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New Friscia

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About this City Journal

Welcome to the mountainous realm of a strong federation.

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Finally made it! I honestly didn't think I would find my way here, but the subway was an awesome experience!


Thank goodness I downloaded the Lamare Metro app. It really made taking the train a lot easier.


I mean, look at this map! It's sooo confusing!


That's right. I am not a city girl... I grew up in a small town where the main mode of transport was Farmer Tom's horse buggy.

Lamare is soo different. Buses, trains, taxis... there are so many options! And the buildings, they're huge! This is the Supreme Court Building:


And of course, the National Parliament Building! I never thought I would get to see it in person.



But I came here to visit the Cathedral. It was always Mom's dream to come back to this church.

Years ago, Mom and Dad met here for the first time. The rest was history!




Lamare is the capital city of New Friscia and is the core city of the National Capital Territory.

The image below shows Parliament Hill, home to the New Friscian Parliament Building and many federal ministries.



2 June 2011

We've been on the road for roughly two days now traversing the Great Coastal Highway (Luke wanted to take this route over the National Highway, which would have brought us to Courberg hours ago). When we left Sacré Cœur, it was still blindingly bright out and had it not been for our 1994 convertible Zion Solara, today's 37 centigrade high would have been pretty unbearable. We've about 16 km left until we hit the city but both Luke and the sun are begging to retire.


So the town of Camden would serve as our final stop for the day. I can't really complain since we did agree to take it easy on this road trip. Camden seemed like a nice, quaint town anyway.


But there isn't much to see or do. The only thing worth noting is the fish port at the end of Main St. where we saw fishermen unload their catch of what looked like salmon(?). I personally don't like the smell of dead fish but it's pretty much what this whole town smells like apart from the citrus farms.



Before the sun completely, I opted to explore the inner neighborhoods where several large wooden houses stood. They were probably built when Matlow was still a colony. There weren't many, but it was fascinating to see a bit of history still preserved in this otherwise rather dull community.


The one thing that did fascinate me about this town were the horses by the elementary school. I wonder if the kids have to take horse riding classes?


Anyway, tonight Luke and I will be staying at the one motel in Camden--Sunset Inn. I guess not many people stop by here which is kind of unsettling. On a positive note, I just had one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had over at the diner next door. Definitely worth a second visit.


In a few minutes, we'll be heading over to the quay to watch the sunset.



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