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About this City Journal

A modern city, full of wonders and sights.

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Country Side

In this update, we will be looking at the very edge of suburbia. A few towns swallowed by farmland.

It's a 1 hour drive from the central city to the nearest farms, but it's worth it.

the first stop, is the small town of Wentworth, roughly 8,000 citizens. It is a heavy industry and farming town, with plenty of jobs to offer. It often holds the state fair, every year where thousands come to the town to get very cheap things of all sorts. The most recognisable thing in the town would be the Giant Cathedral. When built, the people had on their minds that the town would become a thriving metropolis, sadly, that never happened.


Most farmers are enjoying life on their peaceful farms, but not for long, as they face a man-made threat, urban sprawl. The urban fringe of Dandenong has never been in the same place for more than a year, as the citizens want to build out, not up. Now, we come to another small town of around 3,000. This town is very new, built around an old church refurbished to become the town hall. it wasn't there a year ago. It is Dandenong's actions to supply housing for the growing population.


Now, away from the towns and to the farms. Most are just squares, but some are pretty out-there. Trees line the edge of every farm, to give you a sense of freedom.

(i've tried to make them as life-like as possible, i have yet to download SPAM)



But don't think that these farms are boring, 6 times a year, everyone in the area throws a festival, fireworks guaranteed. Starts in the afternoon and goes well unto dusk.




I hope you enjoyed the Country side.



Region View

This is the first region view that i am gong to show, i will only show region views in this thread, i will update it when with more region views later on.

Only showing the parts i have build on though.





Hot Spots

The hot spots for tourism. They are recognised threw out the world as a must see.

The performing arts centre, which holds most of the city's music and art performances.


The town hall, built a few years after the city was first settled, it is a prime example of early architecture and it is an icon of the city.


The St. Peters Cathedral is also a prime example of early architecture, it is one of the most recognisable buildings of the city, everyone in the city knows about it.


Parliament house, where the city council and politicians and located, they make the decisions that put the make the city it is today.


Government House and Catherdral, where the goverment is located, this building is vital for the city.


Now, as the city tried to gain international recognition, they built "phoney" buildings, replicas of other buildings. These are as followed:




Thank you,



City Views.

The CBD, had a huge boom of office buildings in the early 80's and late 90's but now there are some offices that are empty, due to the harsh economic times, many companies have let workers go and have completely closed down. Now, they are waiting for someone to call them home. The city has said that no more buildings will be constructed (there are a few exceptions) in till every last space is full. The residents don't seem to mind, as they enjoy the skyline just the way it is, branching over into the vast ocean like a palm tree.

Now, lets start the tour of the city, here is the the city right on the edge of the peninsular. In that picture, you can see the Police Station, Capital Records and 152 Plaza, one of the cities tallest buildings.


And here is the other side, much larger but it still has it's share of empty buildings. In this picture you can see the Town Hall, Crown Casino, Central Park, Dandenong Museum and many famous hotels lining the shore.


The inner suburbs, with tall, old and historic apartments the popular choice of living. The Dandenong Education centre can be seen and can't be missed, as it is one of the biggest buildings in the city, It has all the levels of education from Pre School to uni, it's a one step education system.


That's all for now, but we have time for one more visit, the Dande Tower, built in the suburbs it can be seen from every angle of the city. There was some protests about it being constructed but over time it turned into a international icon.


Thank you,




It was founded and first settled on Morning Peninsular, Frazer Islandwhere the City Centre or CBD currently is now. At first, it was a small miningtown, but those days are long over. The last mine shut down 20 years ago, andtoday the city has received the nickname "green city" as it is veryenvironmentally friendly.

The main transportation system is bus and subway. There are no highwayson Frazer Island as there is no need, with wide roads and streets nowhere nearfull capacity. The bus network is the highest ranked in the world; most bussesare passenger-friendly and the busses running a loop around the city and innersuburbs free of charge. Subway, the stations now are only located in the CBDand inner suburbs, but there are plans to extend the network to CentralActivity Centers that are "going to boom any second"- Mayor.

There are many tourist attractions in the city, the most popular being:The CBD, Town Hall, Parliament House, the 3 Volcanoes, The Arts Centre, Jouryislands, Volcanic Lake and also the cruise ship ride around the island.

The city has a high education, police, hospital and environment rate butnot so much with the fire, a new fire station is set to be completed in thecity and existing stations are going to go threw a huge make over, with 1 newtruck to every station and more employees.

I hope you found this interesting, pictures and more in up-comingupdates.


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