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A Post-Modern Metropolis

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Venture City now has a professional baseball team. The Venture City Monarchs!




The Home of The Monarchs for the 2012 season will be Brady Field. Located at 42nd St. and Aramingo Avenue.


Brady Field is currently the home of Venture University's NCAA baseball team, The Super Scientists.


The Super Scientists will share time this season between Brady Field and a smaller field nearby..


as construction is completed on Monarch Ballpark, scheduled to be opened in 2013.


Coming April 2013!



Finally, a sneak peek at Venture University.



Center City Venture


Welcome to Journal Entry Number Four! The downtown section of Venture City is finally complete. Right in the center is Urbaniak Isle, home to the Venture Shawkats, our brand new MLS soccer team that noone really seems to care about.. I'm sure they'll catch on eventually. Also on the isle is a one of a kind cultural center, which includes an interactive science museum and a 2,500 seat capacity auditorium for concerts and such.


Another shot of downtown from the north, and a peek at the football stadium.


The northern bridges in and out of Urbaniak Isle and the Canal Mall.




The luxury towers that line the east side of the isle.


Killinger Stadium, home to the Venture City Killingers


City Hall at night


Finally, some up close shots of Venture City's Massive skyline



Thank you all for checking out my CJ. I took some advice about using new trees and I'm still trying to work that out. I'm using the Simfox MMP set, but I don't think I'm very good at using them yet. As always, comments, criticism, general praise are always welcome. Don't forget for rate! Thank you again. - Jody.



Jackson Publick Park is located in South West Venture. This is a shot of McCulloch Boulevard and the luxury homes and hotels that line it.52021820.jpg

Here's another shot of the park from the east. Enjoy.


A wealthy neighborhood just to the north of center city Venture.


This is just a sneak peek of an apartment complex I'm building. It's been two days of bulldozing while my other fingers are crossed, praying for a damn SimFox Tower to pop up. I do love how they look all grouped together though. Once I do get it done I'm going to need a name as well. I'm thinking "Paradise Gardens", but the Real Estate developer wants to go with "Sudden Valley" I don't know though, kinda conjures up the image of a sink hole, ya know?


Once again, thank you for checking out my CJ, This is my 3rd entry in I think 5 days, and I'm really enjoying it. I especially love the feedback and now feel guilty about how little commenting I've done on other's Journals. Also, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome. Thank You again, and don't forget to Rate! -Jody




The Wealthy residents of Thaddeus Avenue enjoy luxury condominiums and all the football they can catch a glimpse of from their terraces above. (With the right pair of binoculars you can actually see the bones snapping from up there!) They can also hop a train out of there to the nearest starbucks or art gallery, before the drunken, shirtless, face painted hoards head home to whatever lower middle class whatever neighborhood they came from.(Who's decision was is to put this damn eyesore in the middle of downtown in the first place?) Anyways... much more on the entire sports complex to come in the next few days.


This is a shot of the park taken some time between the invention of paddle boats and color film, so enjoy!


Thank you for checking out my very young CJ and kudos to you if you actually read all this crap. If so, please reward yourself by giving me 5 stars. Thank You again, as always.... -Jody


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