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A wonderful beach side town.

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Flyby :D


Ok. So now I have PICTURES!

The low quality of these pictures are because they were taken with my iPod....

So... this is the windmill plant I was talking about. Very nice and is right in the middl e of the neighbourhood for everyone to see. Cheapest and most worth source of energy. Also the cleanest.


And this is an overview of the Residential Area. The tolled avenues can be seen above. The non-tolled expressway can be seen to the left. You can also see the other non-tolled expressway barely on the right. You should see the Hollywood sign, which looks perfect in the neighbourhood. The city is around half medium-wealth, a quarter low-wealth, and a quarter rich. It's a beautiful neighbourhood and ranked 4 stars.


A closeup on the small but growing Commercial area (please can someone tell me what I asked in the first post.....). Both the tolled avenue (South World Tollway) and the expressway (Southern Expressway) can be seen turning left. Just above, the expressway merges into the tollway. The turn goes to the Industrial Area. About 35% of the population works in the Commercial sector which is very clean, sleek, and up to date. Below it is a subway heading under the Residential Area.


Here, the dirty Industrial Area, which is taxed heavily for it's pollution, is the working space for 55% of the population. Connected by 3 highways which you can see here... the Northern Expressway, the North Douglas Tollway, and you can barely see the South World Tollway.

The expressways were created after NDTollway went wacko with 444 cars a day and we split the Northern traffic with the expressway. A year later, we build the Southern expressway after the success in the North.

The pollution in the IA is for some reason confined to around the IA. Unlike, in other cities where the IA pollution covered up the RA for some random reason.... However, the water pollution covers a large area, but RA is far away from the large area.


Here you can see Central Park, the two tollways, the East RA and a slice of the CA. Central Park is a beautiful park filled with Sims that love to enjoy the day.


A complete overview of Elteco, in which you can see the far away agricultural zone.


Enjoy, everyone! Pleeese answer my question.

Flyby :D

Elteco ~~~~~~

Well, I started a SC4 town today but I couldn't get any pictures, so I couldn't post them here. D:

However, I can explain it (I sound dumb, don't I?). I have a nice Resedential Area of about 2,000 people that is currently evolving into a middle-class neighbourhood, with a few wealthy houses. The whole RA is covered by water towers, and there is currently an Elementary School and a Library serving the area. There are two tolled avenues, one in the north, and one in the south of the RA that each have two toll stations. These tolled avenues take the Sims to work in the small Industrial Area. However, the Southern Tollway goes through the wealthy Commercial area.

Industrial Area is made up of mostly smokestacks and little dusty buildings, and are taxed heavily. It's just a small dirty little area... The Commercial Area is evolving into a modern area, with many new high-tech stores as well as many middle-class and wealthy class stores.

On the west side, there is a long shoreline in which the RA lays along, and the Commercial area is to the southeast. of the RA, but the Industrial is northeast. Far east is the agricultural area.

The whole city is powered by 7 windmills, with 3 more still available. It will use Natural Gas Plants once there is no more room in the city for windmills.

I'm sorry I didn't get pictures. <img class="bbc_emoticon" alt=">.

And I have some questions, how do you get so many huge buildings? The tallest building I ever got in SC4 was like a twentieth of the buildings that are all over you guys' cities. And it wasn't a midget either, it was about 15x the normal buildings in the city. And, when do you usually get those tall buildings in SC4, Year 4, Year 20, Year 130, Year 90, just what year.

My city is still 10 years old but I had an economic crisis from 05-08 that meant I couldn't expand. My city should have been at 5,000 people by now. :(

Well.... hope you can understand.

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