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The beginnings of the Sevron in central Ventiseri.





The wide valley of the Sevron is lined with farms and important transportation links.


While the main railways run along the valley floor, small railways, mostly privately owned, run higher up into the mountains.





Ventiseri is located on the Alban Peninsula of southwestern Atlantica Alba.


The Roman Pont d'Ael bridges the headwaters of the Tarim River.

Ventiseri (Murcian: Vitisari; Grecco: ßεvτισέρι), officially the Principality of Ventiseri is a small, landlocked Murcian nation in southwestern Atlantica Alba, on the Alban Peninsula. Its territory is bordered by Demetae to the north and east, Movia to the west, and Murcia to the south. Ventiseri is one of the world's smallest countries, covering only 1,383 square kilometres. Approximately eighty percent of Ventiseri consists of mountains, of which Mont Guell is the highest at 4482 m (14,705 ft).



Mont Tiel is an outlying mountain of the Dinaric Trossichs.

Because of its location at a cultural crossroads and small size, the territory of Ventiseri was subject to many external influences since its prehistory and through to its dawn as a country. Today the nation holds a small degree of international importance, but is generally seen as reserved on the international stage. However, Ventiseri does host many cultural, economic and governmental institutions. Ventiseri has recently gained popularity in high-end tourism and has been rated as a top destination by Condé Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure and Natural Geographic. The principality is known for having some of the strictest laws in the world regarding visas and immigration into the country. It has also been recognised as one of the most expensive countries to live in.





Ventiseri is a member state of the SCJU, the smallest by both population and area. Ventiseri is also a member of the UN, the WTO, OECD, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Francophonie, the Consortium of Monarchist States and the SAU. Ventiseri is a highly developed country with a high human development index (HDI), high quality of life, and a high GDP per capita. Vorgia is the capital and the only city of notable size.


The gorge of the River Izra cuts through the landscape of the southern department of Talat.


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