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A new region, a first CJ

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Well, I'm sorry to say this, but Northern Pacifica is over. I lost the map when I went without an OS on my PC for 3 weeks and wiped the hard drive. I guess I kind of wanted to end this anyway. I didn't get much response. Thanks for the people who did respond. Maybe some day, after I get SimCity 4 working on my Linux box (Or get Windows), I'll start a new CJ. Until then, say good bye to a CJ from me. ps2owner, signing out.


Hello and Welcome back to Northern Pacifica! No this CJ is not dead. It was just put on hold for a while. Anyway, back to business.

So, Norther Pacfica Is In desperate need of better Highways and Interstates. Its trucking Industry is almost non existent, and Residents are pushed away from moving here cause of bad roadways. The region has authorized the construction of a brand spanking new Highway and Interstate system!

It's not entirely finished yet, but here's some pics.


First of, A new Interstate, I-64, is under construction near the edge of the region, and here is its connection with the new Interstate 89.


Later on down Interstate 89, we have a Bridge going above the Interstate, this will be for Interstate 26, once it it finished.


Also, near by we have a new racetrack that is almost complete. Think Gran Turismo. :)

highlandrhw4rhw2parall.pngHere we have the connection between Interstate 26 and Interstate 13. I-13 is not a place to be on Friday. #bad pun


Back on I-89, we have lots of twists and turns as at climbs up and over the Pacifica Range.


And here is where Interstate 89 Connects with I-16. Down I-16 a bit there will be a T intersection to I-28, but that is not built yet.


And Finally, here is where I-26 connects with I-9 and goes south to Northern Pacifica, and the Airport.

Well thanks for reading this update, It's not the best or most comprehensive, but its kind of a "hey, this CJ isn't dead!" kind of update.

Oh and here's a little map to help you with navigation in Northern Pacifica.

(Blue is built, and Red is planned)



So, welcome back. I'll try not to do weird thinks like build an airport for a 4000 Sim Region next time. Anyway, sorry about this, but the teaser seen in update 2 will have to be put back to another update, maybe next time.

Okay, so welcome to Upper Lakeview


Lakeview City dosn't exist yet, but don't tell that to the founder of Upper Lakeview ;)


This is the layout of the roads as of now, but It'll most likely change.

You can see that there is Main Street twice there, ignore that, it's a mistake by me, the blue main street is Center Street.

In order to shorten commute times, a Commuter train line has been built



Bus stops are also very prominent in Upper Lakeview.

Here is a shot of the intersection between Center Street and Highway 57

(Note: This shot and one or two others are older, but they still show what they intend to, and the general layout of the major roads has not changed)


Upper Lakeview has many lemon farms...


....but with It's health care, schools, and rising population....


....This may have sounded the death knell for farms:


With 15,000 Sims, and a profit of over 1000 simoleans a month, the future looks bright, but...


Upper Lakeview's Salvation could also be it's damnation.....


Welcome back.The teaser was..... an airport! Yes an airport has been constructed on an artificial island. Today we are going to the newly constructed Northern Pacifica International Airport (NPAX.


First off, NPAX has a very large parking area. If demand goes up enough, it might add a level to the ground parking.


Here is the main passenger terminal. It is the hub of most activities in the airport, but not all.


Here is the business class jets and private jet area, in the south of the airport.


Night shot!


Over here we have the freight terminal, the main hub of freight at the airport.


The cheapest flights are usually near this terminal, making the Sims who buy them walk the farthest.


Around here we have the medium priced flights, Sims who buy these don't have to walk as much.


Here is an overview of the airport.


Night shot!


(I can't help it. The night lighting is too good to pass up)

Remember, If you want to know what mod something came from/where to get the mod, just ask me.

Well, that's today, but before I go, Teaser! :)




What is going on........


Hello, and welcome to Northern Pacifica, so named because it is in the North Pacific.

Here is an overview of the new region:


As you can see, most of the terrain is weird colors. this is because this terrain was terraformed with sc4terraformer. Here is the city we shall be visiting today:


Pacifica Bay is a small city with just around 3000 Sims, and a highway, which is owned by the city, because it doesn't cost too much to maintain. Here are a few shots of the city:


The school area,


The police department, which has been given a grant from the government for high speed cruisers to catch the bad guys on the long stretches of highway,


And the avenue underpass, which is around where most of the rich people have decided to show up.

Today, the Pacifica Bay Highway Department (PBHD) is going to upgrade a CloverLeaf interchange, in anticipation of heavy traffic along 2 crossing highways, Highway 9 and Highway 26. The money is coming from a wealthy businessman, pleased with the city officials and sick of the current eyesore of an interchange. First, the PBHD ripped out the on and off ramps of the existing interchange:


Then they destroyed a section of embanked Highway 9 over Highway 26:


And they leveled the terrain:


And built the elevated section of Highway 9:


After that, they built the loop ramps, making the interchange functional:


And built the direct ramps, making it convenient. Here is the finished interchange:


The businessman left extra money for them to do what they wanted to, and after some debate, the city has decided on a canal. The route was chosen and construction began:


And then the canal was finished:


As you can see it may be possible to float a deceased Sim down the canal to the cemetery, instead of using a hearse.

Well that's it for today, but before I go to eat breakfast, here's 2 teaser images, giving you a hint of what will happen next time:



Oh, and If you ever want to know what Mod something is in an update, just ask in the comments and I'll tell you. ps2owner out.


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