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About this City Journal

The capital city of beautiful Willoughby

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"Welcome to the International Olympic Committee conference regarding to announcing the winner city for 2032 Summer Olympics. Can you all please be seated." IOC President announced.

"As that we have two final candicate city sitting on the either side of Goughall Centre, waiting for the winner city announcement. The two final candicate cities are... Maine, the capital city of Willoughby and another one is Madrid, the capital city of Spain. After the harsh evaluations and considerations that IOC have set, and we all have agreed the potetional winner that it will bring to the best Summer Olympics ever considered." IOC President continued.

"The big and bold white letter I have on my hand, is a fate, where everything comes to the winner city."

"We like both of the bid presentations, both of you, Madrid32 Bid and Maine 2032 Bid. These both presentations have scored 9.5 out of 10 for the presentation, but the winner city have one point advantage due to the evaluation points for the evaluation of the city."

"I will just open the letter, and the next second, one of you will be cheering and screaming."

*rips the letter*

"Well. Well. Looks like we have the winner. The winner is...


*roaring, screaming, cheering & laughing*

"The city council of Maine, City of Maine and Willoughby Government have worked so hard on this bid. The Mayor of Maine, Douglas Strafen, can you please come up to the stage for a short message, maybe?" IOC president continued.


"Well, okay. Here I am, standing on the stage cheering for my very, very valued winning city for the 2032 Summer Olympics. I would like to send a big thanks to Maineters for a such support, and cooperation. I am sure that Maineters would be very thrilled to hear this news. President of IOC, I would like to thank you big time for giving us this such rembarkable opportunity. Despite of Maine's population, I am sure, and very confident that Maine 2032 will be one of most successful Olympic Games ever you would recognise." Mr. Strafen announced. "As you may see that I am holding the massive Maine 2032 Candicate City poster, and it is the time to re design the official Olympics logo for Maine 2032 as that the logo is for bidding proccess. I am, yet, thrilled to hear that Maine will host something massive. Thank you."




The third park in the City Core have been landscaped, Fitzroy Park, which it is located at Glebe/Unley area in West Maine area. Fitzroy Park is the newest addition to the cityand the locals admired it already. Jingili Lake is third man-made lake in Maine, and it is second largest in the city. City of Maine is now considering to claim Central Park, Fitzroy Park and Schnoell Park as a national park for Maine, to protect its beauty. Meanwhile the development of Fitzroy Park, the City Limits of Maine have reached 200,000 and a development of Novotel Hotel Maine in the City Core.



The suburbs around inner west Maine is one of most prestigious, wealthy and "culture hub". The suburbs such as Glebe, Unley, Paddington and West Maine was deliberately designed and developed in 1970s as a hotspot for culture, shopping, cafes, nightclubs and prestigious stores. The rent, land value and life quality is expensive at the inner west, but still; is one of most popular area to buy your own apartment.

Every Friday and Saturday, up to 30,000 Maineters pay a visit to this area to party, to socalise, or just hanging around at the night clubs, adult areas, or at pubs/taverns. A lot of Maineters and tourists admired the replica of 1900s - 1920s architecture of old buildings around inner west, such as Goughall House, which it was built in 1973, but is a replica to a 1864 building. City of Maine is currently approving a few skyscrapers to be built in that area but the locals tried to stop the developments. By when the time metro line opens to the public, in around 2020, West Maine Station will be the major hub for the metro network - rather than Maine City Station. The metro system in Maine will be similar to London Underground.




First Journal

Welcome to the City of Maine, the growing city on the sleepy Lake Matthew. Maine is the largest city in the country of Willoughby, and is also the capital city with the mere population of 180,000; but looks like a city of two million people. Maine shares its passion on sports, cafe and shopping along with its beauty of parklands and trees around the city.

Maine is one of the youngest city in Willoughby, dating back to August 1943 when Willoughby's former capital city, Cambridge was deeply divided into two government (Communism and Socalist Republic) after the successful capture of Cambridge by the Fieketrich (the enemy country). Willoughby was really torn apart after the capture of Cambridge, with no central administration for at least twenty years until Willoughby Government was forced to establish a new city, a new capital city, to manage Willoughby.

December 16th, 1964 when Maine was officially became the capital city of Willoughby and the city was strictly designed to ensure that Maine will be a beautiful, natural and "capital city-like" city in the future. The London-based architects and town planners have decided to design Maine's road layout as extremely gridded to make it far more easier to grow.

1970 saw Maine underwent a rapid population growth, from 7,500 jumping to 260,000 residents and the city centre skyline began to open up. Maine City Hall, which it was built in 1960s (but the architecture was the replica of Cambridge City Hall) was the tallest until 1973 when Bank of Willoughby took the title as the tallest.

Maine continued to grow at rapid pace, and City of Maine (another name for Maine City Council) have decided to establish a holiday, tourism and development hot spot at Streets Beach, two kilometres northwest from the City Core. Streets Beach immediately developed, and there are new apartments, units and block flats appeared along the beach strip. The newest tallest tower in Maine was built at Streets Beach, not at the City Core - and the new building is Green Square tower, which it rises 30 floors up in the Maine sky. Right after the development of Green Square in 1979, Maine's City Core began to catch up with skyscrapers development and before 1982, there are four new tall buildings highly visible from up to 50 kilometres northwest from the City Core. In the City Core, the many old 1950s, 1960s and 1970s small buildings have been demolished to replace with large block buildings, including the new tower which it was dominated the city skyline in 1985 - King George Central.

Around the time when King George Central was built, Maine reached the population of 140,000 residents (in 1985) but after this, the population growth suddenly slowned down. However, the development is fast and rapid but the overall population is not growing much any more - only at least 250 to 500 new residents per year until 2007 when Maine reached 153,674 residents.

Now, Maine's city skyline is almost as beautiful, with many towers appearing from all over the places within the City Core, and the population have resumed to grow fast. Maine have improved its motorway system and main roads, and built many new schools, hospitals and police stations around the city. Maine loved on the high technology development and traded a lot on the hi-tech softwares to build up the reputation for Maine.

By 2012, when it is expected to see the great sense of development on the outskirt suburbs and spread across the land, further away from the City Core. The public transport is also an question, and City of Maine promises to build the suburbs-to-city bus services by 2016, and City Core metro system by 2022, and by 2030 - it is expected to see city-wide metro system, including city-wide bus network.

This journal update was brought to you by


City of Maine's official city council logo

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