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About this City Journal

The Year is 2534. Earth's atmosphere is filled with poisonous gases and is no longer able to support life. Eartherners venture to find a new home in the Sonheim Galaxy.

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Xaviertun Preview


Thanks for Coming to this update. As always, the replies.


Notice the new banner? Well, I haven't updated in a long time. Xaviertun deserves it though. Being the largest city, I'm being a bit more cautious about the look of the city. What I mean by that is I'm doing stuff like lotting my own houses for the suburbs and varied plazas for the city center. All in all, I get about 3% of the large map completed daily. That's mostly because of schoolwork. But enough chatter from me. Let's see some preview pics of the parts of the city I have completed already. Actually I've finished much more, but I'm still adding to everything. I have no idea when I'll update the entire city. But for now, that's my problem, not yours, enjoy!






I should have the next update up soon. For now, I hope you've enjoyed. It's always a pleasure to be part of the ST community. Comments are appreciated. Thank you.


Delta Flight 56


Ok, for a permanent alternative to the old way of replying, I decided to pay a bit more homage to the commenters and create this. It is not as much to encourage you to comment, as it is to thank you for taking your time to do so. If this was your first comment on the CJ your username and reply will appear black. As you continue to comment, the color will change to red and work its way around the rainbow. For example, escilnavia has commented on several entries. His username and reply appears orange because of that. It's simply an extended form of thanking you guys.


Now without further ado, here is Delta Flight 56 (It's a story with some pictures)! Enjoy!


Angelina Parker was a common flyer. Today she was on a trip to see her cousin in Genamai. She had specifically chosen Air Transat flight 21 not because of the low business class fares, but simply because it was scheduled to depart from Gate 1. This was very helpful since she hated walking through the bustling airport crowd after passing Domestic Security; it was just too low class. Nevertheless, all had gone well and she now sat comfortably in her reclining seat sipping iced tea. The plane slowly backed out of the gate.


Usually she wouldn’t take notice, but Angelina realized after 10 minutes, the plane was still sitting a mere 30 yards from the gate. The pilot’s voice came on the intercom. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are sorry for the inconvenience, it seems we have a right engine failure and won’t be able to make the flight. You will be transferred to Delta Flight 56 at Gate 3. Once again, we apologize.” That just about ruined her day. A staircase was pulled alongside the plane and Angelina climbed down into a bus. She was shuttled to the terminal next to angry tourists. Angelina was the forced to walk down the full 30 yards to Gate 3.


The plane’s business class was better than the Air Transat’s, but it didn’t make up for those 30 yards of walking through whining children, and people struggling with bags as big as refrigerators. The plane wasted no time pulling out of the gate. It wasn’t scheduled for this flight, but the pilots had agreed if they were paid extra. She had been assured at entrance that her bags would be safely transferred.


As the plane taxied, the usual safety video played. She wasn’t sitting next to anyone, and that was comforting with all the troubles the day had brought. Takeoff was quite smooth. She was soon fast asleep.



2 hours later she was awaken by an attendant. “Would you like anything to eat?” the attendant asked. She ordered some lasagna and diet coke. The TV was now displaying flight information, which was helpful.



After that, a movie played. She plugged in her headphones and enjoyed the lasagna and her coke. The rest of the flight went by rather quick. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelt, return your seats to the upright position, and stow away your tray tables. We’ll be landing shortly. Thank you”


The plane’s landing was very soft. The reverse thrust was engaged along with the spoilers.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is 5:52 in Xaviertun with 10 mph winds and a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. We hope you enjoyed your flight and that you will consider Delta when choosing future flights. Please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened until the plane has come to a complete stop at the gate. ”The plane smoothly taxied to the gate and the seat belt sign was switched off.



Now she had to make the transition to her next flight. Xaviertun’s terminals were also crowded, but at least there were moving walkways.



She took a bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2. Angelina then walked to the help desk. “May I help you?” asked the Clerk. She responded, “I would like to change my flight from Jet Airways Flight 71 to Delta Flight 346 to Genamai.”

“You will have to wait a couple of hours, and I don’t see why you would want to make that transition.”

“That’s all right, and believe me , there is a reason I want to make the transition, can I spend my time in the Delta lounge?”



I hope you enjoyed. As always, comments and ratings are appreciated.





@ggamgus: Realism can be seen from out any window or on any

street. This is for fun. Excellent Guess! I think by going to the first

entry and looking over the picture, a viewer could narrow the choices

down to 4, Tranquiar being one of them.

