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About this City Journal

Evolution of a prestarted region in the delta of a river

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Today I'm going to show you some pictures of Mil Islas (The main city of Delta's Region)


This is a detail of the docks and maniuvering zone in the industry island (seen thru the bridge of the tollway coming from the main industry zone).


Here we can see the highway interchange where the two bridges that joins the industry zone with the financial and high density residential zone, and goes north to the secondary industry zone and finally connects with a future city that still doesn't exist.


This is the Cruise port, and as you can see, it's a very attractive place to leave nearby.


The airport and commercial zone. In the middle you can see the road which will be a central highway in a future.


Detail of the previous picture.


Small "downtown" area near the middle of the city. It's a cross way where you can go almost everywhere in the city, unfortunately it's too stretch to have a cloverleaf or something similar to improve the transit in the zone.


Important avenue and rail intersection at the residential $$$ in west part of the city.


This is the financial and heaviest populated zone at the southeast of the city, unfortunately, I can't join the two highways because of the fastest growth and demand of transportation facilites, so I had to solve the problem doing this joint by myself and it's been working fine since then.


Detail of the highway interchange.


Detail of the highest populated zone between the two highways.

Hope you'll like it, comments are welcome.


Mil Islas is at the most the main axle of all the Delta Region, It's the most transited city. Although it's not the greatest city nowadays (ABdick has overpassed it with almost 3k ppl), Mil Islas has a strong potential to become more crowded than how it looks now.


Mil Islas in early years.


Mil Islas in present days.


Industry Island and docks in the middle of the river. (toll booth and freeway pass thru it)

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