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About this City Journal

A nation built from the grasps of the desert.

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Back to Zurkan

I realize its been awhile since I made an update, but I've been having a lot happen here of late. Anyways, lets head back to Zurkan.


I've reworked the town some and let it grow. Everything seems to go together much nicer now.


The polls resulted in the building of a dock. This is sure to get some grown on this tiny island.


Looks like some work has already started. Maybe we will find out what is going on in a future update! Stay tuned.


Welcome to Innestrazii! This small city has a population of 20,600, but it is one of the larger cities in Isolia.

Our first stop is at the seat of the city government, the Rotunda of Valencia, named after the founder of the city, Valentine Lucia.


To the north of the Rotunda is the Ineestrazii Hospital, and across the canal lies the Innestrazii Station.


Next we have Innestrazii Stadium, home of the Innestrazii Griffins. The stadium seats 40,000.


The northern most part of the city is the industrial sector, who's good are shipped out, via the only rail line in the area, to a port town to the south.


The southern most part of the city is a small neighborhood along the Kolomali River.


And here we have the famous Innestrazii rail bridge. Its not much to look at but it is vital to the city as it is the only viable way out of the city due to the lack of a port or a highway system.


To the east is the main part of the city, the residential area. These rows and rows of homes make up most of the city.


Further to the east is farm land, supported in the desert by irrigation through underground pipes from the river to the fields. Also, if you noticed trees surrounding the city, they are able to grow there from leaks in the water system. Here we see a villa which is home to one of the families that owns part of the fields.


Ever further to the east is the tiny community of Santa Leonardi, located in the middle of the fields. This small town contains a church, school, and its own counsel building.


And to end this update I bring you my first attempt at a mosaic, tell me what you think.



Before we get start the poll for the first update is now over. Check in soon for the newest update.




United Empire of Isolia



Coat of Arms




Government Info:

Government type: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State: Emperor

-Emperor Jacen Pendragon VI

Term Length: Until Death

Parliament: 25 seats:

-Imperial Party (Nationalist) 11 seats

-Worker's Commonwealth: (Socialist) 7 seats

-People's Federalist Party (Liberal) 5 seats

-United Republican Party (Conservative) 2 seats

Economical Info:

GDP (Per Capita): $5,114

GDP (Total): 0.022 trillion USD

HDI: 0.453

Population: 4,636,400

Life Expectancy: 84 years Females

73 years Males

Unemployment Rate: 12,3%

Currency: Isolian Lira(1 IL = 0.61 USD)

Other Info:

Capital: Zawanii Pendragon


-Isloian (Romantic-Arab mix) 85%

-Christor (Romantic) 10%

-Lenorian (African native) 5%


-Christianity 96%

-Native 4%

Internet TLD: .uei

Telephone Calling Code: 996

Climate: Arid, Smei-Mediterranean

- Southern islands are tropical with heavy rain.


in the year 200BCE, it is said that the first city in what is today known as Isolia, was founded. The legend says that the city, called Leonia, was founded by Leonis on the fertile plains of the Zawanii river. The people there spoke the language of Lenorian which is still used today, only with a Latin alphabet. The city slowly grew and other soon followed. By the time 1684CE came around, Leonia and all her holdings were under attack by foreign invaders. The people calling themselves the Christors conquered and burned the cities. Refugees fled into the jungles located along the rivers and ocean and also to the islands located to the south. The Christors brought with them a new language, religion, and way of life. The Isolian people began to flourish under the foreign rule due to large income from trade and protection from their host country. The way of life as is today in Isolia is derived from these times. In 1864CE, the Christor's nation collapsed, leaving the nation of Isolia independent and in ruins. Over the years, Isolia degraded due to lack of resources and trade. Present day, Isolia is beginning to benefit from oil reserves located inside her borders as well as increased trade with the outside world.

EDIT: Poll in the first post is still open, it will close tomorrow.


New beginnings.

Welcome to the United Empire of Isolia. Let us begin our journey on the island of Zurkan.


Though there are urban areas in the United Empire, we should start small. This tiny island only has a population of 609, part of which live in native villages such as this one.


This village is larger than most. Here we can see two smaller villages that are also on the island of Zurkan.


Finally we shall take a look at the town of Zurkan which shares its name with the island.


Time for a poll!

Zurkan needs more industry, luckily there is a perfect spot to add a dock right here!


Or perhaps we should expand the farms on the island. Leave your answer in the comments bellow!


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