@Wraner: your guess was actually intended to be a lake, port, city,

or whatever, on the map in the first entry. Thanks for trying


@escilnavia: I'm using the setting _marsh_ recommends to go with

his HD White Sands Beach Mod.

@k50dude: The cranes assist in verticalizing the rocket. It's the best

I could do with the resources I had lol! Your guess was one of the 4 I was

mentioning to ggamgus.You also ended up winning! Congratulations.

@Kench: Sorry, I just read your response on the other entry. I think the

huts are the Ykylele Huts by KHRYSTOF

The Key was the rocket. This was supposed to help you guess that whatever

the answer was, it was modern and developed. Space is the final frontier after

allI set a list of the 5 biggest cities in the first entry. You can cancel Burda-Tai and Malinaga, because I've already mentioned them. Port Tranquiar wasn't on this list, but looking at it's location on the map, you can easily guess it's very prosperous. This leaves you with four choices:


-P. Ternavai

-P. Fleuarti

-P. Tranquiar

I think Xaviertun being the biggest city and regulating international trade would have been the best guess. The cranes might have been kind of decieving and led you to thinking the answer was a port. Sorry about that! I was really hoping though that at least someone would guess Ternavai, but k50dude guessed the next best answer, Fleuarti with ggamgus trailing right behind him! So as a reward, here is the updated map!


Without further ado, Here's Malinaga!


Malinaga is the Capital of Tuitanalia and the 3rd largest city in TTVK!

A picture of the Downtown.


Two Pictures of areas by the water.



A small commercial district with a hotel in the top left corner.


Fans prepare for the big game


The Mall.


Malinaga Municipal Airport


A closer shot. We'll head over to Xaviertun on that Air Transat that's pulling out of the gate.


A train passes by the runway (19-35).


Hope you Enjoyed! Don't Forget to Comment and Rate! Thank you so much for viewing!


Upcoming Entries-Teaser



@Ecko11: Glad you Liked it!

@escilnavia:And Thanks for Commenting!(like the last 2 entries).

Congrats on your advance from B+10 to BTT! I enjoy reading Sotoa.

This is somewhat of an interactive entry. The next update will be on Malinaga (The Capital of Tuitanalia). Exciting, I know!. Then there will be several updates that are based upon a certain area that shall not be named for now. It could be a village, city, port, lake, etc. Your job is to guess what that village, city, port, lake ,etc. is. Use the picture below as a major hint. The first user to guess correctly (leave answers in comments) will have the island below added to the map and named after their username. (you may only guess once, you may not change your answer).








Thank You! The trees can be found here.


@escilnavia: Thanks for commenting!

@Kabinator:I will and I'll take your advice while doing it!

Thanks for commenting! (I also think I should keep the taxiways

further from the gates or the planes will get a nice clipping


Welcome to Rentilan and Enjoy!


Rentilan may be next to one of Tuitanalia's most high-class cities, but where there's wealth, there's poverty.

Population: 35,000

RCI Levels:Commercial:10%


Industrial (AGRI): 60%

Weather today: Mostly Cloudy. Temp. 97 F. Humidity: 80%.

Here are a few farms about a mile or so out of the city center.


Slums of all sizes create the skyline.


We see a nice fort by the water. (My first Mosaic, it's a small one)


The Downtown Area. The town is quite compact.


Here is the Train Station towards the West.


A Train passing some recently tilled soil. The mainline extends from Burda-Tai to Malinaga.


Rentilan wasn't a long entry but I hope you enjoyed. It's good to be back! Don't forget to Comment and Rate! :yes:


Transportation Sneaser



@Those who rated Marshland and Burda-Tai: Thanks for rating this 5 stars.

@panthersimcity4: Thank you!

@escilnavia: Thank you! Sotoa is very beautiful and congratulations

on getting it featured! I guess this kind of does match that style! :thumb:

What do you get when you mix sneak-peak and teaser? Sneaser! Note: This is NOT a formal entry! I just thought it would be a good idea to give you guys some sneak peaks of the Transportation Networks on my other projects as I work. You see, I begin building all the cities at the same time. The ones that finish first are the ones I post first. This way I can work on different themes at the same time and not get bored with a certain theme. It also keeps me from posting multiple updates on Marshes and Swamps. I will be leaving on my vacation in 3 days so this will be my last entry before I leave. Enjoy and Thanks for reading yet another entry!


Ok, so recently I've been working on Trentilno International (in Luzai) . The airport isn't close to complete but here's what I've got so far. :whatevs: .


