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New Fallons

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New Fallons urban and suburban area

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Remington Heights





Remington Heights is one of the many residential areas of the New Fallons urban area, and is also one of the areas located closets to the city center. One of the things making this area special is the outstanding canal making it's way through the area, but beautiful as it may be, it's one hundred procent fake. Inspired by Amsterdam, the Remingtonites, wealthy as they are, all pitched in and created these beautiful open canals where they could enjoy their rosé wines and listen to jazzmusicians while enjoying the "quiteness" of the outer parts of the city. Another thing making this area special is that it, unlike the many other urban areas of New Fallons, is serviced by light rail only. Earlier in Remington Heights history, the area was mainly connected to the city by the E20 highway, leading into the city center in less than 10 minutes, but after the completion of the A and B line, as the light rail lines are called, the entrance/exit ramps to the E20 highway was closed down and it's now only possible to enter the city center by car or bus using the E23 highway .

At the last picture you see the Remington Cross, which is the intersection between the A and B line entering the city center on each side of the Cravken intersection .

Last but not least you see the Remington Heights tower on the first picture, build on initiative of the rich people of Remington Heights, and surrounded by parks and water on tree out of four sides you have a perfect recreational surrounding for the rich people of New Fallons, which is also the reason why theres so many of Henchworth's celebrities and businessmen living here .

Welcome to Remington Heights!






Hello and welcome to the area of New Fallons

New Fallons is a region inside the country of Henchworth, and holds the capitol of the coutry, which is, as the region, called New Fallons C. New Fallons C is a huge metro-area with lots of highrise office-business' and lot's of people living in medium density housings. The general thing for New Fallons is a love for public transportation, which also shines through in the large 6-platform elevated rail terminal, Sharingscross C, which is located very close the newly renovated heavy rail station Sharingroads. Sharingscross C is located in the new branch of business area of New Fallons and is set to spark a huge growth in business in the area, as the heavy rail terminal New Fallons Grand Central did when upgraded years ago.

The heavy rail lines are dense in the inner parts of the city, and also features the oldest heavy rail tunnel of it's kind in Henchworth, which have been wildy trafficed since it's the only connection between New Fallons Grand Central and Copenhag Grand Central, which is a newly added heavy rail terminal located in Copenhag residential area, not far away from New Fallons Grand Central.

Public transportation is a fairly new addition to the city which was mainly car-supported prior to the construction of the light and heavy rail lines, and therefore the city center is dominated by two huge highway junctions, both ending in a 10-lane highway cutting through the city center .

Welcome to New Fallons!

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