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Dalton - Rebooted

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My second CJ

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Dieppe in Detail


Mymyjp - Thank you, the FAR intersections do look pretty

Tonraq - Thanks, while tedious, I love what can be done with RHW

slickbg56 - Thanks


So as I mentioned in the comments on the last update, I discovered tree controlers and had to re-forest my city, here is a view of the water supply before and after, originally I hand plopped each tree, the new one was done with god mode tree tool much quicker and easier.





Anyway, lets dig a bit deeper into Dieppe. As I mentioned before, it's a small own in a rural setting.

Just a reminder of where we are and how to get to where we're going...

(Click for full sized)


(Click for full size)


Here you can see I-4 passing by the town, and DR-1 passing looping around to the north and east.


There are 2 main routes into the city from I-4. One is the major exit directly onto mainstreet which I showed last update, the other is via DR-1 which connects with I-4 in the north, then follows the coast down before crossing the Montague River and heading south through the province. The Main street exit from DR1 is an interesting combination parclo & trumpet that I was quite happy with the result.


Since we're on Main street, lets see a bit more.


Here you can see some of the suburbs that have grown up around the outskirts of the down town area. In the top corner you can see part of the I-4, Main street exit.


More suburbia


C.R. Judd Elementary School tucked in among the middle class homes.


And lets finish up with a view of some small factories that have setup shop near the city due to the low cost of labor



Fresh Start

So while I've been around ST for many years, I haven't posted much in the forums in a while. I did at one point have a CJ named Dalton, so I've decided to recycle my name.

I can't promise particularly frequent updates but I'll do what I can.

This CJ will focus on a large scale project I've just embarked upon. The development of the small fictional province of Dalton within the larger country of Sim-Nation. I am working with the rather large Eaton region map with my goal being to fill the map up someday even if it's just wilderness across many of the tiles. I know this is an obnoxiously ambitious goal, but it will give me the options to build whatever situation I feel like at a given time. I always build for realism, but sometimes I prefer rural, sometimes small towns, others I prefer large scale cities. This project will allow me to do all of those.

While I am borrowing many city names from various parts of Canada simply for the fact that I hate trying to come-up with city names, these will not be recreations of their real life namesakes.

As I mentioned above, my goal is realism, so if you have any suggestions of what I should change or alter, or what mods I should look into, please let me know. I am always looking for ways to improve the realism factor.

I'll get this started with a quick overview of the region as it stands now, as well as a map of my Inter-Provincial Highway network, then I'll get down into our first tile as indicated on the map below.

The Highway network will follow these naming conventions.

  • Highways belonging to the Inter-Provincial Highway network will be designed by the letter I for inter-province, followed by a number. (I-17)
  • Provincial Highways will be designated by the letters DR for Dalton Route followed by a number (DR-34)
  • Highways going generally N/S will be even numbered, so I-6 or DR-24
  • Highways going general E/W will be odd numbered, so I-3 or DR-19
  • Ringroads or Bypasses around major centers will be designated as 3 digit versions of the highway they are bypassing, for example if I-15 passes through a city, and a bypass is built around the city, the bypass will become I-115. If a second ring road is built, it would be named I-215, a third would become I-315.

So that's enough explanation for now. Lets get into this now.

Provincial Overview (we will be taking a closer look at the highlighted tile)

Click for full size


Highway Network.


Lets take a closer look at Dieppe a small town along the coast in the north eastern section of the province at the mouth of the Montague River.

Dieppe is a small town/city with a population of around 15,000 people. It is mainly an rural farming community.

Here we can see the town's water reservoir.


Here we have the northern I4 & DR1 junction. I4 is the twinned highway running through, while DR1 at this point is a 2 way traffic country highway.


Here is the main street exit off of I4 heading towards downtown Dieppe



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