New planet doesn't mean different companies. Refar still contains many Earthen companies. At&T offers Holographyic Displays to it's customers and M&Ms is still, well M&Ms. Emirates and Delta still offer air services. Companies such as Air India and Air China had to change their name of course.


Above is an Emirates commerical.


Here is a section of Trentilno International.


Another Section.


I'm not sure about the tunnel Lol. I made a model on another side of the map to see how it looks. Not very realistic. I'm pondering if I should use it in the actual aiport. What do you guys think?


This is just me messing around. It looks like a plane flying over the Tuitanalia Mountains! I only photoshopped the Clouds :golly: .


I'm also trying to develop my RHW skills.



Notice how it says Burda-Tai. I originally planned to put this in the Burda Tai Entry but I decided against it. It connects Burda-Tai to Rentilan so I'll put it in the Rentilan Entry and re-edit it so it says Rentilan. I felt Rentilan might be more exciting with this picture. It follows a similiar theme as Burda-Ta but with much more- wait I'm going too far into that.


An image of the RHW that leads towards Trentilno Intl.


Guess what I'm also doing?


Currently, I'm also working on the Ports :whatevs: . The following images are of Port Ternavai and Fleuarti.


A freighter leaves Fleuarti.


A ship docked at Ternavai.


This one is the one that has been the hardest to work on for me (Theres not a !Lot! (instant pun) of Train stuff out there.) But I've done reasonably :whatevs: . I'm hoping I can make some cool lots in the lot editor with these German Train props I found that I liked ,but so far I haven't taken pictures of my progress with those.



This is a picture of a STR (Single Track Rail) passing through the Tropical Rainforest section of Tuitanalia.


That's an image of a freight train stop at Port Tranquiar.

Thanks for looking at an INFORMAL entry that continues TTVK. Hope you Enjoyed! :yes: Commenting is always very much appreciated, but I wouldn't rate this one...;)




@Blakeway: Thank you!

@Nedal2001: Thanks! I used the Beach Extend Mod ;)

@Mamaluigi945: Thank you so much! :golly:

Hey all and thanks for checking out my third entry! Let's Start!


Ok, this time I'm displaying the Marshland section of the Sewejt River's Delta.


Above is a picture of the Villagers homes. It is cloudy today. I'm sure it will rain!


Another village picture.


Told you it would start raining! Lol, Anyways. These canoes are used by the villagers to catch fish which is both a survival technique and a major sport for the people.


This is one of the small branches of the river delta. Fish are abundant around these areas. Sewejt live under those lilypads and cattails you see. The river was named after them. The people of this area believe they are sacred. Sewejt eat smaller fishes and underwater plants. They can grow to be 4 feet long! If you look closely you can see a broken canoe under the water. Try to find it!


There it is!


The rain's let up! The clouds are still in the sky though. That will wrap up another day at the Tropical Venesian Kingdoms! Don't forget to comment and rate and have a good day! :whatevs:

Marshland is dedicated to _marsh_ and the end of the Gansabaai Kingdoms.





@peterycristi: Thanks for commenting!

Thanks for looking at my second entry :yes: ! Shall We Begin?

Burda-Tai is the 4th largest city of the Tropical Venesian Kingdoms.

Population:550,234 REGISTERED Citizens

Information: Starting as a group of mid-sized villages, Burda-Tai was the 10th established city of Tuitanalia. The beautiful and tropical climate made harvests fruitful for the villagers that first inhabited it. The establishment grew and quickly began drawing tourists from everywhere. The Waters supported lare quantaties of marine life and fisherman thrived. The City continued growing until it became what it is now, a beachside metropolis. Tourists are still attracted from all around Refar. The city grew almost as fast as Xaviertun in the Third Ice Age. Refar became extremely cold during that time and Burda-Tai offered a refuge for those cold souls living on the Dark Side.















Thanks for Reading and I hope you Enjoyed :)!I'll be leaving on a 3-4 week vacation this Sunday so I won't be able to make another major update for awhile. However, I will make the Marshland Villages and possibly the Sacred Island of Howintasha before I leave :). Don't Forget to Rate and Comment!



Earth was fine 200 years ago, when generations were making their best efforts to "go green". But even so, Carbon and Nitrogen began dominating over Oxygen in the atmosphere. The Space Program was reopened by President Trenvit in 2057. The next Century proved extremely successful for NASA. Space missions to pluto were just another day at work. Space Travel was no longer a hurtle. It had become as many Eartherners called it "the final and conquered frontier". But Earth's temperatures became unstable and unpredictable.

