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Manora Cai is the Capital of the United Republic of Vancouver.The City was founded May 7 1889.


Along the Mid 19th Century, the British people lived in an unnamed village close to the Burrard Inlet.By 1887,most of the British Sims Wanted a name for the village, two years later, the chose Manora Cai as a name.In 1900,the city's population was 12,000 by 1978, it was 30,214. Today the city has an international airport, a new neighbourhood, a bigger economy, and a busy Marina, all Within 4 km2.



An overview of the city shows 3 very tall skyscrapers and many apartments, the three towers were built in 2004, most of the apartments ere built from 1979 to 1998.


A view of the north side of the city, it was built in 1985.Also in the view is the Marina Bridge which was built 1982 to connect the city with the outside world by road.


This picture shows a newly upgraded Avenue around Downtown. Many Apartment and Some Commercial Buildings go in the area.


The Manora Cai International Airport opened 1981 to let tourists go to the Republic, a fire department airport, police station,university and a golf club goes around the airport.


Manora Centre was built in 1979. The Manora Inlets plays hockey in the building.




Seymour Heights is a cold city on the top of Seymour Mtn.

It was founded June 6, 1994


In 1984,The Mountains in the north were included in the URVW only because sims in the capital were demanding MORE LAND! A small town named Cai was builst across the Burrard Inlet, the town was included in the capital in 1985.In 1987, a new freeway was built in what was gonna be Seymour Heights.When the freeway was built,another town was built, it also became part of the capital.Along the next 7 years, sims rioted in the capital because the sims wanted to be in their own town.So in 1994, the Town of Seymour Heights was founded. in 2009,a new municipal airport was

built south of the city, and in January 18, 2010, Seymour Heights became a city.



The Grimball Stadium Holds 200,000 sims and is home to the Seymour Snows,

and the Camburg Tower is a commecial landmark to the city.It was built


The Seymour Racefield,opened in 1999, is the racing center of the city.

Its most famous races are:

The WASCAR WORLD SERIED Snow-king 500 (big race circle)

, the WASCAR Good Old Small Series Goodcold 150 (small track circle)

and F1 URVW Grand Prix (hard road course).


The Kalab Tower Was built in 2005 to support the growing population. Next to the building are apartment buildings built between 1993 and 2000.


The City Hall where the mayor, Ronn Mike works trying to make the city work together, it's located at a busy Residental area 400 metres from the Camburg Tower.


Herman Field was built in 1989 for local teams could play. It was the only local field in the country when it was built.

More updates coming soon


And yes i do live in the REAL Greater Vancouver Area



The URVW Was founded in July 8 1981.

The Capital is Manora Cai

There is two disricts of the 300 km2 of land is Vancouver to the north and Whatcom to the south

The country was released from the US in July 7 1981.

The Country is full of Widespead cities seperated usualy by 8-20 km.


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