern Map


( Made with W-Vista's paint, I'm proud, not very proud, but it works for now)

Flint sits on the 6th Great lake, Patomic. It started, like you can see above, right at the edge of Davenport, and ends just above St.louis. The lake also extends to just North East of the Kansas city MSA, and bordered Ottumwa, IA. Around Flint is also what is called the Patomic Hills, caused by the fact that the lake had to move the ground somewhere. Though the hills aren't to high, there are what some call stray mountains, one being near Flint itself.

There are two major rivers that are also within the City, the Flint, and Fox rivers. The Fox rivers head south towards Peoria, though heads southwest, and ends south of Canton, IL While the Flint ends near Mendota, IL. There are numerous smaller rivers around the area also.

Pre Mayor Anders History

The town started as a Trading outpost by Fur traders, mainly the French, then the English. It became a town officially by 1831, with a Residential population of nearly 2000. For the next 50 years, and even past that it would serve as a important outpost for expiation to the Frontier, and the town economy, trading, and shipping industries continued to boom. With World War 1, and then later in the boom of the 20's the town would reach a height of 40,000 people, and as a important center for Northeastern, Illinois.

The Depression would be the end of all that, as the city population shrank to 30,000, and the Economy declined drastically. As the cities main industries of trading, as well Industrial production were hit hard. The Flint Hooverville, which included city residents, and out of towners from the areas around Flint, was sometimes even called bigger then the city itself.

With the end of Depression and World War two, things wouldn't improve. Companies looked at other areas, like Davenport, or even other cities for there production, Flint's population continued to decline for the next 70 years.

Mayor Anders, and the Flint boom

in 2002 a new Mayor we elected, Mayor Anders. He ran on a Green, economic platform. And his first act was mayor was to make new Jobs by creating the Flint Wind Mill program, it coasted Millions, but Federal funding had helped the project. He also used the city Tax system, cuts, and Initiatives, to help encourage growth. And a city Ad campaign that ran in many other urban areas encouraged Residence to move to the city. Modernization programs also upgrading the schools, roads, and other city infrastructure.

Within two years, though slowly at first, the Momentum had built up, and the city growth rate had averaged at at 7% per year now. The city economy had started to boom, and the City had started to reevaluate it's position, and started to look at more ways to grow. And within 5 years the population had reached 25,000. While the cities economy boomed, as shipping industry, manufacturing, and services took hold.

Mayor Anders's Exit, the city faces problems, economic crisis.

Near the end of his term, issues had started to become blankly apparent. Bad city planning was effecting the city in more ways then one. Multiple political scandals around him had started to bring him down as well. Then the final stone came in place with the 2008 Economic crisis. International Holding Group, a international bank that was HQ'ed in the city faced many issues, and layed off many. The manufacturing downturn hurt the city, laying off thousands. And while the economic scare continued to happen it effected almost all city sectors.

in a 2009 Emergency Election he was held in February, and a new Mayor, named mayor Ashford ® Was elected on the wave of Republicanism that had recently hit Flint.

A New hope

The city since then has been on a path of Change. The city, using a exotic tax code, and AFDES funding, started to replan the city, and set in a Masterplan for growth of the Region. The economy in 2009 started to return to a state of growth, and many Flint company's, with the cities new growth plan, used it to there advantage, and growth stared. The city park system was upgraded, and new green space was made.



Tourism/Out of town business-  Flint is a regional Destination for many of the areas around it, while the cities scenic hills, and Urban nature has helped the city attract many tourist, and nature lovers. While the Flint lake front, and Marina help attract water lovers from all areas of Illinois.

Finance- Multiple banks, as well Flint's own, International Holding Group, call Flint home, while IHG itself also has real estate, and Insurance. Flint is also home to Mid American Real Estate company, which found it's start with the end of the 08 crisis.

Manufacturing- The city has a strong manufacturing sector, that continues to produce new, American made products. Americans by 2010 had very much wanted to buy American made goods, and that had a adverse effect as some company's, and many small businesses started 'were American made' ads.

Utility- The Flint Energy and Resource sector accounts for a large amount of it's exports. Coal, as well Oil storage play a large part in putting it on the energy map, while the Flint Wind mills, and Nuclear power station have made it a example of clear energy.

Service- Like any regional center the city has a vibrant Downtown, and service sector. Through many malls, shopping areas, and local businesses the city's service sector continues to be a growing part of the economy.

City- The city maintain's large modernization efforts, as well Environmental efforts to encourage a green environment for Business and people. The city so far has planned over 50,000 tree's. Clean light bulbs, as well many other efforts had made the city a example for being Green. This is partly due to a 'Green' rivalry with Chicago.

Shipping-  The city, through it's multiple highway connecting, large seaport, and rail connections has become a central area for Shipping in the midwest. Oil shipments from other areas, like Virgin Shores, has also helped this.

( More will come as this Cj continues to grow and prosper, expect a new completed downtown update later tonight. :)


Now, let's start things off. Flint, Illinois, you've seen it, hopefully, in many of my past CJ's first as a major city, then a farm community that started to become a boomtown. Now the Third Flint, which is really just a rebuilt of the 2nd one after I pretty much messed it up, and found many many ways to improve it, is the best Flint yet!

Old Flint


The economy wasn't the best at the moment, The real estate boom had collapse, and bad Planning left the city without a clear growth plan. The new Flint, a better Flint, has it's developments bases off Clean, Green planning.


And really, you think that looks much, wait to you see the Marina >:) But that will come later, as Flint has improved even beyond this base image.


Hard to notice, but there's a lot of green there! And a central train station that actually is for a real city might I add.

Then I finally let the city grow for a view years, and for the rest of what I can only call this mini update, are mini shots of some nice areas.






Flint still has a long way to go until it's that dense, urban metropolitan area that ive Envisioned, and I'm looking forward to any feedback, good, bad, in the middle, suggestions, or even just commenting in general as I developed it :)

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