Eartherners invested all they had in the Space program. They were then set upon an enormous ship and shuttled away. The Earthings searched until they found a nice planet named Refar near the Sonheim Galaxy. Refar's climate was similiar to that of Earth's during the 1200s. It was heated by a Red Supergiant that was 2x the distance away than the sun was from pluto. The Giant's heat was so intense though it could reach the planet from this distance.The Planet did't spin for unknown reasons but it was the size of Saturn and that was all the Earthlings cared about. They quickly inhabited the planet and set up large cities and paradises. Earth was nothing compared to this. We'll be looking at a section of this planet known as Venesia. specifically, The Tropical Venesian Kingdoms.


This is the flag of the Kingdoms. The R in the middle is a cursive R. It stands for Refar which the Venesians worship almost as much as their Gods for saving them.

Venesia was settled mainly by Arabians and other Middle Easterners with a few Canadians and South Americans. It had deserts, flat plains, and tropical rainforests which used to be the home to many of these ethnic groups back on Earth. They renamed themselves Venesians and began culturizing the place immediately. The Canadian-Venesians established major trading centers and farms. The South-American-Venesians built small villages in the Tropical Rainforest sections. The Arabians and Middle Easterners inhabited the Vast Deserts. Here is a map of what their residences looked like two centuries later.


Luzai (Loo-ZAI)was the Desert the Middle Easterners inhabited. They became known as Luzians. Yahtejn (Yah-Ten)was where the Canadian-Venesians set up their utopian socities. Tuitanalia (Too-it-a-nay-lee-a) was where the South American-Venesians set up their villages. These villages grew into suburbs and mid-sized cities. Some became Large colonies and High-Rise cities. There was no war or disputes over boundary. Science and Education began making great strides in these nations consequently. After all, Two minds put together is better than One! Here are some Facts about the Kingdoms.

Official Name: The Tropical Venesian Kingdoms

Short Name: Venesia

Demonym: Venesian

Capitals: Tuitanalia-Malingaga (Mah-Lin-Ga-Ga)

Luzai-Trentilno (Pronounced as spelled)

Yahtejn-Genamai (Gee-nah-my)

Important Facts: The Kingdoms are always sunny due to the Planet's 0 Rotation.

(It's not easy to sleep in the sun)

The Venesia makes constant trade with America (The Americans didn't

want to rename themselves.)America is set on the dark side of the

planet. It is always night there. (I will be showing some pictures

of America)

Xaviertun is home to the Internatioal Trade Center (ITC). It

regulates the trade with America and other regions.

The Government consisted of two branches. The Judicial and The Executive. The Executive Branch Consisted of 100 Officials who executed laws and orders. The Judicial consisted of the people (The Population) who judge the Executive Branches orders. If the Population is split 51-49, the Case is taken to be judged in America.

War cannot be declared as written in the Constitution.The Government hasn't had much of an effect on the Kingdoms except for the fact that they prohibited Capitals of the Kingdoms being held in Large cities. That simply gave to much power to the city.

Here are the 5 largest Cities:

1. Xaviertun (Zavee-er-tun)-Yahtejn

2. Port Ternavai(Tur-nav-long I sound)- Tuitanalia

3. Malinaga (Pronouced as spelled)- Tuitanalia-This is an exception of the capital document. Malinaga started as a mid-sized industry city and grew extremely fast after it became capital due to tourism. The citizens refused to re-locate their capital though.

4.Burda-Tai (Pronounced like the word "Tie".)-Tuitanalia

5.Port Fleuarti (Floo-Artee)- Tuitanalia

Currency- (Note- 1 rai is a little more than 1 cent)

Zhumana- 1 Rai

Chulama- 10 Rai

Gen-100 Rai (A little more than a dollar)

Thura-500 Rai

ventguh-1000 Rai (A little more than 10 dollars)

Fenra-2000 Rai

Zea-10,000 Rai

Li-100,000 (A little more than 1,000 dollars)

Population-3,567,345 REGISTERED Citizens

Major Goods:

Yotadai (like Cocoa Beans)

Tunamin (Beer)

Zex (Mango type of fruit)

Tangalian (Wheat)

Rean (Energy Source Found in the

Rainforest that can power large cities

such as Xaviertun for 5 days. It comes

from the Rean plant's pollen)

That's all for now folks! My next entry will be on Burda-Tai -Below is a sneak peak!-


Don't Forget to Comment And Rate!!!!!!!! :whatevs:


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